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Buy Palette.able on the App Store

With Palette.able, Your iPhone Becomes Your Color Consultant

For those who are design and style-conscious, but may have difficulty with the rules of color, Palette.able gives iPhone users color compatibility guidance at your fingertips. More than just a color wheel, Palette.able is a color compatibility app that allows users to select and compare two colors at a time, breaking down their compatibility into percentages.

Buy Plants vs. Zombies on the App Store

Plants vs Zombies for iPhone: Less Challenge, More Entertainment

Ah, Zombies, those shambling, mindless, wafer-thin analogs for the great mass of humanity one encounters on long bus and rail commutes. Movies and gaming will never tire of finding new ways for you to kill the relentless hordes.

Buy Chronic Pain Tracker on the App Store

Create a Comprehensive Pain Log With Chronic Pain Tracker

Since healthcare professionals are telling the general public to become more involved with their own healthcare all the time, why not use technology to make involvement simpler. An addition to a handful of other iPhone apps that allow users to track specific medical information, Chronic Pain Tracker is a fairly comprehensive app that helps track chronic pain by providing users with an easy way to create a log with details of their ailment.

Buy GAMEBOX 1 on the App Store

All in One Gamebox: 26 Games (and Growing) for $.099

Once upon a time, the bible says, everyone had "threescore years and ten." Nowadays, the average life expectancy is more like 80 than 70, so obviously we'll need something to fill up those extra 10 years.

Buy Headset on the App Store

Headset App Makes for an Inexpensive and Handy Alternative Wireless Headset

With the ever-growing list of practical applications for iPhone users that allow your iPhone to become an all-in-one device, sorting out the good from the bad is the only rub. While you may not have been looking for a way to turn your iPhone into a wireless headset, Shape Services' Headset is an app that does just that.

Buy Bella Boo on the App Store

Bella Boo is one Tough Zombie Fairy

Bella Boo won't be winning any beauty contests. But she will keep you entertained with a pretty fun and addicting game. As Bella Boo the zombie fairy, you must battle a series of floating creatures, demons, and other evil forces who have invaded your cozy homeland of Dark Wood.

Buy Transylvania Adventure on the App Store

Transylvania Adventure is Ideal iPhone Adaptation of a Classic

If you missed last year’s Halloween special when Transylvania Adventure was offered for free, fear not – the game is still available for a mere $0.99, which in the App Store is the next best thing.

Buy Zepi:Dark on the App Store

Zepi:Dark, The Newest Zepi Theme

iPhone and iPod Touch users already familiar with OstinGames’ Zepi will appreciate Zepi:Dark, which is one of two new Zepi themes just released. Granted, those with a strong aversion to the macabre or a preference for flowery things will probably prefer Zepi:Spring over Zepi:Dark, but both versions give the game a whole new look and feel.

Buy Riff Raters on the App Store

Riff Raters is Musical Social Networking

For those with musical talent or just an appreciation of musical ability, Riff Raters is a fairly new iPhone app that combines music with social networking. Riff Raters allows users to record and upload 20-second riffs, which, as the developer says, are like musical tweets.

Typograffit Puts a New Twist on Text

Graffit, LLC, developer of Typograffit, has dubbed its iPhone/iPod touch app a “visual communication toy," and like most toys, it's big fun. Think of one of those crime-caper movie ransom notes composed of letters cut from newspapers and magazines and you get the general idea.

Buy MyReef 3D Aquarium on the App Store

MyReef 3D Aquarium - No Mess, No Smell, Just Fish

In line with the numerous virtual fish tank screensavers available for desktops, lap tops and hand helds, MyReef 3D Aquarium for iPhone and iPod Touch provides users with a simple way to turn their screen into an interactive 3D fish tank.

Buy Woffo on the App Store

Woffo Is a Smarter, Harder, Twistier Word Puzzler

Developer Obo Games says its app Woffo has "more smarts than Crosswords, harder strategy than Scrabble and more twists than Boggle." Trust me, it’s true. Woffo is easily one of the more challenging word puzzlers that I’ve come across.

Buy Awaken on the App Store

Awaken to More Alarm Clock Choices

If you miss  your old LCD alarm clock then Awaken can cure the nostalgia. Awaken packs a full set of features into your iPhone/iPod touch that may force you to ditch the standard clock app.

Buy AudibleSpeed (GPS Speed Monitor) - CONTINUOUS AUDIBLE MONITORING of your current speed!! on the App Store

AudibleSpeed Enables You to See and Hear Just How Fast You’re Traveling

If you want to know how fast you’re traveling and for how long, whether it’s on wheels or by boat, then OK Apps’ AudibleSpeed (GPS Speed Monitor) will satisfy your need for speed with sight and sound.

Buy An app to tell : Declare your love with style for Valentine's Day on the App Store

Tell Someone You Love Them With An App to Tell

If sending traditional candy hearts and embossed greeting cards to your special someone is not your style, then check out this Valentine’s Day app. An App to Tell is a new iPhone app that lets you tell someone how you feel about them by creating an app just for them that expresses your sentiments in text, audio, a picture, or all three.