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Every business knows, there are plenty of programs to help increase productivity around the office. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks for Best Business Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for current news and reviews of iOS business applications.

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VeriSign's VIP Access App Doubles Your Security

VIP Access - If you worry about an unauthorized person accessing your PayPal, eBay or similarly sensitive account where your security is paramount, download VeriSign’s free VIP Access app.

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Spell Checker for Quick Look-Up of Words on the Go

Concrete Software's Spell Checker is a competent app but it may not think fast enough to win the Great American Spelling Bee. I prefer to use a dictionary app when I want to check the spelling of a word.

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Timewerks Puts Mobile Billing Right to Work

Well-crafted billing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch are as hard to find as a sinner on Sunday, but Sorth's Timewerks: Mobile Billing is the best one I've come across. The problem I have with most of these apps is that they are often tedious to use or lack essential features.

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Satchel The Backpack Client is a Full-Featured Organizational Tool

Satchel The Backpack Client by Stand Alone, Inc is an excellent tool for anyone seeking to organize a business, club, family, or other type of group where everyone needs to be kept up to date about projects and tasks.

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Creative Whack Pack is Like a Smack to the Forehead

Creative Whack Pack is like V8 Juice. It generates that spark of an idea  followed by "Duh..." and a smack on the forehead. Developer Creative Think's Creative Whack Pack is more an animated deck of cards than what most people think of as an app.

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Billing Time: A Specialty Stop-Watch for Tracking Client Time

Billing Time is for people like me who are not into time. If there's one thing I need, it's to keep better records of the time I spend on projects for my freelance clients. I generally start a project by checking the clock with a glance, then do the work, and when I finish, I check the time again.

StockAdvisor Brings Serious Stock Analysis

StockAdvisor by Tradeoffnews is an app for those who want control over their stock trading. At $19.99, it is not for the faint of heart. But it has some pretty powerful tools that make it worth considering if you plan some serious stock trading.

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InerTrak Marks Time for Freelancers and Solo Workers

Inertron Software's InerTrak is designed for freelancers and others who work solo and who need to track their clients, the number of hours they devote to a project and calculate how much they're owed based on their hourly rates.

proSEO Reveals the Inner Workings of Web Pages

If you make it your business to understand how well Web pages are optimized for search engines, proSEO is a good way to go for iPhone users. This handy app from Infinidigm enables to look at a Web page's keywords, tags, HTML and other important attributes that factor into a site's search engine ranking.

Buy Snabiz on the App Store

Snabiz Doesn't Readily Clarify the Contact Info on Your Business Cards

I gave Netwalk's Snabiz nearly every opportunity to solve one of the grand challenges of business life: How to automatically convert printed business cards into a digital format. It's a real pain to type contact information on business cards into a contact manager.

Buy Analytics Pro on the App Store

Analytics Pro: Web Stats Overview Stays in the Shallow End

Analytics Pro iPhone app by Zap Bang Done allows you to have access to Google Analytics from your iPhone. If you’re a stat junkie and need your websites stats constantly Analytics Pro might satisfy your cravings.

Buy mBoxMail - Hotmail with Push on the App Store

mBox Aims to Make Your iPhone or iPod touch a Mobile Office

mBox Fax & Voice, from mBox enables you to receive and manage faxes and voicemail on your iPhone or iPod touch via mBox's online messaging service. It's an iPhone app and online service combination that is aimed at business people who are frequently out of the office.

Expense Reports Counts, Tracks and Reports Your Pennies

If you travel frequently and your expense reports tend to be complicated, you'll probably find Nexonia's Expense Reports will make your life on the road, if not free, at least easier. The fittingly named Expense Reports gives you the ability to create and manage your expense reports, both on your iPhone and online at Nexonia's Web site.

Buy WiFi Disk on the App Store

WiFi Disk Simplifies Shuttling Files from Handheld to Desktop

A few minutes after you take your iPhone or iPod touch out of the box and poke around, it will hit you: "Man, I need an easy way to transfer files." Take a look at WiFi Disk, from Headlight Software when you see the light.

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Voxie Pro Recorder Rolls Up Everything Into One

I've looked at a number of voice recorder apps, and they're all similar, which isn't surprising, given their primary purpose. What's different about Voxie Pro Recorder & Dictation, Bottle Rocket's app is that it has all the features of the others rolled into one with I think a few extras mashed in.