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Lifelong learners and students of all ages will revel in the number of apps that assist with the learning process. For a list of our top choices, explore AppCraver’s Editor Picks for Best Education Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for current news and reviews of iOS Education applications.

Buy iStudiez Pro on the App Store

iStudent Pro Might be the App For Your Dreams

iStudent Pro - I have this recurring nightmare that I’m a student and I’m very late for classes, or worse, I’m running up and down long hallways trying to find the right room. It’s apparently a common dream.

Buy Planetarium on the App Store

Soar Through Space with a Pocket Planetarium

Planetarium is an iPhone app that puts the solar system in your pocket. Developed by Core Coders, Planetarium features planets displayed in beautiful 3D along with features that allow you to fly across the solar system or watch the rotational orbit of the planets.

Buy Math Attack on the App Store

Math Attack is Fun, but Doesn't Quite Add Up

Math Attack - I have a bit of experience when it comes to incorporating technology and learning, but I will refrain from giving you my resume and simply say that I appreciate games that attempt to make learning fun.

Stanford on iTunes U Debuts Free Online Course on iPhone Programming

Stanford on iTunes U Debuts Free Online Course on iPhone Programming

If you're interested in learning how to code for the iPhone and the iPod touch, here's your big chance — and it's free to boot. Stanford School of Engineering has just launched today a 10-week online course that's open to the public.

Worlds of Words with WordDigest English Dictionary Thesaurus and Spell Checker

Worlds of Words with WordDigest English Dictionary Thesaurus and Spell Checker

You may not use words like penurious or avaricious on a daily basis but you might read them casually in a story like this. If context clues aren’t enough WordDigest English Dictionary, Thesaurus and Spell Checker could be the fastest way to find the definition.

Buy WeirdFacts on the App Store

WeirdFacts: You Had Me At "Frogs don't drink water"

Like that kid from Jerry Maguire, the precocious application WeirdFacts, by Jens Beuckenhauer, volunteers odd facts for the iPhone user's amusement. A Random Fact button at the bottom generates hundreds of weird facts on a notepad on the screen.

Buy Byki Spanish on the App Store

Learn Byki Spanish Using Time-Tested Flash Card Method

Transparent Language's Byki Spanish is based on the flash card teaching method and it works well for this purpose.

Buy Mental Maths on the App Store

Mental Maths Gives Your Brain a Solid Workout

Forget about buying those $1.99 flash cards from Wal-Mart if you or your child are in need of some mutliplication facts work. Mental Maths by Trilliarden has a fun and exciting system for exercising your brain and improving mental math ability.

Buy Learn Spanish 24/7 FREE Language Learning on the App Store

Spanish Tutor Helps You Learn and Practice On the Go

FREE Spanish Tutor is a Lite version of the 24/7 Tutor's Spanish 1 app.The company attempts to make learning Spanish easy with a series of six modules..

Buy Wheels on the Bus on the App Store

Wheels on the Bus Tickles, While Your Toddler Does!

A charming interactive book, Wheels on the Bus encourages you and your little one to poke or slide things on the screen to see what happens!

Buy Brain Thaw on the App Store

Brain Thaw: Got A Cool Head for Math?

Brain Thaw - I feel comfortable saying that there's nothing in the world that can't be improved at least a little bit by adding penguins. They're cute! They waddle! They... eat numbers? In Brain Thaw, they do.

Buy inFact USA on the App Store

inFact USA is a Mental Workout of Geographical Facts

inFact USA is a quiz game that tests your knowledge of all things America. From state capitals, flags, flowers, and birds to the location of landforms and universities, famous people, and state nicknames..

Buy MyWisdom on the App Store

MyWisdom Quotes Wisdom of the Ages

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug." “The safest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket.” "How is it that little children are so intelligent and men are so stupid?

Buy TED on the App Store

TED Talks, Illuminates and Inspires

TED - If you're looking to be inspired and informed by a community of CEOs, scientists, designers, intellectuals and several other people with big ideas, download the free app TED. It's an app that will plug your brain into audio discussions and videos from the esteemed annual TED conference.

Buy ABC Animals on the App Store

ABC Animals is a Solid Teaching Tool for Preschoolers

As a huge proponent of anything that makes learning fun for kids, checking out ABC Animals by Critical Matter, Inc. was a personal pleasure. An educational app aimed at teaching letter recognition and sound to preschoolers through flashcard simulation, ABC Animals is friendly and intuitive and includes a couple of features that makes it very worthwhile.