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Buy a2z Pro (Unit Converter) on the App Store

a2zpro - Making the Most of User Integration

a2zpro is the successor to a2z from UK iPhone app developer Westernits and it is a truly innovative tool as far as conversion apps are concerned. Upon every opening of a2zpro the exchange rates are updated for the currency converter, which provides 154 categories with live data from Yahoo!. The currencies work slightly different than in other apps since the user selects the currency and amount and the other 153 conversions are shown underneath (no from-and-to selections are needed and the page is not limited to only a few units).

Flick Bowling- FreeVerse Has Done it Again

Flick Bowling was developed by NY City based company called Freeverse. The makers of Flick Bowling have been developing great games since 1994, and is one of the leaders on the iPhone gaming platform. We loved "Wing Nuts", saying at the time that it was arguably one of the best apps in the entire App Store.

Buy Units - Free Unit Converter on the App Store

Units - The Useful and Free Converter

Units by UK developer TheMacBox is a great and easy-to-use conversion app, which provides most units that anyone who is not a professional engineer would ever need. The main page of the app allows you to select the desired unit, leading the user to the next page, which shows several conversions at once with the option to edit the list of conversions for some units like currencies.

Buy iKoto on the App Store

iKoto Is a Wonderful Japanese Harp Simulator

If you liked Pocket Guitar, you will love iKoto, a beautifully designed iPhone rendition of the traditional Japanese stringed instrument. Released yesterday, with only one review on the App Store, iKoto is easy to miss.

Buy Atari's Greatest Hits on the App Store

Atari Missile Command Released for iPhone - and it's as Good as Ever

Atari Missile Command, the classic game of thermonuclear war, was released today for the iPhone. At $4.99, its a faithful version of the original arcade game, with the accelerometer filling in for the old trackball.

Buy Tipulator on the App Store

Tipulator is Sweet Like Candy at the End of Your Meal

If there's anything that Apple has taught us over the years it's that users are willing to pay for a great user experience. Such is the case with Tipulator. Sure, there are free tips calculators in the app store and sure, Tipulator doesn't offer any extra-special features.

Buy Air Sharing for iPhone & iPod touch on the App Store

Air Sharing: Take Your Docs & View Them on The Go!

iPhone users are becoming less dependent on their laptops and are relying more on their iPhones to meet their basic communication and productivity needs.  Sadly missing from the iPhone however, is the ability to sync or access remote documents. 

Star Wars - The Force Is Strong With This One

Star Wars - The Force Is Strong With This One

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was released recently on a variety of gaming platforms to middling reviews. As I haven't played the console versions yet I can't speak to the quality of those games; I can say that the iPhone version is an impressive and enjoyable game that is a must-download for any mobile gaming fan.

Buy Galcon on the App Store

Galcon - Amazing Real Time Strategy Game For the iPhone

Following up on our brief profile of developer Phil Hassey yesterday, we thought we'd review his flagship application for the iPhone, Galcon. Galcon is a simple real time strategy game.

Buy Graphing Calculator on the App Store

Math Geeks will Love The Graphing Calculator App

There are a number of tools to graph equations in the App Store, but the "Graphing Calculator" by Gabor Nagy has the dual advantage of being both excellent and free. As a math major myself, and a former user of programs such as "Mathematica", I was genuinely impressed with the interface and functionality of this tool.

Buy Remote on the App Store

Apple Remote 1.1 - Now, with Genius

The Apple Remote app has always been one of our favorite all around apps. As of last week, it has been upgraded to version 1.1, and now fully supports the new "Genius Mode" of iTunes 8. We can now give it the perfect 10/10 rating.

Buy Bible on the App Store

YouVersion's Bible - The Truth will Set you Free!

Other than the App Store, the only other place I have seen more Bibles for sales is my local Christian bookstore! The Bible is by far the best selling book of all time (over 6 billion copies in more than 2000 languages) so at some level perhaps it makes sense that there are over 30 Bible applications available on the App Store ranging from free to a pricey $28.99.

Buy Picoli - easy photo and image editor on the App Store

Picoli Creates Simple Photographic Effects With Minimal Work

The iPhone's built in camera is adequate, but I tend not to use it because the photos are a little too soft and a little too muddy. It's fine for a quick pic to use for a contact list, but they're not the kind of photo I want to keep around. Until now. Enter Picoli — a simple, quick photo editing app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Buy Billy Frontier on the App Store

Billy Frontier is One Addictive Space Cowboy

This third iPhone game from Austin-based developer Pangea Software (makers of Cro Mag Rally and Enigmo, both reviewed on Appcraver) is incredibly addictive. With phenomenal graphics, great sound and awesome spaghetti-western music this game offers diverse levels and is quite simply a hell of a lot of fun.

Real Soccer 2009 - Quality Soccer Sim

Real Soccer 2009, released this week by developer GameLoft, is easily the best sports game I've seen on the iPhone to date.