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Buy Spell Check on the App Store

Spell Check is a Dictionary in Reverse

How's your spelling? That bad, huh? Download Achoom's Spell Check and you'll be okay. There are several dictionaries in the App Store and those virtual dictionaries are exactly like the physical dictionaries, give or take a few extras that exploit the iPhone and iPod touch's unique capabilities.

Buy Cute Origami on the App Store

Cute Origami App is Easy and Cute

Cute Origami from orientmaple.com is an iPhone app containing instructional origami videos. Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Intricate pieces of art are made with one square piece of paper, using only geometric folds and requiring no glue or scissors.

Buy Toodledo - To Do Lists - Notes - Outlines on the App Store

Toodledo: Quirky Name, Easy Way to Manage To-Dos

When I first heard of Tooledo, I hadn’t heard of the Web site and while I assumed it was some sort of organization application, I still admittedly thought the name was kind of “sing-song,” like a greeting Mrs.

Expense Reports Counts, Tracks and Reports Your Pennies

If you travel frequently and your expense reports tend to be complicated, you'll probably find Nexonia's Expense Reports will make your life on the road, if not free, at least easier. The fittingly named Expense Reports gives you the ability to create and manage your expense reports, both on your iPhone and online at Nexonia's Web site.

Buy Remelody on the App Store

Remelody: A Well Linked, Well Designed Musical Memory Game

Remelody is a music-based memory game created by Timothy Roseborough and released by MyNuMo. Played on a grid of colorful squares, Remelody is simple and easy to master. Basically, a square is highlighted for you to tap.

Buy Esperanto on the App Store

Votara to traduki Angla en Esperanto Aplikajo

Sofweb's Esperanto is a votara to traduki Angla en Esperanto. (Softweb's Esperanto is a dictionary to translate English into Esperanto.) You already knew that, I'll bet. That's what Esperanto is all about: It's a universal second language that is supposed to be easy to learn and understood by everyone.

Buy Photogene² for iPhone on the App Store

Blend Photos and Artistic Genes and You Get Photogene

The App Store's shelves are well stocked with photography and image-editing apps but few are as capable as Omer Shoor's Photogene. You won't confuse this app for the iPhone and iPod touch with Adobe Photoshop, but it's a lot more fun.

Buy Foosball World Tour on the App Store

Foosball World Cup Wows Players

Foosball World Cup has blasted its way into the App Store. If you're a fan of arcade games and bar games then you'll love Foosball World Cup. Now you'll have the opportunity compete as one of the world's 12 most elite soccer teams in a bid to win the virtual world championship.

Buy KamiCrazy on the App Store

KamiCrazy Touches the Best of Puzzles and Platforms

KamiCrazy is a great puzzle game that capitalizes on the finger-swiping ability of the iPhone/iPod touch. Sure, it doesn't look like a puzzle. Especially since the main character is a bearded wannabe Rambo-type soldier with a few missing teeth. 

QuickPic: Instantly Transfer Your Photos by Uploading Them Online

QuickPic by Zach Waugh is a very nifty little app that lets you instantly upload photos to the Internet, making them available at a specific URL within seconds. QuickPic is simple, straightforward, and by far the fastest way to get photos from your iPhone or iPod touch onto the Web.

Flight of the Hamsters is an Absolute Blast

Inspired by Cartoon Network’s animated series Codename: Kids Next Door, Flight of the Hamsters for the iPhone/iPod touch is a unique game app that utilizes touch screen controls to launch hamsters from a spring board on as continuous a flight as possible to achieve the greatest distance.

Buy BeejiveIM with Push on the App Store

BeeJive, When IM Matters More than Anything Else

There's been a lot of buzz about Beejive's BeeJiveIM lately. That's easy to understand because BeeJiveIM with Push is a very capable IM app. It puts everything IM-ish under one roof, which other IM apps don't do quite as well.

Buy Pudge on the App Store

Pudge is a Challenge to Master

Combine an adorable animated puffer fish with a snappy soundtrack and the premise of a simple arcade game and you have Pudge. Similar to iCopter, but with far better graphics, Pudge utilizes one-touch controls to move a puffer fish through an underwater cave, avoiding obstacles along the way.

Buy AirFight on the App Store

Airfight Puts You In The Cockpit of a Flight Simulator

Airfight is a good attempt at delivering a dogfight sim for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Developing an app with the complexities involved is no minor feat, and most of the game play turns out quite well. But there is some room to grow and other features that would make this even more compelling.

Buy Yahoo Sports on the App Store

Sportacular Knocks It Out Of The Park With News, Stats and Scores

Sportacular by Citizen Sports is the perfect app for the sports fan. Whether your need is the final score of one game or all the games, you’ll have that answer right in the palm of your hand.