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Monster Free Apps: A Scary Good Way to Find Free Apps

Want free apps with no strings attached? Heck, who wouldn’t want to discover freebies in the App Store? With Monster Free Apps and their mantra “So good it’s scary,” you have the opportunity to download paid apps for free.

Buy Angry Rhino Rampage on the App Store

Got a Few Minutes? Go on an Angry Rhino Rampage

What’s worse than an angry rhino? An angry rhino on a rampage of course – and there are many worse ways to spend .99 and a few minutes’ time than playing Angry Rhino Rampage for iPhone. A quick, simple side-scrolling action game with several delightful undertones, Angry Rhino Rampage is a solid game debut from MilkDrinkingCow.

Buy voicemod - The real time voice changer on the App Store

Make Your Voice Sound Crazy in Real Time with Voicemod

There are plenty of voice modification apps in the App Store, but voicemod for iOS comes with a unique twist. Rather than recording the user’s voice in advance, then altering the recording after the fact, voicemod makes your voice sound crazy in real time.

Buy Falling Fred on the App Store

Try Not to Die in Falling Fred

While on its surface Falling Fred might seem like another sadistic gore-fest, along the lines of DoodleBoy, it’s actually a nice little action title with a good sense of humor. It can still get pretty bloody, though.

Buy MugMash! on the App Store

Mix and Match Faces with MugMash!

Ever wonder what your kids would look like with dad’s beard or grandpa’s bald head? How about wondering what you’d look like with short hair or someone else’s eyes? A true fun-with-photos experience, MugMash!

Buy Foursight on the App Store

Strategic Foursight Makes You Play Both Sides

Foursight iPhone Anyone who enjoys simple but strategic board games should have the foresight to download this game while the price is right. An intelligent mix of tic-tac-toe, connect four and chess, Foursight is an enjoyable board game available for iPhone and iPad.

Buy Where's Waldo?® in Hollywood on the App Store

Where's Waldo? He's in the App Store Again

Following up the success of the first Where’s Waldo? app, Ludio has released the sequel, Where’s Waldo in Hollywood. Seekers of the famous spectacled guy in the striped sweater will find familiar picture puzzles laden with hidden objects that put the eyes to the test.

Buy BusyBee on the App Store

BusyBee is the First Business Social Networking App for iPhone

“Busy Bee” may be a common commercial moniker for everything from stores to auto repair shops, but the BusyBee iPhone app  is definitely unique. Similar to LinkedIn in so far as the concept of business social networking, BusyBee has some real possibility and the potential to grow into something very productive.

Buy Talk Stream on the App Store

Listen in Real Time With Talk Stream Internet Radio Player

Thanks to the Talk Stream app by Talk Stream Live, LLC, my son's spring season soccer practices will be a blast! First off I must admit, as a listener and also a broadcaster, that I love Internet radio.

Buy Boom Boat on the App Store

Boom Boat is a Blast of a Physics Puzzler

Drop bombs and save the world in Boom Boat Boom Boat belongs to a game genre that seems to be in some sort of renaissance: the handheld physics-based cartoon puzzler. After the success of Angry Birds, it’s no surprise that developers are doing everything they can to get their slice of that App Store pie.

Buy Sundry Notes Pro on the App Store

Sync and Share Notes with Sundry Notes Pro

Sundry Notes Pro is a note-taking app that refuses to limit itself only to text. You can include audio, ink, images, even tables and math formulas. Sundry Notes Pro also integrates with an impressive number of other services.

Buy Notability on the App Store

Take and Sync Notes with Notability for iPad

Notability is an excellent note-taking tool for the iPad. Notability nails the balance between apps that favor creating typed notes or hand-written ones. While it is primarily designed for using the iPad's on-screen keyboard, there is a very-easy-to-use way with Notability to merge drawings, illustrations, or other graphics.

Buy TurboTax SnapTax - Complete and e-file simple 2013 tax returns on the App Store

Filing your Taxes is Dead Simple with TurboTax SnapTax

TurboTax SnapTax is a novel and convenient way to do your taxes, requiring only your iPhone and whatever W-2’s your employer sent in the mail. While it might not be the most cost-effective option out there, and it certainly will not work with every tax bracket, SnapTax is sure to find an adoring group of users who are too busy to do taxes the old fashioned way.

Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition Uses Game Center for Tech-Savvy Storytelling

Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition Uses Game Center for Tech-Savvy Storytelling

Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition is the classic Beatrix Potter tale brought to life and made all the more interesting with the implementation of Sideways’ Buddy Reading System. The Buddy Reading System uses Game Center to connect two devices for audio communication.

Buy Mad Skills Motocross on the App Store

Mad Skills Motocross is One Serious Motocross Game

Land jumps and best your opponents in Mad Skills Motocross There are tons of motocross games on the iPhone, and they all have the same basic controls. Steering is ignored entirely. What the player controls is the tilt of the bike, the acceleration, and the brake.