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The iPhone made reading more portable, but the iPad continues propelling the world digital publishing ever forward. Reading can now be a truly interactive experience. For a list of our favorite ereading apps and digital books for kids, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks for Best Books for iPhone and iPad.

Zoozoo Readables App Launches for iPad and iPhone

Cavallo Media Group, creators of the Letter Buddies AlphaBooks app for iPad and iPhone, today is pleased to announce the launch of their latest early childhood reading app, Zoozoo Readables for iPad and iPhone.

Publishers of iStoryTime Receives $2m Series A Investment

iStoryTime, the largest library of mobile children's book Apps, today is pleased to announce a $2 million Series A investment. The investment will allow the company to quickly expand their domestic and international library of more than 100 books in 80 countries.

Overnight Success for Millie Was Here: Megapops Launches Original Book App Series and Rockets to Top of iTunes Charts

The Millie Was Here Series
From the very beginning, we knew we weren't interested in simply 'porting' an old medium... we wanted to create a story that was born digital.
Last week, interactive children's entertainment company Megapops quietly launched the first two book apps in their brand new series, Millie Was Here.

PadWorx Celebrates First Anniversary with Price Drops for Dracula & Scrooge

PadWorx Celebrates First Anniversary with Price Drops for Dracula & Scrooge

PadWorx Digital Media, Inc., a leading developer of interactive, immersive book/apps for tablet devices just is celebrating it's one year anniversary by making both of its App of the Week titles, Dracula: The Official Stoker Family Edition and A Christmas Carol for iPad available for one week for just .99 cents.

Kung Fu Panda 2 Storybook is Epic Skadooshiness

Kung Fu Panda 2 Storybook is Epic Skadooshiness

I think we can all agree that the iPad and now iPad 2 have brought us into the next-generation of mobile computing. Now, the power-packed iOS device is revolutionizing children's storytime and companies such as zuuka and its publishing label iStoryTime are fast tracking the process with blockbuster movie storybooks such as Kung Fu Panda 2.

Maui Revealed is a Location-Aware Travel Guidebook

Maui Revealed is a Location-Aware Travel Guidebook

Between booking accommodations, packing and somehow making it through airport security, traveling can become very stressful and that's before you even reach your destination. Once you do arrive, you now have to make the most of it so you'll have stories and pictures for your envious friends.

Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition Uses Game Center for Tech-Savvy Storytelling

Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition Uses Game Center for Tech-Savvy Storytelling

Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition is the classic Beatrix Potter tale brought to life and made all the more interesting with the implementation of Sideways’ Buddy Reading System. The Buddy Reading System uses Game Center to connect two devices for audio communication.

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Reading Gets Social with Kobo

The App Store is jam packed with eReader competitors. Apple, Amazon, Google and Barnes & Noble all have a presence with apps for their respective platforms. A new eReader app has joined the pack with a unique proposition for solitary bookworms.

Simon Graham and the Extraordinary Timepiece

While the title is a mouthful, Simon Graham and the Extraordinary Timepiece, Book I proves to be anything but ordinary. An intriguing story about 10 year-old Simon Graham and his grandmother’s mysterious past coupled with riddles and puzzles that tie the story line together keep players entertained for a couple of hours.

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SAS Survival Guide App Repackaged for a new Generation

SAS Survival Guide - HarperCollins Publishers has teamed up with to bring you an iPhone app of...a book. Granted, it's a classic, the distillation of the survival knowledge of 26-year Special Air Services veteran John "Lofty" Wiseman.

Buy QuickReader – eBook Reader with Speed Reading on the App Store

Quick Reader Brings Speed Read Training Right to Your iPhone

QuickReader is a newly released speed reading trainer and ebook experience for iPhone and iPod touch and the first tool of its kind that I’ve found in the App Store. To fully appreciate the sophistication and potential of QuickReader, you will need to recognize the concept of speed reading and have a desire to practice the skill.

IndieBound Uses iPhone to Promote Business for Local Booksellers

Like everyone else, independent bookstores are struggling in today's knuckle-dragging economy, but their problems started years ago with the arrival of big-box bookstores in malls.

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myBooks Tracks Your Reads, but Not as Well as Similar Apps

Netwalk's myBooks is a database for your personal library.
You can enter the name of the book manually, by typing information into the provided fields (year, genre, purchased, whether you loaned it to a friend) or you can search for the title on the Internet and select the book you own from a list.

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Wattpad Shines on Amateur Writers

Wattpad, from the company by the same name, is an example of socialism in action. Wattpad was founded on the idea it would be an electronic meeting place where any community member could share his or her own content and read content written or contributed by any other community member.

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Kindle for iPhone a Reader's Delight

Amazon's Kindle has revolutionized how many people approach reading. The iPhone has done the same for mobile phones. Combine the two and you have your favorite mobile apps and books all in one device. The strength of the Kindle for iPhone is the access it provides to Amazon's vast online store of ebooks.