Education Apps

Lifelong learners and students of all ages will revel in the number of apps that assist with the learning process. For a list of our top choices, explore AppCraver’s Editor Picks for Best Education Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for current news and reviews of iOS Education applications.

Need a Quote? Find it on iBestQuotes

Need a Quote? Find it on iBestQuotes

If you’re a quote junky and are always looking for an appropriate quote for any occasion, then definitely check out iBestQuotes for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A vast collection of quotes by writers, entertainers, public figures, leaders, and ancient philosophers, iBestQuotes is a varied collection of quotes with several features that make using the app both educational and fun.

Asia Society Museum: Yoshitomo Nara

If you are interested in art and culture, then check out the first app introduced by the Asia Society Museum. Already available under various headings in iTunes U, the Asia Society Museum, located in New York, promotes Asian and Asian American art.

Loop & Learn Provides Unique Approach to Knowledge Sharing

Editor's Note: Loop & Learn has been replaced with "Learn Anything." Those with a quest for knowledge requiring a unique approach to studying may want to take a look at a unique application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad called Loop & Learn.

Buy Dots for tots - teach toddlers to draw, count and alphabet on the App Store

Dots for Tots - On the Go Connect the Dots Fun

The other day I was having lunch with friends who also happened to be parents of small children. While waiting for what seemed like an extraodinarily long time, I found myself whipping out my iPhone in an attempt to entertain the four-year-old munchkin beside me.

Buy Math Pro on the App Store

Math Pro an Excellent Tutor

If you want an excellent math formula and calculator tool, download Math Pro. It is a very useful combination of math formulas and calculators that will help anyone tackling about fifth-grade level math and above.

Buy Color Me !!! on the App Store

Color Me Happy, It's an App for Little Kids!!!

For parents of preschoolers on the prowl for good apps that mix learning and technology, Color Me!!! by SID On is a featured app for kids that provides young children with a mobile electronic coloring book.

SpaceTime Super Calculator for Advanced Math Functions

SpaceTime. A graphing and scientific calculator built on an advanced mathematics engine. It's not the kind of thing you need every day, but it is the kind of specialized calculator that you expect to pay dearly for when you do need it.

Buy Distant Suns: The new way to look at the sky on the App Store

Distant Suns 2 Puts Space in Your Pocket

Distant Suns 2: Unleash your inner astronaut -- Judging by the number of pocket planetariums and other astronomy apps in the App Store's inventory, stargazing is not just for fans of Star Wars or astronomy nerds like me.

Buy MonsterABC on the App Store

MonsterABC Wraps up Entertainment and Education in One App

One of the newer edutainment apps to hit the marker is MonsterABC, an alphabet primer with a monstrously cute theme.

Buy Sign 4 Me - A Signed English Translator on the App Store

Sign4Me is a 3D Signed English Translator for iPhone and Touch

I would like to preface this review of Sign4Me for iPhone and iPod touch  by saying that I am not an expert in Signed English or American Sign Language (ASL), but am aware there are differences.

Buy Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy on the App Store

Pocket Universe is Astronomy Made Easy

Summer is a great time for stargazing and of course your iPhone can aid in that endeavor. Pocket Universe - Your Astronomy Guide by Craic Design is an astronomy guide for iPhone and iPod Touch that has a few good features that utilize the unique capabilities of these devices.

Buy iBird West Guide to Birds on the App Store

iBird Explorer Western: A Beautiful View From Above

At some point in your life you hear the sweet or annoying sounds of a bird yet to be identified. If you love birds and the sounds they make, and live or travel in the Western Region of North America, iBird Explorer Western iPhone app by the Mitch Waite Group is a wonderful resource to have available.

Buy SAT® Vocab Challenge Vol. 1, by The Princeton Review on the App Store

Improve Your SAT® Score and Build Your Vocabulary with SAT® Vocab Challenge

SAT® Vocab Challenge - I am now and will remain a proponent of “edutainment” until I am no longer capable of independent thought. Regardless of the stance some educators and parents might take, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making learning fun and if a student can learn something from playing a game, then why not take advantage of it?

Buy Touch Karma (Parenting) on the App Store

Touch Karma

Touch Karma (Parenting) is for moms and dads who like to keep a record of who has been naughty and who has been nice.

Buy My Schedule on the App Store

My Schedule Helps Students Keep Up in Class

My Schedule is one in a very long list of time-management apps in the App Store. The truth is, there are so many capable apps in this category that it's nearly impossible for me to recommend one over the other.