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iCademy - Discover Your iPhone

iCademy - Discover Your iPhone

If you’re new to iPhone or if you’re an iPhone user who hasn’t had time to discover everything your iPhone can do, then iCademy is an app worth perusal. A combination pictorial guide and hands-on user manual, iCademy highlights many of the iPhone’s useful features in an easy to navigate application.

Alarm Clock Pro Works Like a Charm

Alarm Clock Pro Works Like a Charm

Amongst my favorite apps for iPhone are the truly purposeful ones that render the iPhone a convenient multi-purpose device. Granted, a good many practical utilities come as default installations but the free and paid alternatives for some of them offer a few better features.

Buy The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application on the App Store

The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application

Fans of Jeff Dunham and his iconic ventriloquist's dummies received a shout out earlier this month with the addition of The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application to the App Store. Essentially a promotional tool for Dunham's 2010-2011 tour, The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application provides instant access to news, videos, touring locations, and iTunes material.

Buy Dice Diving on the App Store

It May be Hot, but No Pool Needed for Dice Diving

Dice Diving. It might sound odd, and to be sure it is different, but Dice Diving isn't a game you play in the pool, it's an iPhone game developed by Larry Snyder. Not quite Yahtzee, nor Phase 10 dice, but a combination of dice games that presents a unique format and scoring system for playing.

Buy JumiDesktop+ on the App Store

Control Your PC with Jumi Mouse

JumiMouse Plus enables near total control of your PC. For Windows machines a user can control the mouse, enter text, or take over other programs. JumiMouse works well at working as a touch-mouse remote for a computer, which is an ideal way to control things such as media playback or simple scrolling.

Buy Frogiz on the App Store

Keep Your Brain Hopping with Frogiz Puzzle Logic

It's always refreshing to find a good puzzle game burried in the App Store that is both unique and fun to play. Frogiz may not be on your radar, but if you enjoy puzzles it's worth a look. Similar to Fling!, but with its own unique objective and more layered, Frogiz features a 5 x 5 grid with pink and green frogs and round and square lillypads.

Buy Teach Me Sushi on the App Store

Teach Me Sushi, For Those Who Dare to Learn

Being somewhat challenged in the art of culinary preparation, I tend to keep an eye out for cooking and recipe apps that I find helpful but not too challenging. I've been through a plethora of free and paid apps in all manners and styles of food, recipes and so on, but would never have dared to seek out help with sushi.

Buy Travel Interpreter - Multilingual Phrasebook on the App Store

Need an iPhone Translator? Travel Interpreter is Excellent

Travel Interpreter adds to the arsenal of essential apps for international travelers. The iPhone translator offers easy access to many of the key phrases one may need when faced with a language barrier.

Buy tvtag – formerly GetGlue on the App Store

GetGlue is Social Networking for Media Addicts

When I first came across GetGlue I thought, "Just what I need, another social network." The last thing I wanted to do was open another social networking app from my iPhone and check in, "like" things and earn rewards.

Buy Toast Shooter HD on the App Store

Toast Shooter HD Pops up with Fun

Toast Shooter HD turns your iPad into a shooting gallery with the object of taking down the most formidable of enemies: toast. It is a great game that is especially enjoyable on the iPad's larger screen.

Buy Word Absurd - Word Search Puzzle Book on the App Store

Word Absurd is an Uncommonly Good Word Search

Word searches are all the more fun when you're searching for the bizarre words rather than the mundane. Word Absurd by developer new-comer Trephination Proved Worthless LLC is a collection of word searches where the hidden words are slightly more unique than the standard fare.

Buy Nubi Do (To-Do List / Task Manager) on the App Store

No Newbies Here — Nubi Do is Top-Notch Task Manager

The people at Gennubi may indeed be newbies to the development of productivity apps, however with or without any previous App Store releases their debut task manager and to do list app, Nubi Do, is evidence to the contrary.

Buy Fortune Panda on the App Store

Amass Wealth and High Scores with Fortune Panda

A simple little arcade style game, Fortune Panda features a hep little panda bear wandering a beach where it's raining money. Living vicariously through Fortune Panda, you collect money in your tiny bucket while avoiding the bad stuff.

Earthquake Preparedness With iPhone and Quake SOS

Though I’ve seen a pretty wide variety of iPhone apps in every category and admittedly don’t know all of them by a long shot, Quake SOS is the first app I’ve seen that is designed for use in a natural disaster emergency.

Buy Dr. SexyTime Advanced Sex Guide on the App Store

SexyTime Sex Position Guide and Choreographer Serious Play for Lovers

SexyTime Sex Position Guide and Choreographer isn't for everyone, and it isn't for "every-when," but then neither are you. Described by the developers as the best thing to happen to couples since the invention of the honeymoon, SexyTime Guide and Choreographer is trying to "make the world full of happier and healthier people, one choreographed or randomized romp at a time!" Like other iPhone sex guide apps, SexyTime's Sex Position Guide displays a range of intimate positions (25, in three tastefully rendered silhouette styles,) and describes them in text.