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Sway's Finger Controls Make For Swinging Good Time

Illusion Labs, the same group behind the excellent Labyrinth and the debatable Touchgrind, is at it again. Their newest game to hit the App Store is Sway, which succeeds in creating a gaming experience that is uniquely tailored to the iPhone/iPod touch.

GoLearn Skateboarding: A Pro For Your Pocket

GoLearn Skateboarding Explained - Let's get this out of the way: my knowledge of skateboarding is limited to knowing that Tony Hawk is some kind of bigshot (enough to rate his own video game, at any rate) and the occasional viewing of The X Games on TV when there's nothing else on.

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PileUp! Candymania: More Fun, Less Filling

PileUp! Candymania (from RealNetworks), a cross between a normal "match three" type of game like Bejeweled and classic Tetris, is certainly the sweetest thing I've seen for the iPhone. There are 60 levels of increasing difficulty in which players manipulate bright, shiny pieces of candy to pile matching pieces together and clear the level.

Buy Property Evaluator - Real Estate Investment Calculator on the App Store

Property Evaluator Gives You an Insider's Look at Cashing in On the Housing Market Crisis

Property Evaluator aims to make investing in real estate simpler, whether it's flipping houses or buying a first home. One man's misery, is another man's fortune, the old saying goes, and that's never been more true than in difficult economic times.

First Contact: Missile Defense iPhone Style

First Contact is like a three-dimensional version of Missile Command. It requires blasting enemy invaders that are seeking to destroy your colonies. A quick game of swiping and tapping to destroy the aliens awaits. It provides a good experience and great game play for anyone looking for another game to add to their iPhone/iPod Touch.

Cooking Mama Comes to iPhone

First available for and made popular by the Nintendo DS, Cooking Mama is now available for the iPhone/iPod touch. For those who are unfamiliar with Cooking Mama published by TAITO Corporation, it is an animated cooking simulation game played out through a series of mini games where recipes are followed to create various dishes like Pork Curry and Rice and Green Soybean Soup.

Buy EventHorizon on the App Store

EventHorizon Offers Customizable Organization

EventHorizon - When it comes to organizing my life, I am a fan of Things and iCal. I use Things for my to-do list, and iCal for all of my appointments, birthdays and scheduled events. When I downloaded EventHorizon, I wanted to know what this productivity app offers that I do not already have.

Access2Go: Celebrity News and Entertainment in a Great Package

With Access2Go, NBC Universal brings its entertainment news show Access Hollywood the iPhone. NBC Universal hasn’t left a visual stone unturned with Access2Go, and it's all organized brilliantly.

Buy Zen Bound® on the App Store

Zen Bound is Difficult to Describe, Easy to Experience

Categorized as a puzzle game, Zen Bound is unlike any puzzle game I’ve played on the iPhone, or any other platform for that matter. Developed by Secret Exit and published by Chillingo Ltd., Zen Bound unveils one of the most unique apps I have run across.

Buy Classic Scramble With Friends on the App Store

Scramble Live Stacks You Against Word Puzzlers Everywhere

Scramble Live (now called Scramble With Friends), a word game from Zynga, is loads of fun and addictive to play. It's also humiliating. The object of Scramble Live is to find words hidden in a 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 grid of letters.

Buy Groups: SMS, Mail and Manage Contacts on the App Store

Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts is a Smart Way to Manage Your Contacts

Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts Management makes sorting your contacts into groups as easy as a poking a finger into a warm apple pie. This app, from Guided Ways Technologies, does exactly what its name implies.

Buy WordFu on the App Store

WordFu: Boggle-based Kung Fu Challenge

If you think you’ve seen it all in the App Store guess again. ngmoco, the makers of hit games like Rolando, Mazefinger and Topple bring WordFu to the App Store. WordFu is a boggle-like game wrapped up in a Kung fu theme.

Buy Most Wanted on the App Store

Most Wanted: "Just The Facts" You Need

Ever since 1988, if I’m home on a Saturday night I’m tracking criminals with America’s Most Wanted. Watching reenactments of crimes, paying close attention to the age enhanced photos and listening to John Walsh describe the details of deviant behavior. For those that hate crime and the people that commit them, what could be better than a show providing information of wanted fugitives and missing children?

Supersize Me - ZumoDrive Sends Your Files into the Cloud

Zecter's Supersize Me - ZumoDrive joins a growing list of file-sharing apps such as Box.net's Box.net and  Sharpcast's SugarSync that enable you to store your content in the cloud and download it to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Buy TV.com on the App Store

TV.com Provides Streaming Video and Personalized Clips for Fans of CBS and The CW

CBS Interactive's TV.com provides iPhone and iPod touch users CBS and The CW TV shows and video clips, delivered free via Wi-Fi, 3G and EDGE. Read the  App Store description and you'll find out that you can browse through a "vast list" of featured shows or view them by channel; catch full episodes of some CBS and The CW shows; and create a list of favorite shows, channels and topics.