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FingerPiano takes you from hopeless fan to piano man.

Having recently toyed around with the MiniPiano app from JYProduct, I couldn't help but think that there was a little something missing from the formula. Don't get me wrong, sliding your fingers across piano keys is great fun, but I felt like there was no objective, no aim, no goal.

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Super Monkey Ball Tops Them All

Sega's Super Monkey Ball sits fifth on Apple's newly released of Top 10 iPhone apps of 2008 in the over-all, best-seller category. It ranks as 2008's fourth best seller in the games category.

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Pocket Cocktails is a Class-Act Drinking Companion

I love Cocktail Hour with its fully stocked bar and polite conversation. Happy Hour — Cocktail Hour’s trashy little sister — can be a lot of fun too. Any tradition that encourages Sex on the Beach and offers a choice between Death by Chocolate or Killer Kool-Aid has too be good times, right?

Buy Armado HD on the App Store

Armado is an Adventure Game for all Ages

Armado by Tricky Software, developers of Spore Origins, is a fully animated adventure game where you play as Armado, a cute but tough armadillo. For the most part Armado is not as big on back story as some adventure games tend to be and what you gather from the brief clips in the opening is just about all you are going to get to begin your journey.

Buy Preschool Pals for kids - Henry & Hailey on the App Store

Henry & Hailey's Preschool Pals Is Cute, Entertaining, and Educational

Henry and Hailey's Preschool Pals is a great mix and match game for toddlers and young children that offers entertainment and teaches problem solving skills at the same time. Developed by 3PM Studios, a company of three brothers that based the game's characters on their own kids and their playmates, Henry & Hailey's Preschool Pals is enjoyable and easy enough to pick up for three to four year old kids.

Buy Check-4 on the App Store

Check-4 is a Fun New Take on Tic-Tac-Toe

Check-4 is a great new take on the old tic-tac-toe game. With more versatility and far more challenging gameplay, this multi-player puzzle game offers fun for young and old and allows single-player and multi-player games with both human and AI players.

Buy WordBook - English Dictionary and Thesaurus on the App Store

WordBook Gets Right to the Point of Dictionaries

Wordbook English Dictionary & Thesaurus- As someone who writes for a living, I'm totally biased about dictionaries, thesauruses, synonym finders and the like. These are the reference tools of my trade and I'm as picky about which one to use as a soon-to-be bride in a bridal shop.

Buy Blackbeard's Assault on the App Store

BlackBeard's Assault Delivers the Goods

Warhorse Games brings Blackbeard’s Assault to the App Store with a bold and aggressive adventure soundtrack that will make you feel like you’re BlackBeard himself. The goal of the game is pretty simple. Remove all the balls as they move along the path. To do this you must shoot cannonballs using your cannon to create matches of three or more to make them disappear.

Buy ABContacts; Contacts Manager, Group Text & Email, Dialer, Favorites on the App Store

ABContacts Makes Group Contact Management as Easy as 1-2-3

ABContacts - We all know the old saying, "It's not what you know, but who you know." In this social-networking, job-connecting and deal-making world we live in now, that adage is more true than ever.

Joost Finally Picks Up the Pace

Joost.com jumped out of the gate so fast, not even the mighty Secretariat would have been able to keep up. But about the time Joost looked like a sure bet, it faltered. Joost, which offers a wide range of free movies, TV shows and music channels, never really got going.

Buy Siddur סדור - Zmanim Luach Minyanim - סידור לוח זמנים on the App Store

Siddur, a Prayer Book with Extras

Siddur is a Jewish weekday prayer book but Siddur, the iPhone app from RustyBrick, is something more than that. Two heads being better than one, I consulted with my wife Lorri before writing this review.

Buy iTalk Recorder on the App Store

iTalk, It Listens, Voice Recorder from Griffin Technology

iTalk Recorder, according to Griffin Technology, the developer, is "WAY more than a voice recorder." That's partly true. Unfortunately, the "way more" part is still not enough to put it on par with many of the other voice recording apps in the App Store.

Buy Easy Recipes - Food, Drinks & Cooking Tips! on the App Store

Easy Recipes Adds Spice To Your Life

Easy Recipes is a free application that gives you 50 new recipes right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Created by Robert Maran and Deidra Jones, Easy Recipes is incredibly user friendly and full of great ideas to make your next dinner party a huge success.

Buy World Wiki + Factbook on the App Store

World Wiki Has All the Facts and Anthems Too

All geography students, fact lovers, travelers, or state department employees will love World Wiki Plus, the fact app that provides detailed demographic information on almost 250 countries around the world. Like the recently reviewed World Countries, World Wiki Plus's source for information is the CIA's world factbook as well as Wikipedia and a very clean and well-arranged interface make this app a pleasure to use.

Buy Lemonade Stand on the App Store

Lemonade Stand Won't Leave You Thirsty

Should you raise the price of your glasses and drop the amount of signs, or maybe lower the cost and make more glasses? This is the simple beauty of Lemonade Stand by Maverick Software that will bring you back over and over again.