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Every business knows, there are plenty of programs to help increase productivity around the office. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks for Best Business Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for current news and reviews of iOS business applications.

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Mail2Group: One App to Mail Them All

If you often need to send emails to more than a few people in your contacts list at the same time, then Javid Alimohideen's Mail2Group fills a gaping hole between iPhone Mail and Contacts. Mail2Group is an adjunct to the iPhone's native email app.

iOwn Answers a Question that Wasn't Asked

Does your stuff want to come with you wherever you go? iOwn, from Fifth Floor Media, is a personal inventory system designed so that you can keep track of your household possessions, hobby collections, small business inventory and other collections of stuff in your pocket.

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ZeptoPad Works as Well as a Gas-Guzzling Hybrid

ZeptoPad, from the company of the same name, reminds me of a hybrid car that gets only 10 miles to the gallon. It's a terrific idea, but it's hard to see why you might actually want one. ZeptoPad at its core is a sketch pad.

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Smart Dial Streamlines Calling Contacts

Gary Fung's Smart Dial is yet another take on the many different ways you can dial telephone numbers stored on your iPhone. Smart Dial is as streamlined as they come. Instead of scrolling through your contacts list to find the name of the person you wish to call, launch Smart Dial and start spelling out his or her name using the number keypad.

Jott Your Notes with Your Voice Instead of a Keyboard

The first time you use Jott, a voice recorder from Jott Networks, you get the feeling that you've just seen something that's crazy, in a good way. There's not much to the voice recorders in the App Store.

Buy ABContacts; Contacts Manager, Group Text & Email, Dialer, Favorites on the App Store

ABContacts Makes Group Contact Management as Easy as 1-2-3

ABContacts - We all know the old saying, "It's not what you know, but who you know." In this social-networking, job-connecting and deal-making world we live in now, that adage is more true than ever.

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iTalk, It Listens, Voice Recorder from Griffin Technology

iTalk Recorder, according to Griffin Technology, the developer, is "WAY more than a voice recorder." That's partly true. Unfortunately, the "way more" part is still not enough to put it on par with many of the other voice recording apps in the App Store.

WhereIsMyTime - Time Never Stops but at Least You'll Know Where It Went

Where did all the time go? If you're like most people, you're bound to ask yourself that question more than a few times in a week. With Brainsoft Labs' WhereIsMyTime, you can keep a record of how you spend your time your day, week or month's activities.

Buy Gas Cubby - Fuel Economy & Service Log on the App Store

Gas Cubby Has a Groovy Kind of Thing Going

With three cars and a motorcycle in our household, I'm constantly trying to stay on top of scheduled maintenance. When was the last time I changed the oil in my wife and daughter's cars? I know I wrote the mileage and date down on a piece of paper, but where did the paper go?

BeamMe, Fliq, or give Handshakes to Friends

One of the shortcomings of the iPhone's contacts management is the inability to quickly send someone contact information. It is a feature found in some other smartphone operating systems and a real need if you are a business user.

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iSpreadsheet: An iPhone Excel app for number crunchers

Editing documents has been one of the major holes in the iPhone experience. While the e-mail and other apps give a solid performance in letting one view and send files, the ability to manipulate them has been lacking.

beamME Sends Contact Info to Anyone, not Just iPhone Users

The beamMe app is a fast, easy way to share your contact information with a friend or colleague. It is an offering from rmbrME, which promotes the app as a way to boost your sales and connections through the quick ability to share your contact.

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Fliq is a Great Concept, but Not Seamless Just Yet

Sharing photos and contacts is smooth with Fliq The strength of Fliq lies in its relative ease-of-use for transferring contacts and photos. Plus it is free, unlike the paid version of Handshake.

Handshake Shares Contact Info — With Other Handshake Users

In business the handshake often comes with a business card. The makers of the Handshake app hope to put the entire process on your iPhone. The app — there is a free and paid version — gives you the ability to send contact information (yours or someone from your contact list) or photos.

Buy Trip Cubby • Mileage Log for Tax Deduction or Reimbursement on the App Store

Trip Cubby the mileage app

Trip Cubby may have nothing to do with animals but it is a bear of an application. It’s a fully functional utility application that allows users to track their billable mileage for deductions and expenses.