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Notes Plus: Close Up Look Reveals Full-Featured Productivity on the iPad

Notes Plus is a full-featured note-taking application, complete with improvements on almost everything you can do with a pad of paper and a pen. I do have complaints, but they are utopian. Measured against the competition, Notes Plus seems ideal.

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After the Beep! Turns Your iPhone into a Lie-Phone

After the Beep! has a quality found in very few apps: it provides a set of features, then leaves it to you to dream up countless uses. The features seem straightforward at a glance. The user simply records a short message with his or her voice, “tweaks” the message with a variety of pre-set distortions and background noises, then sends the message off to friends through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or even a clever direct-to-voicemail feature.

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Cut the Rope is a Casual Gaming Treat

Chillingo’s newest release, Cut the Rope, is a casual puzzle game that bears the mark of the developer with cute animation, innovative style and of course, great gameplay. A combination of physics, logic, and in some cases, quick reflexes, Cut the Rope has entertainment and a high replay value with 75 levels to master.

neu.Notes for iPad Organizes Your Thoughts With Searchable Tags

Now and then you happen across an app that gives you something mindbogglingly simple yet so functional that you soon wonder how you ever got along without it. Other times, you happen across an app that leaves out so many no-brainers that you find yourself shouting at your iPad screen like an overly-immersed audience member at a horror movie: "No!

Spark Radio Price Drop Should Spark Interest

Leveraging the world-wide reach of Radio.com, Spark Radio by Handcast Media Labs puts thousands of radio stations at your iPhone fingertip and streams them over Wi-Fi or 3G. Spark Radio has been available for several months and has undergone a bit of a price drop in that time.

Buy PhotoCaddy HD on the App Store

Improve Photography Skills with Photo Caddy HD

Budding photographers who are looking for some readily accessible tips would do well to download Photo Caddy HD for iPad. It functions like a social strategy guide, with a collection of advice and strategies for improving photography in multiple locations. 

Buy Splash Duel HD on the App Store

Brick-Breaking Competition Awaits with Splash Duel HD

Splash Duel HD is like a hybrid of Breakout and air hockey. In many ways it combines the best of both games and creates a very addicting experience. Just like Breakout you must bounce balls off of bricks with a paddle.

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Ant Smasher Finds Greatness in Being Gross

Given the interactive, high-resolution touch screen of the iPhone and our primal instinct to smash things that can be smashed, it seems only natural that developers build games to capitalize on this repressed aggression.

Buy Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge on the App Store

Monkey Island 2: Special Edition: Le Chuck's Revenge

The emergence of the App Store has undeniably created a renaissance of exciting and inventive new games. This much is not news to anyone. What gamers may not realize is that the iPhone has become the stage for older PC games to get a second life, and even the chance to come back into fashion.

Assault Commando: If It Isn't You, Destroy It!

Overall, I really like Assault Commando, but I do have one nit to pick. 3D Magic says Assault Commando is set in a South American jungle, but its look seems Asian; Perhaps we're in Peru during the rule of Alberto Fujimori.

Buy Battery Life Magic Pro: The Battery Saver on the App Store

Battery Boost Magic App is an Essential iPhone Maintenance Utility

Do you need Battery Boost Magic? Stop reading this review if: you don't care how much time you have left to talk on your iPhone, play videos or audios, or surf the Web; you really don't mind if your iPhone or iPad battery doesn't get fully charged; a smudgy screen doesn't bother you much; and you don't think there's a point to preserving your battery life.

Buy SkyGrid on the App Store

Browse Trending News with SkyGrid

SkyGrid joins a growing field of news aggregators that compile articles from across the web. SkyGrid seeks to separate itself from the pack by compiling news into relevant topics. For example, the “What’s Hot” section lists trending news and articles from multiple sources.

Buy Super Mega Worm on the App Store

Tremors Has Nothing On Super Mega Worm

Wrangling its way through a set of updates that fixed compatibility issues with iOS 4, Super Mega Worm developers Deceased Pixels LLC has an apparent hit on their hands. Hearken the days of quarters lost at the arcade, Super Mega Worm is a piece of 8 bit imitation, old school glory with more charm than Centipede.

Rule the Gridiron with NFL 2011

NFL 2011 is a solid football game that should satisfy most fans and sports gamers. It lacks some of the polish and extra features found in Madden 11 but does enough to make it a worthy competitor. NFL 2011 has three gameplay modes: exhibition, season and playoffs.

Stream Video from PC to iPhone with JumiCam

Stream Video from PC to iPhone with JumiCam

JumiCam is an application that allows you to view webcam footage streaming from your home PC to your iPhone. It works with the Jumi Controller, which you have to install on your PC (not available for Mac yet).