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Pocket Tunes Radio is Number One with a Bullet

NormSoft's Pocket Tunes Radio is a slick app that puts hundreds of Internet radio stations on your iPhone and iPod touch. Pocket Tunes Radio comes with an extensive list of pre-loaded stations — organized by every music genre you can think of.

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Scrabble, Just Right for Tough Times

Scrabble was invented by Alfred Mosher Butts, an out-of-work architect, during the Great Depression. Hmm, I wonder whether it's coincidence that Electronic Arts has just released its version of the popular word game for the iPhone, or a sign the economy is set to go further down the drain?

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A Test Drive with Ferrari GT: Evolution

The last thing you or I need is to spend even more time playing driving games than working, but you must take Gameloft's Ferrari GT: Evolution for a test drive. I can't put the darn thing down.

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Wanted: Customize Your Photos For Old-Timey Fun

The folks that created cartoonizeme for adding comic faces, props and frames to photos have another entertaining app called Wanted that turns your iPhone pics into sepia-toned wanted posters. You can customize the name, reward amount, and add western-style props to any photo in your library. Nothing good in your library? You can also choose to take a new photo and start with that instead.

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HappyHour Tastes Great, More Filling

With more than 9,000 drink recipes, HappyHour has to be the largest database of drink recipes available in one iPhone app. Of course quantity isn't everything, there's more to making a good cocktail app than stuffing it full of recipes.

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Tiki Towers: Start Monkeying Around

Tiki Towers is a building game where you use various island objects to create bridges, wheels or towers for your monkeys to climb. Tiki Towers is quickly addictive and perfect for short bursts of play.

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Imangi Invites Players to Join in a Multi-Player Word Challenge

Imangi may seem like just another word game a first glance, but Imangi has a twist that makes the game different and challenging. Each row and column is actually a dial that lets you rotate the letters.

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Slingshot a Mind-Bending Space Battle

The typical spaceship game has you racing through space and blasting your enemies. Instead, Slingshot relies on one very important weapon: your mind. The purpose of Slingshot is to launch missiles at the enemy and obliterate them before they get you.

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Hero of Sparta is an Epic Hack and Slash

Gameloft's new Hero of Sparta is positively stunning in every way: The graphics are beyond belief, the game play is nearly flawless and the sound tracks and effects are exquisite. There's been a recent influx of games in and around the $9.99 price point and I'm starting to get a feel for which ones are worth paying for.

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LogMeIn Ignition: Use Your iPhone to Seize Control of Your Desktop Machine

Remotely controlling your desktop PC or Mac using your iPhone is a compelling idea. Unfortunately, most solutions I've tried have been too limited, quirky or as slow as a three-toed sloth.

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7 Chords is a Chord Book in Your Pocket

7 Chords is an iPhone app designed for both beginner and intermediate guitarists. Through a remarkable easy-to-use interface, the user can select what chord's information to display on the screen.

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Mail2Group: One App to Mail Them All

If you often need to send emails to more than a few people in your contacts list at the same time, then Javid Alimohideen's Mail2Group fills a gaping hole between iPhone Mail and Contacts. Mail2Group is an adjunct to the iPhone's native email app.

Guitar Rock Tour is a new contender for the rhythm-action title.

Few mobile game developers have garnered as much respect and notoriety as Gameloft. By being the principal game provider for Motorola and others, it has become the EA of the mobile gaming industry. And just like EA, when Gameloft is set to release a new game, people listen.

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Play Mind Games with Braineous: Challenge Your Brain

Experts say your brain is like a muscle: The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. If that's true, Braineous: Challenge Your Brain, will have your gray matter as muscular as a weightlifter on 'roids before too long.

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All the Important U.S. Historical Documents in Your Pocket

You don't have to be a history buff or scholar to appreciate the wealth of information contained in U.S. Historical Documents, from Standard Works. U.S. Historical Documents contains more than 100 of the most influential documents in U.S.