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Buy TextMinder SMS text reminders on the App Store

TextMinder is Simple SMS Message Reminders for Text-Minded Individuals

If, like me, you are a text-minded individual and could use daily, weekly, or even single occurring reminders to do something, go somewhere, or pick someone or something up, then TextMinder sms text reminder by Adam Alexander might be just the app you’re looking for.

Buy Air Sharing on the App Store

Air Sharing Pro Back in the File Transfer App Battle

Air Sharing, from Avatron Software, used to be the top dog in file transfer apps. That was light years ago in App Store time. Since September, when Air Sharing hit stride, several developers have introduced file transferring apps—many of them were more useful and less expensive.

Buy Sea Rascals on the App Store

Sea Rascals Is Frantic But Fun

It's kind of funny — I grew up in the Florida Keys, so to me (and probably to most people, actually), the ocean is all about tranquility. However, Sea Rascals, which is set in the ocean? Makes me frantic!

Buy iDrum: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe on the App Store

Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe: iDrum vs. Free App

Depeche Mode, an 80’s band that never went away, knows that in today’s world of digital music, album sales are only one part of a much bigger picture. In conjunction with their latest album, they released two apps: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe and iDrum: Depeche Mode Sounds of the Universe.

Buy Galaga REMIX on the App Store

Galaga Remix Brings New & Retro Gaming Fun

Galaga Remix from Namco brings the arcade classic to the iPhone along with a polished, touch-screen friendly newer version that is just as much fun. All the key elements of Galaga are there — blasting away at enemies while saving your spaceship from destruction.

Viva Vegas Slots! Fast-Paced, Picture Perfect, Gambling

With unsurpassed precision, Electron Hut's vice city inspired Vegas Slots puts five 3-reel slot machines on the table for those who are tickled by taking a chance. Bell Fruit, Double Jackpot, Double Jackpot 3-Line, Triple Sevens and  Triple Sevens 5-Line offer an exciting selections of odds and options.

Buy Photo Hype on the App Store

Sharpen Your Image With PhotoHype

PhotoHype - For those that enjoy taking pictures with their iPhone, producing the perfect picture can sometimes become quite the process. Having to email the picture to yourself in order to open it on your computers image-editing program.

No Need to Avoid the Star Power of Dodgem

For those who enjoy simplistic, pick up and play games for their iPhone or iPod touch, Dodgem by Nikita Logachev is pretty much a winner. The premise of this simple game is to guide a lone star around the screen for as long as possible while avoiding enemy shapes and racking up points.

Trixel Makes "Deceptively Simple" Definitely Satisfying

Someone send help; I'm addicted to Trixel! Stopping to write this review is killing me! Well, OK, it's not that dire. But Trixel, the new puzzle game by ADEPT Games is rather enthralling. It's really simple to pick up, and somehow manages to be both easier and harder than you'd think.

Buy Flower Garden - Grow Flowers and Send Bouquets on the App Store

Flower Garden's A Satisfying Alternative to the Real Thing

I always joke that I can’t have kids, because I can barely keep a plant alive. Well, with Flower Garden by Snappy Touch, my virtual green thumb is put to the test. Luckily, the results are worth the effort, and even if i kill a plant or two, at least I’m not left with a dried-out, messy pot of dirt. Let’s call it a win-win.

Buy UniWar HD on the App Store

UniWar is a TENsational Turn-based Strategy Game for iOS

UniWar - Please briefly indulge me while I provide a little preamble for this review…I consider the turn based strategy genre as an acquired taste. In my experience, folks tend to either love them or hate them, with few falling somewhere in the middle of those extremes.

Buy Whiteboard on the App Store

Whiteboard is for People Who Prefer to Show Than Tell

Whiteboard developer, Sven Resch, took me on a virtual tour of his app the other day and I came away impressed with Whiteboard's features and its potential as a collaboration tool. Logicopolis Technology, Resch’s company, set Whiteboard 1.0.1 loose in the App Store at the end of April.

Buy QuickVoice2Text Email (PRO Recorder) on the App Store

QuickVoice PRO Recorder Has a Bonus

nFinity is using QuickVoice, a voice recorder for Macs and PCs,  as a lure to nab buyers for its new  iPhone version called QuickVoice PRO Recorder. QuickVoice is usually $15.00 but it’s free with when you buy the $0.99 app.

Buy Fast Five the Movie: Official Game on the App Store

iPlay Unleashes It's Fast and Furious Sequel

Nearly two months ago I reviewed a fun yet flawed racer in Fast and Furious: Pink Slip. It was a game that admirably represented it’s license with a solid racing experience packed with interesting gameplay modes.

Buy Quickoffice® Pro on the App Store

Quickoffice Suite For Word, Excel and File Transfer

Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite, from Quickoffice, is an overhaul of its versatile Quickoffice Mobile Pro, an app that combined Excel editing and file transfer functions. The big news here is Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite now features the ability to view, create and edit Word documents.