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Buy f/8 DoF Calculator on the App Store

f/8 Lets You Be on the Spot and Ready to Shoot Great Photos

If you're passionate about photography and have the gear to match, then you'll find Bitwerkz's f/8 to your liking. If you don't, you won't. f/8 is a simple app with a sophisticated purpose: It helps you calculate depth of field (DOF).

Buy World Countries ALL-IN-ONE. 19 Educational Apps on the App Store

World Countries Makes Learning Easy and Provides Detailed Information at the Same Time

World Countries by New York-based developer ADS Software Group, Inc. is a comprehensive fact book for 200+ countries and it is a useful tool for looking up reference information or for learning the facts and testing yourself on basic knowledge.

Best-selling Ocarina Puts You in Touch With Your Inner Vibe

I'm not much of a musician. Back in grade school, I was always the kid who got the triangle while all the other kids got flutes, slide whistles, thumb pianos and other neat instruments. So when I first saw Smule's Ocarina, currently the best-selling, paid app in the App Store, I knew I would finally be able to express my inner vibe.

Vocab Lab Lite: Study for the GRE or SAT Anywhere

Kooapps, the maker of iLuvMozart, brings you Vocab Lab Lite, a small, free, vocabulary tutorial designed as an introduction to the larger Vocab Lab. Now, there are a number of different applications out there that teach vocabulary, namely: SAT Word, WORDList, and Vocab Lab, each with their own Lite versions.

Buy iSign Lite on the App Store

iSign Lite: An Introduction to American Sign Language

Created by Aaron Basil of iDev2 (makers of ABC Letters, ABC Sign, ABC Words, Animal Farm, Sound Box, and Tell Time), iSign Lite is a free, introductory version of the larger iSign. Direct descendants of ABC Sign, an application that teaches the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet to children, iSign and iSign Lite take a step further using 3D animated characters to demonstrate a full range of ASL signs.

Dexy's Note Taker is Both Free-Form and Functional

Dexy, from Zonk, is a nicely executed, free-form notes taker and notes organizer that is far more capable and useful than the iPhone native app. It's similar conceptually to a stack of 3 X 5 index cards.

Buy Echofon for Twitter on the App Store

TwitterFon is a Free, Clean Twitter Cient with Search

TwitterFon, by Japanese developer Kazuho Okui is, in the author's own words "a simple and fast Twitter client for your iPhone". Unlike other apps such as Twinkle, it has a plain, simple background, and really tries to stick to the basics - no geo social networking, no ability to "broadcast your location" - just a clean, simple Twitter interface.

Buy synthPond on the App Store

synthPond makes for beautiful sound ripples.

SynthPond gives people with no previous knowledge of music the ability to create beautiful, ambient, soothing synth loops. It uses a color-based notation system, a sequencer referred to as color sentences and a series of concentric "pond-like" circles with resonating notes placed inside them as a panning and timing system.

Noise.io Pro is First True iPhone synthesizer — for Professionals

This is it. The first full-fledged synthesizer available for the iPhone. Noise.io Pro features everything you would expect from a synth including a large and expandable preset bank, a powerful sequencer, a rich ESFM synthesizer processor, (an enhanced version of the traditional Frequency Modulation) along with all the bells and whistles you can expect from any professional synths.

SnapTell Explorer: You Can Judge a Book By Its Cover After All

La, la, la, you stroll into your favorite bookstore and you see a book that you'd like to buy. "Hmmm," you say to yourself, "Self, I wonder if this book is any good and better yet, can I find it cheaper somewhere else?" So, you pull out your trusty iPhone and launch SnapTell Explorer, the free app you downloaded just the other day.

Buy BreathPacer on the App Store

Relax With BreathPacer

New York based Larva Labs Ltd., the developers behind such apps as Flip Clock and Face Mixer, bring BreathPacer to the mobile platform, an easy-to-use breathing guide to help reduce stress and assist relaxation.

Buy Super Pig on the App Store

SuperPig Saves the World From Alien Invaders

A super hero’s work is never done even when you’re a pig. SuperPig is a “hammy” hero with a jet pack and ammo that flies all around the world. The goal of SuperPig is simple. Protect the world from the alien invaders.

Get Your Gambling Fix With Burning Monkey Casino

Burning Monkey Casino is a great way to get in some Vegas-style action on your iPhone. Video Poker, Blackjack, slot machines and more await you. As long as you don't mind some strange-looking monkeys joining you for a few rounds. The game's strength lies in the variety of chance-based games and the integration with the iPhone's touch screen. in the lottery ticket game, you "scratch" your ticket by rubbing the screen with your finger.

Gazette Is Fuctional, Streamlined and Works as Advertised

Mateusz Rajca's Gazette works exactly as advertised: Gazette is a simple to use, RSS reader that seamlessly syncs to your Google Reader account. It takes only seconds to set up. Gazette connects to your folders in your Google Reader account and it doesn't matter how many feeds you're subscribed to.

Buy Google on the App Store

Google Mobile App Lets Users Speak to Search

Google's Mobile App is freakin' awesome. You can search Google's index using only your voice (no buttons to push and no keys to type). It's also location aware so that you can search for places that are in proximity to wherever you happen to be.