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Buy Fieldrunners on the App Store

Fieldrunners is Addicting, Strategic Fun

Fieldrunners is one of those games that looks simple in concept but is difficult to put down once you start playing. Its subtle addiction comes from a great blend of strategy and shoot-em-up fun. The purpose is to gun down a group of enemy fighters who like to run across open fields without cover. To stop them you must build a series of machine-gun strapped towers, slime sprayers, and missile launchers to prevent them from reaching safety on the opposite side of the field.

Buy Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem on the App Store

Poker by Zynga: Live Games offers the Holy Trinity of Time-Wasting

While Apple's iPhone is great for productivity with its push email and mobile document editing, it's also perfect for killing time. When you combine that with the latest worldwide online addiction, Facebook, then you've really got something going on.

Save Time With Typing Genius

Typing Genius - Having trouble typing on the iPhone and iPod touch is always the first complaint that I hear from someone using it for the first time. Learning to type fast on the iPhone is fairly difficult especially if you are used to clicking buttons on your phone.

Memory App reQall Aims to Joggle Your Memory

There is no lack of memory-based services out there for the iPhone. Developers have jumped on the opportunity to use the iPhone as a tool to keep you up to date on your appointments and grocery shopping lists. One app that does this very well is reQall.

Raging Thunder, Crazy Driving

Raging Thunder, Crazy Driving

Raging Thunder-The developers over at Polarbit are no newcomers to the iPhone scene, even if you may not have heard of them yet. They're the minds behind such acclaimed games as Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D and SSX3.

Buy Mini Touch Golf on the App Store

Mini Touch Golf is a hole in one

Using a tried and tested formula derived from it’s online Flash mini putt brethren, Mini Touch Golf, from developer TryThis.com, is the little golf game that could - and does. It successfully brings the addictive feel of the online time-wasting putting greens of yesteryear to an entirely new platform, all the while adding the element of touch controls to the mix, providing the player with a better feel for their shot.

Buy Gas Cubby - Fuel Economy & Service Log on the App Store

Gas Cubby Has a Groovy Kind of Thing Going

With three cars and a motorcycle in our household, I'm constantly trying to stay on top of scheduled maintenance. When was the last time I changed the oil in my wife and daughter's cars? I know I wrote the mileage and date down on a piece of paper, but where did the paper go?

THTouch Texas Hold'em Poker Application

Texas Hold'em poker has been an extremely popular version of poker.  Recently it became the most played game of poker and often involves professionals and amateurs playing for large amounts of cash.

Buy GoodGuide on the App Store

GoodGuide Fills Consumer Information Gap

GoodGuide is a new addition to the app store that marries truly useful information with its perfect match, the mobile platform. This is one of those apps that provides a solution many consumers have been waiting for — a comprehensive guide to the health, environmental and social impacts of everyday products like shampoo, cleaning products, sun screen, or medicine.

Buy Showtimes - Local Movie Times & Tickets on the App Store

Showtimes Upgrade Gives More... Just in Time for Holiday Viewing Season

As family and friends gather around the country this holiday season there will undoubtedly be a great deal of movie watching. Awards season after all is just on the other side of 2009. Showtimes may be just what the movie goer ordered.

Buy Sudoku (Free) on the App Store

Sudoku (Free) Adds up to Good Times

Sudoku has been a favored pastime for newpaper-gamers for a long time.  Usually right next to the crossword, it offers a game of numbers that is easier to conquer. For those of you who don't know what sudoku is, it involves 9 large boxes which has another 9 boxes inside each large box.

Buy Remember The Milk on the App Store

Remember the Milk is Task Management You Can Count On

iPhone users have been crying out for a decent task/calendar utility application on sites around the 'net for months. The wait might be over. The popular web-based task management program Remember the Milk is now available to iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Buy Emergency Aid on the App Store

1st Response: Emergency Kit is the Perfect Survival App

What can go wrong will go wrong. So it’s a good idea to be prepared. The 1st Response: Emergency Kit is a must-have for those who like to be prepared. It puts as much practical information as possible into your hands for unexpected situations.

Buy Classics on the App Store

Classics Browse Cherished Literature With a Digital Touch

It isn’t exactly the holidays yet but we can already think of a couple of applications that might be gift worthy. Classics by Andrew Kaz and Phillip Ryu is just that kind of application. Classics is an eReader application that includes full versions of literary favorites from the public domain.

Manual for the United States of America

The period for a new election of a citizen to administer the executive government of the United States being not far distant, and the time actually arrived when your thoughts must be employed in designating the person who is to be clothed with that important trust..." — George Washington on leaving office Patriotism and election fever is sweeping the country today.