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Lifelong learners and students of all ages will revel in the number of apps that assist with the learning process. For a list of our top choices, explore AppCraver’s Editor Picks for Best Education Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for current news and reviews of iOS Education applications.

Buy Cute Origami on the App Store

Cute Origami App is Easy and Cute

Cute Origami from is an iPhone app containing instructional origami videos. Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Intricate pieces of art are made with one square piece of paper, using only geometric folds and requiring no glue or scissors.

Buy I See Ewe - A Preschooler Word Game on the App Store

I See Ewe Wraps Classic Matching Game in Fun Animal Theme for Preschoolers

I See Ewe, a kid's app by Claireware, continues in the matching game tradition and expands its appealwith a second game: Learn Words.

4 Brain Training Apps to Strain Your Noggin

4 Brain Training Apps to Strain Your Noggin

Is it really possible to be too smart for your own good? Don't really smart people know how to do cool things such as develop iPhone applications? Me, I wouldn't know how to land a man on the moon if my life depended on it.

Buy WordList Pro on the App Store

WordList Pro Boosts Vocab for GRE and SAT Exam Takers

Tintash says its WordList Pro is aimed at students who are preparing for the GRE or SAT. Why stop there? Anyone who wants to give his or her vocabulary a boost could benefit from using WordList Pro.

Buy Star Walk™ - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide on the App Store

Stargazers Will Love to Go on a Star Walk

Ever stared up into the sky on a clear night and wondered what exactly you were looking at? With the Star Walk app on your iPhone you can now find out immediately and use this stargazing guide to learn more about the stars and constellations.

Brain Benders Offers Cerebral Teasers

If you enjoy logic puzzles, brain teasers, and trick questions, Brain Benders might be right up your alley. Brain Benders offers daily brain stimulating puzzles, some of which might have you scratching your head for a little while before figuring out the answer, while others are less difficult and at times not brainy enough.

Buy Preschool Pals for kids - Henry & Hailey on the App Store

Henry & Hailey's Preschool Pals Is Cute, Entertaining, and Educational

Henry and Hailey's Preschool Pals is a great mix and match game for toddlers and young children that offers entertainment and teaches problem solving skills at the same time. Developed by 3PM Studios, a company of three brothers that based the game's characters on their own kids and their playmates, Henry & Hailey's Preschool Pals is enjoyable and easy enough to pick up for three to four year old kids.

Buy Starquake on the App Store

Watch Solar Flares and Sun Storms With Starquake

Even though it may be central to survival, it's not very often that we give the Sun a second thought. Now, from the safety of your iPhone or iPod Touch you can take a closer look at that big, familiar ball in the sky. Developed by Todd Hopkinson of The Todkin Company, Starquake is a series of ten videos each depicting different astrological phenomenon that have occurred on the surface of the Sun.

Buy World Countries ALL-IN-ONE. 19 Educational Apps on the App Store

World Countries Makes Learning Easy and Provides Detailed Information at the Same Time

World Countries by New York-based developer ADS Software Group, Inc. is a comprehensive fact book for 200+ countries and it is a useful tool for looking up reference information or for learning the facts and testing yourself on basic knowledge.

Master Your iPhone Keyboard With iType

Master Your iPhone Keyboard With iType

Whether you are a typo-prone fumbler like most of us or a shining iPhone prodigy like some precious few, iType has just what you need to respectively hone or prove your skills. New from iggyGames, the makers of Chess Puzzles, iType is two games in one free application: Word Speed and Word Attack.

Vocab Lab Lite: Study for the GRE or SAT Anywhere

Kooapps, the maker of iLuvMozart, brings you Vocab Lab Lite, a small, free, vocabulary tutorial designed as an introduction to the larger Vocab Lab. Now, there are a number of different applications out there that teach vocabulary, namely: SAT Word, WORDList, and Vocab Lab, each with their own Lite versions.

Buy iSign Lite on the App Store

iSign Lite: An Introduction to American Sign Language

Created by Aaron Basil of iDev2 (makers of ABC Letters, ABC Sign, ABC Words, Animal Farm, Sound Box, and Tell Time), iSign Lite is a free, introductory version of the larger iSign. Direct descendants of ABC Sign, an application that teaches the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet to children, iSign and iSign Lite take a step further using 3D animated characters to demonstrate a full range of ASL signs.

Buy Graphing Calculator on the App Store

Math Geeks will Love The Graphing Calculator App

There are a number of tools to graph equations in the App Store, but the "Graphing Calculator" by Gabor Nagy has the dual advantage of being both excellent and free. As a math major myself, and a former user of programs such as "Mathematica", I was genuinely impressed with the interface and functionality of this tool.

Starmap is for Serious Stargazers Only

When I first downloaded "Starmap" from French Publisher Star-map, I was somewhat disappointed. The star charts were accurate of course, but panning around was clunky, with a low refresh rate.