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Lose It: Count Calories, Track Exercise to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Lose It: Count Calories, Track Exercise to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Lose It! is one of the first user-friendly calorie-counting apps for the iPhone, and it is free. The Lose It app from FitNow utilizes the Mifflin equation to determine what your daily calorie intake should be.

Buy helloCards (eCards Greeting Cards) on the App Store

helloCards are Simple Greetings With Photo Capability

helloCards - If you find the concept of electronic greeting cards useful, or even preferable, then what could be better than an app that lets you create and send one right from your iPhone? Along the same lines as HiCard Suite, helloCards by Luxious Labs features numerous categories of ecards that can be personalized and sent right from your iPhone.

Buy iDodge: Space Ninja on the App Store

iDodge: Space Ninja is a Cool Flying Shooter with a Bad Name

iDodge: Space Ninja - If you’re confused about what the heck a Space Ninja is, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Typically ninjas tend to do what they do over in the Eastern Hemisphere, not north of the Ionosphere.

Buy Babelingo Translated Phrases - 11 Languages on the App Store

Babelingo: a Personal Multi-Language Translator

Babelingo is an on-the-spot translator by Alta Vida LLC featuring 300 words and phrases in 11 different languages right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. There are a few ways to navigate the Babelingo library: categorically, by favorites, or by searching.

Buy VLC Remote on the App Store

VLC Remote Puts Your Media in the Palm of Your Hand

If you're interested in remote controlling the audio and video stored on your desktop or home server, you'll want to check out Hobbyist software's VLC Remote as an alternative to Apple's Remote app, especially if you have a Linux machine.

Buy AtHome Camera Pro - Remote video surveillance for home security on the App Store

AtHome Camera Keeps an Eye on Your Castle Over Wi-Fi, 3G, or Edge

Ever worry barbarians will storm the gates when you're away from your castle? Me too, which is why I downloaded Sunray Networks's AtHome Camera app. Before you can use AtHome Camera the first thing you need to do is download and install AvsServer from the company's Web Site.

ReaddleDocs Has Extra Goodies for File Transferring

These days, file transfer apps are doing much more than just transferring files. Readdle's, new intro ReaddleDocs, file transfer app, does everything it's supposed to do and then some.

Buy Payback on the App Store

Sometimes Payback Can Be a Great Thing

Sandbox gaming has officially come to the iPhone. Payback, developed by Apex Designs, is a shameless clone of the experience found in the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) franchise. The GTA franchise is known for pushing the envelope with crazy dialog, violent missions and delving into all kinds of taboo subject matter.

Buy Photo fx on the App Store

Tiffen Photo fx Has an Infinite Number of Options for Your Image

Photo fx is a set of digital optical filters (filters are Tiffen's main line of business) for the iPhone and iPod touch. You use these filters to simulate the results you get with a variety of filters and lab processes when taking photographs with film.

Buy 100sounds +FREE RINGTONES! 100's of Sound FX & RING TONES on the App Store

You Could Do 100s of Things With 100 Sounds

100Sounds - What would you do with a soundboard in your pocket? Wake up your sleeping roommate? Confuse your dog? Shake up a meeting at the office? There really is an endless list of obnoxious, pointlessly fun possibilities.

Buy Memory and System Info on the App Store

Memory and System Info Comes in Handy When iPhone Apps are Crashing

It's not hard to figure out what Memory and System Info does, from the name alone. IntelligentMobiles' app gives you a peek at your iPhone or iPod touch's inner workings. Having this info handy may enable you to figure out why an app is misbehaving or crashing.

Buy mBoxMail - Hotmail with Push on the App Store

mBox Aims to Make Your iPhone or iPod touch a Mobile Office

mBox Fax & Voice, from mBox enables you to receive and manage faxes and voicemail on your iPhone or iPod touch via mBox's online messaging service. It's an iPhone app and online service combination that is aimed at business people who are frequently out of the office.

Buy Star Walk™ - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide on the App Store

Star Walk Gets Astronomical Make Over

The popular star map application for iPhone by Vito Technology has received some pretty big updates in terms of user interface and information. The newest version (1.2) of Star Walk still has the same stargazing abilities as the original, along with the time lapse tool, same ease of navigation and stellar graphics, but now includes some enhancements that improve its overall function.

Buy Sonos Controller on the App Store

Sonos iPhone App Makes Multi-Room Sound System Even Better

What could be better than accessing your entire music library from a set of high quality speakers in any room of your home? How about adding internet radio, local radio stations, Pandora, Last.fm and the ability to connect to subscription services such as Napter, Rhapsody and SIRIUS? Now, what if you could also ditch your remote and control all of these music services from your iPhone? Welcome home to Sonos.

Buy Spazzle Classic on the App Store

Whack ‘em All in Spazzle Classic, Slammin' Critter-Crushing Fun

Whack ‘em All iPhone app by Fairlady Media takes a page from those arcade games you’ve played using a mallet to whack the little creatures as they pop up out of their holes. Whack 'em All nails it right on the little critters heads.