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Buy The Inferno on the App Store

The Inferno Challenges Mind and Soul

The Inferno is an excellent puzzle game that may force you to touch up on your medieval history.  While the plot is closer to that of an action/adventure game, it plays more like a typical puzzle game with darker undertones.

Camera Genius Makes Any iPhone Photographer Smarter

Camera Genius Makes Any iPhone Photographer Smarter

AppCraver has reviewed bunches and bunches of really good photo apps such asNevercenter's Camera Bag and Omar Shoor's Photogene. Now, add CodeGoo's Camera Genius to the same club.

Buy Distant Suns: The new way to look at the sky on the App Store

Distant Suns 2 Puts Space in Your Pocket

Distant Suns 2: Unleash your inner astronaut -- Judging by the number of pocket planetariums and other astronomy apps in the App Store's inventory, stargazing is not just for fans of Star Wars or astronomy nerds like me.

mPassport Paris Helps You Find Medical Assistance in the City of Lights

mPassport Paris – One of my biggest fears, beyond losing my wallet or passport, when traveling abroad is that I might be injured in an accident, come down with a serious bug or get some other illness.

Instantly Take and Share Photos with PlaceSnap

For iPhone users who snap up PlaceSnap while it’s free, a new social networking experience awaits. PlaceSnap basically centers around GPS location and the iPhone camera. To use PlaceSnap, users must first create a free account with an email address, username and password.

Buy NAVIGON North America on the App Store

Navigon AG's MobileNavigator Lost Me There for a While

Navigon MobileNavigator - One of the big deals about Apple’s iPhone 3G and 3GS iPhones are their built-in GPS. With the right app, any 3G flavor can become a fully-featured GPS unit. Make the app cheap enough, and the iPhone as a way-finder becomes a better option than the real thing.

Don't Fret the Parking Lot With Park'n Find in Hand

Whether it’s a crowded mall parking lot during a busy shopping season, the movie theater lot, or even the downtown parking garage, Park’n Find for iPhone makes it easy to remember where you parked and helps you find your car again.

Buy DropZap on the App Store

DropZap is Puzzle Action Without Dropping a Dime

DropZap is a new action puzzle game available for iPhone and iPod touch that proves you can still get something good for free. Resembling other block puzzles only slightly, DropZap is set on 7 x 7 grid of squares.

Buy RocketBird For Kids on the App Store

Grab Rocket Bird While You Can

Rocket Bird by Be Tomorrow is a simple, silly, yet whimsical game that features a bird, a rocket, and many country farm obstacles. The app presents a clear, simple objective – fly as far as you can.

Buy Santa's Run - Tossing Christmas Presents Around the World on the App Store

Become Santa's Helper with Santa's Run

Looking for a festive game to put you and your iPhone in the holiday spirit? Santa’s Run is a seemingly simple game that lets you lend Santa a hand by delivering gifts to homes around the world.

Omini Stones: Fun and Frustration Rolled into One Strategic Puzzle

If you just look at the picture, Omini Stones might be mistaken for another drop in the popular match-three bucket. But that, dear AppCravers, is why you should never judge an app by it's cover.

Buy CashTrails with Sync - Expense and Income Tracker on the App Store

Cash Trails - Expense Tracker is Hot on the Trail of Where Your Money Goes

Over time, the App Store has grown exponentially with an array of personal finance utilities for tracking expenses and budgeting. I’ve always been a firm believer that it is difficult to find a one-size-fits-all expense tracker because of the different styles of budgeting and organizing expenses.

Buy Storm Attack® on the App Store

Storm Attack is Fast Paced Block Blasting Action

The arcade/puzzle genre of match and break brick games is inundated with titles ranging from classic games like Tetris and Break Out to newer games with modern twists. If this genre appeals to you, check out Storm Attack, one of the more recent games available from developer Rhock & Rholl Studios, LLC.

Buy GlobeMaster: Offline Travel Guide & Utilities on the App Store

Globemaster: Offline Travel Guide is Clever, Polished and Endlessly Interesting

Whether you're planning an exotic itinerary or just imagining a trip to foreign lands, Globemaster: Offline Travel Guide is a good place to start.

Buy Doodle Clock on the App Store

Doodle Clock - Clock-a-Doodle-do!

Though there are several different clock apps available for iPhone, it’s actually kind of daunting to browse the app store for a useful alarm clock app. At least that has been my experience.