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Relix Is Easy to Learn but Can Be Hard to Beat

Mark Mengelt’s Relix is one of those “easy to play, lifetime to master” kinds of match-up games that keep you engaged for hours on end. The objective is to clear game tiles from each level—there are 50 in all—by strategically moving them around the board to match up two or more tiles.

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Think, Swipe, and Evolve into a Swipehead

With the overwhelming collection of puzzle apps available a few truly smart and original ones must surely get lost in the shuffle. This is obviously the case with Swipehead by Wizkeit Games and Vive Technologies.

Voice Mark Lets You Audio Tag and Go

Voice Mark — If you and your iPhone 3G or 3GS get around a lot, you may find it’s sometimes hard to remember your impressions about each place you've visited. GeoGraffiti’s Voice Mark provides you with the ability create audio geotags of each location that interests you as well as listen to the audio geotags created by other users of this app.

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ItalyGuides: Vatican Museum Tour Shows You Places You Might Not Otherwise See

If you're planning to take a trip to Rome, Italy, the Vatican will undoubtedly be on your itinerary. When you go, take along ItalyGuides: Vatican Museum Tour, from ComPart Multimedia. It’s a pocket tour guide that will help you navigate through the Vatican’s many museums and treasures with the least amount of wear on your shoes and lower back.

Buy AutoRingtone Pro Talking Caller ID Ringtones: Create CallerID Ringtones that Talk with Cool & Funny Text-To-Speech (TTS) Voices on the App Store

AutoRingtones Pro Provides Endless Custom Ringtones for a Buck

In a you-type-it, it-says-it fashion, AutoRingtone Pro Text to Speech Ringtones combines No Ties Software’s entire collection of free ringtone makers (plus throws in a few bonus sounds and voices) to create an all-inclusive app.

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Put Manhattan's SOHO Shopping District in Your Pocket

SOHOinmypocket, from AppFury, LLC, is a straightforward directory and location-aware navigation app that informs you of what’s around you and how to get there. In this case, it’s New York City’s famed SOHO and NoLita districts, a 50-block area of Manhattan replete with restaurants, galleries,  funky little shops and other retail outlets.

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Night Recorder Useful as Sleep Aide, Spy Tool

There are plenty of apps that make voice recordings. But Night Recorder is a unique tool in its ability to record noises in the room not only while it is running but even if your iPhone/iPod touch is on standby.

Buy Combine 4! on the App Store

TwentyFour! a Great Workout for Your Brain

Some mind benching challenges await with TwentyFour! - a recent App Store release based on a mathematical card game. The object is to add, subtract, multiply, or divide a group of four numbers with each other in order to reach 24.

Buy Beer 99 Bottles on the App Store

Beer 99 Bottles - Take your iPhone Down, Pass it Around...

Though a bit awkward sounding in name, Beer 99 Bottles is an entertainment app even Sheldon Cooper would love. Aimed at entertaining users in a most “off” the wall fashion, Beer 99 Bottles takes the classic road trip song “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” and makes it into something unique and rather amusing – in a cool, geeky sort of way.

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Looking for a Fun New Word Game? Vocabulator Has the Answer

Vocabulator is an apt name for Nexus6 Software’s newest word puzzle app that features clean simple presentation similar in appearance to a calculator, varying degrees of difficulty, and a wealth of word information.

SpaceTime Super Calculator for Advanced Math Functions

SpaceTime. A graphing and scientific calculator built on an advanced mathematics engine. It's not the kind of thing you need every day, but it is the kind of specialized calculator that you expect to pay dearly for when you do need it.

Buy QuickReader – eBook Reader with Speed Reading on the App Store

Quick Reader Brings Speed Read Training Right to Your iPhone

QuickReader is a newly released speed reading trainer and ebook experience for iPhone and iPod touch and the first tool of its kind that I’ve found in the App Store. To fully appreciate the sophistication and potential of QuickReader, you will need to recognize the concept of speed reading and have a desire to practice the skill.

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Flipsy FREE Flipping In The Right Direction

Flipsy FREE iPhone app by myNewApps.com is a puzzle game played on a 3d board that allows you to flip and rotate the board in order to line up your colorful puzzle blocks and score points. The board is able to rotate both clockwise and counter-clockwise 90 degrees at a time.

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Sand Garden Achieves Visual Zen

For those who appreciate the blissful relaxation of Japanese rock gardens and can also appreciate the virtual translation of such a utopian art, then check out Pavel Doichev’s latest app Sand Garden.

Gyrotate – Line 'em up, and Take 'em out for Endless Fun

Gyrotate – Line 'em up, and Take 'em out for Endless Fun

Wander through the App Store and you’ll find an ever-increasing list of puzzle games, many of which seem eerily familiar. Like a seven-year itch in December, playing the same old games starts to lack a certain spark.