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Buy PocketGuitar - Virtual Guitar in Your Pocket on the App Store

PocketGuitar is Amazing

I've seen a lot of great iPhone applictions, but it's been a while since I've seen one as clever and entertaining as PocketGuitar. PocketGuitar turns your iPhone into a virtual guitar, allowing you to strum and press strings as you would on a real guitar. 

Buy LED Football on the App Store

LED Football is Highly Addictive, Retro Fun

LED Football from iPhone application development shop TouchGrove is a fantastic recreation of the old hand-held football game from the 80's. The game looks absolutely identical to the original, and features the original sounds as well.

Spore Origins is AppCraver's new Favorite Game

The much anticipated "Spore Origins" game from Electronic Arts is here, and AppCraver loves it. If you don't already know, "Spore" is a game that has been in development for several years now, and is designed by the folks who brought you "The Sims" -- one of the best selling games ever.

Buy 21 Pro: Blackjack on the App Store

Pro 21 Blackjack is Awesome for Both Beginners and Card Sharks

When getting ready to purchase a blackjack app, I seriously debated about whether to download the ad-supported 21 Pro Blackjack Sponsored or to up the ante and pay for 21 Pro Blackjack.

Buy Bloomberg on the App Store

Bloomberg is a Must Have App for Business Professionals

For financial market news, Bloomberg is second to none. The iPhone app is an excellent resource for stock quotes and business news on the go, and provides a template on how a good news service should be ported to the iPhone.

Buy Asphalt 4: Elite Racing on the App Store

Asphalt4 Sets a New Standard in Racing Games

Asphalt4 from serious game developer GameLoft (producer of Shrek Video Games and Death Race Mobile) is a $9.99 Racing Game that combines the realistic action of Wing Nuts Motochaser with streetscapes set in Los Angeles.

Buy BlackBook City Guides on the App Store

BlackBook is the Definitive Hip Urban Guide

There are several good restaurant review apps in the AppStore (my personal favorite is UrbanSpoon), but they all suffer from clutter - the hip, trendy sushi spot that you really want to go to is listed right next to the neighborhood Jack in the Box.

NetNewsWire is NewsGator for iPhone

NetNewsWire has an unfortunate name. It doesn't sound like an RSS reader, and there is no connection between its name and its parent, the well known (and liked) NewsGator RSS service. However, the product is solid, and currrently the best choice for an RSS reader on iPhone until Google Reader completes its iPhone port.

Zenbe Lists is a Close to Perfect To-Do List

Zenbe Lists, from downtown New York-based Zenbe is a must have to-do list app. It is heads and shoulders above any other app in this category. Competitors should be very, very afraid. To do lists are important to mac users, because unlike Outlook's tasks, there is no "to-do" functionality built into the mac ical/macmail/mobileme suite.

Shazam - an ear for music

Have you ever been sitting in your car listening to the radio (or better yet, in a coffee shop listening to piped-in Muzak) when a great song, that you don't know the name of, starts to play?

Buy Wikipanion on the App Store

Wikipanion is the Top App on iTunes

The top app on the iPhone is a search app, and it's not Google. Wikipanion is a simple, clean version of Wikipedia for the iPhone; and its also very popular - more so than any free game, and more so than the king of search, Google.

Movies is a Category-Killer, Must-Have App

The new Movies app was written by Jeffrey Grossman, a college sophomore, and was sold to the online movie website Flixster for an undisclosed sum last week. It is one slick app. What separates Movies from some of the other apps in this category is the attention to detail.

Pogo Stylus is Finger-Slidin' Good

While I may have been "born with the ultimate pointing device" (according to Steve Jobs), my fingers are a bit oversized when it comes to creating fine detail. It's a problem I've gotten used to when typing text messages, but now that drawing apps are available, it's time to find a better solution.

Buy Frogger on the App Store

Frogger's Still Crazy Fun After All These Years

The first game I ever fell hard for was Frogger. Oh how I loved to watch that froggie jump and leap and then -- SQUISH! I was 8 and getting the frog across the street was a bit of a challenge, but I loved to make that amphibian hop.

Buy LinkedIn on the App Store

LinkedIn Releases App for iPhone

LinkedIn, the leader in business social networking (at least in the US), has launched an iPhone version of its popular web service. Much like Facebook, the main function of this app is to provide a quick way to contact people that you have connected with online, but you don't have an up-to-date email address for.