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Want to be a Pro at Packing? Check Out Packing Pro

Packing Pro is an organizational packing checklist for anyone preparing to travel for any reason. From the very beginning when I first checked out this app, I felt as if Quinn Genzel, the developer of Packing Pro and the lite version, Packing, personally knows me and wants to be my travel buddy.

Kids Allowance App Motivates Children by Tracking Rewards

Categorized as a finance app, Kids Allowance (formerly Kids Allowance and Rewards) could also fall into the category of productivity because when it comes to kids, a reward system is one of the best motivators.

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Browse, Search, and Post to Classifieds Sites With Classifieds Pro

Classifieds Pro by EPage, Inc. is a compilation of classified sites like Craigslist, eBay, iClassifieds, and Oodle in one simple app for the iPhone or iPod touch. The collection of sites is easy to browse and the ads are filtered by category when and where applicable.

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A Classic Reborn...Myst Engulfs the iPhone

Myst for iPhone - Yes, this review is about that Myst, the legendary PC game that essentially put point and click adventure games on the map. Though that style of game isn’t so popular in the age of first person shooters and advances in technology, there is a simple and elegant quality to the genre that still makes it relevant in my eyes.

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I Heart iheartradio! Listen to Radio on the iPhone and iPad

iheart radio - Being a small town girl, I am not too familiar with Clear Channel Broadcasting. I remember the Howard Stern controversies – who doesn’t – but Clear Channel has otherwise not frequently touched my sheltered ears.

Picture Find Fanatics Sure to Enjoy Sprill: Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Sprill: Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle - I love the challenge of a good picture seek and find. The fact that there are several apps for iPhone and iPod touch created in similar fashion to my ultimate favorite — I Spy —  is pretty cool in my opinion.

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Historical Currency Converter Makes Sense Over Time

Historical Currency Converter, from WFTSoft, puts a new spin on your ordinary, everyday money changer app. You can use the Historical Currency Converter to calculate the conversion rates for the world’s top currencies — US Dollar, Japanese Yen, British Sterling and the Euro — from January 1971 to the present day.

Monkey Around With Primate Plunge

Hand-drawn backgrounds provide a beautiful backdrop for a jaunty little top-hat wearing wild thing, in Aelius' Primate Plunge. As Monkey drops through obstacles such as thorny branches or bouncy ropes, tilt and tap to guide him safely through potential peril.

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Hell Yeah! StickWars Uses Simple Gameplay, Requires Real Strategy

Get ready to get stuck up! Not in a literal sense, but rather, a new addictive game from indie developer John E. Hartzog which has blazed its way to the top of the App Store. StickWars is a frenetic war game that aims to capture the perfect balance of simple gameplay and meaningful strategy.

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Leaf Trombone Will Blow You Away

Leaf Trombone: World Stage - There's something vaguely intimidating about being assigned to review an application and, upon doing a little research, finding out that it's an extremely hotly-anticipated app from a developer with a line of very successful, high-profile offerings.

Super Ball 3 Proves a Winning Game for its Genre

If you haven’t given Spiffyware’s Super Ball 3 a try yet and you enjoy brick breaking games like Breakout, then definitely give this app a gander. Super Ball 3 is sleek, responsive, and has enough levels to remain a fresh pick on your iPhone menu for awhile.

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With Perseverance, Nintaii is Rewarding

"Nintai” is Japanese for patience, perseverance and persistence. Add an “i” to the end, and you have Nintaii, a puzzle game for your iPhone that requires these three qualities. There is something peaceful about Nintaii.

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Virtues: Livin' La Benjamin Franklin

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin Virtues-Benjamin Franklin has graced us with a lifetime of profound quotes and untold numbers of inventions.

Buy LINGOPAL 44 - multilingual talking phrasebook on the App Store

Lingopal-Fun Multilingual Phrasebook Flirts with Travelers

Global travelers, especially the flirty kind, will find Lingopal-Fun Multilingual Phrasebook, can help them get along with the locals. The best place to start with Lingopal-Fun Multilingual Phrasebook is the Setting icon on the right side of the bottom menu bar.

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Puzzle Quiz Keeps it Simple, to Great Effect

Puzzle Quiz - When I download games for my iPhone, I usually prefer apps that aren't going to take too much effort. Sure, I want something that'll keep me occupied, but generally if it's a game that would require me to look up hints online, or if it takes really long to complete a round or two, I won't be all that interested.