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Buy Myspace on the App Store

MySpace Mobile Makes Moves

MySpace junkies knew it was only a matter of time before the folks over at MySpace HQ brought the infamous social networking site to iPhone. Download MySpace Mobile and log in and the first thing you’ll notice is its lightning fast. Anything you touch in the app loads pretty darn quickly. Tap on any picture and you’ll see that the picture quality is stunning.

Buy Arcade Hoops Basketball™ on the App Store

Arcade Hoops a Blast for Basketball Lovers

Aracade Hoops is a fast-paced and exciting offering for those looking to work on their jump shot with an iPhone or iPod touch. Skywords Interactive, which is behind the popular and productivity-killing ESPN Arcade, brings a slick app patterned after the basketball shooting games found in arcade rooms everywhere.

Buy MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition on the App Store

The Only Thing Missing from Monopoly is Bailout Money

Monopoly: Here and Now: The World Edition - Who doesn't know how to play Monopoly? You buy low, sell high. You buy properties you really can't afford in hopes you can flip them to someone who can.

Buy SimCity™ Deluxe on the App Store

There's a Little Trouble in SimCity

Electronics Arts' recreation of the long-time, popular SimCity series for the iPhone is somewhat astonishing given the parameters the developers had to work with. That's not necessarily a good thing, however, as I'll explain later.

Buy Amateur Surgeon on the App Store

Amateur Surgeon: Medical Mastermind or Moron With a Stapler?

Developed by Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, Amateur Surgeon is a new game that begs the question, do you need a medical degree to preform surgery? Of course not. All you need, in this case anyway, is everything that you might find in say, a pizza delivery van.

Buy UNO ™ on the App Store

I Know, UNO, We Know

UNO, from Gameloft, is an old-time card game that's especially ideal for families with children. The rules are simple, at least for the standard game. I know many adults who play UNO as well, although I don't think any of them are brain surgeons or rocket scientists.

Buy Allrecipes Dinner Spinner on the App Store

Allrecipes Is For People Who Like to Play With Their Food

My wife uses the Allrecipes Web site as her go-to source when she's looking for something new to cook. Me, I just keep everything in my head and prepare meals using whatever is available in the kitchen.

Buy De Blob on the App Store

Bounce and Splatter Your Way to Fun With de Blob

An innovative and fun platformer makes its way to the App Store in the form of de Blob. If you are a Nintendo Wii owner it may sound familiar as it also exists in a well-regarded Wii version. The developers made good use of transforming it from one motion-sensing gaming platform to another.

Buy Warfare Incorporated on the App Store

Warfare Incorporated: An Epic Adventure

Most of the games that have made their appearance on the iPhone have been of the speedy, arcade-style variety. Not so with Warfare Incorporated. The port of the popular game for the PC and other platforms is an excellent option for those who want a longer, in-depth experience for their iPhone or iPod Touch.

Buy SPACE DEADBEEF on the App Store

SPACE DEADBEEF Beats Out Paid Apps to Take Top Prize

Remember the days of Space Invaders at your local arcade when you were younger. SPACE DEADBEEF brings back those days on your iPhone with a game very similar to that of space invaders. The game has you turn the iPhone on it's side and fire away at the enemies as you move from left to right.

Buy Roll Swap on the App Store

Roll Swap Gives you Added Camera Rolls and More Privacy

(Editor's Note, although this review refers to the "free version," Roll Swap has been updated and the new price is $1.99) If you are someone who takes a lot of pictures with your iPhone or iPod touch, then Roll Swap by Ernest Otto Software could really help you organize and protect your photos.

Buy Edgewise on the App Store

Live Life on the Edge and Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

"Hello, everyone. My name is Michael and I'm an addict." It first started when a friend suggested I try Edgewise from Greggy Bits Software. It's a simple little solitaire game. Put a few cards here and there and when all the cards are in their neat little boxes you've won the game.

Quid is Your Quick and Easy Universal Currency Converter

Quid - Currency Converter by Houdah Software is a new on-the-go international currency converter for your iPhone or iPod touch. With thirty-three different foreign currencies to choose from, Quid (formerly ACTCurrency) makes any international business a breeze.

Buy DXP FREE on the App Store

DoubleExp FREE Proves Two Photos are Better Than One

Once considered a fluke that could very well ruin two groups of photos, double exposures have become just another creative tool in your camera bag of tricks. And now with DoubleExp FREE by Tandem Systems you can apply this same technique to your on-the-go library right from your iPhone or iPod touch for free.

Buy Notespark - sync and share your notes on the App Store

Notespark Makes it Easy to Synch and Go

Notespark - Have you been working on your New Year's resolutions yet? You know the ones you recycled from last year and the year before? This year it's going to be different right? You're going to do what you say you're going to do and when you're doing to do it, right?