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Entertainment apps range from the silly to the sublime. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Entertainment Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for today’s news and reviews of entertainment applications for iOS devices.

Buy The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application on the App Store

The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application

Fans of Jeff Dunham and his iconic ventriloquist's dummies received a shout out earlier this month with the addition of The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application to the App Store. Essentially a promotional tool for Dunham's 2010-2011 tour, The Jeff Dunham iPhone Application provides instant access to news, videos, touring locations, and iTunes material.

Get Free Video Search and Sharing with VideoBox

VideoBox by LiveMixing, Inc. is a video app that gives access to popular video sharing sites and allows users to watch, download and share videos with friends. VideoBox features a search function, email and also allows users to push video from their computer to their phone.

Buy The Face Reader on the App Store

Don't Read too Much into The Face Reader for iPhone

Facial recognition software for iPhone might seem like a stretch, but that’s what Profiler-One would have you believe is incorporated into their face reading app. The Face Reader is apparently based on research and statistical mumbo jumbo, collected over years of research on thousands of faces.

Buy Dr. SexyTime Advanced Sex Guide on the App Store

SexyTime Sex Position Guide and Choreographer Serious Play for Lovers

SexyTime Sex Position Guide and Choreographer isn't for everyone, and it isn't for "every-when," but then neither are you. Described by the developers as the best thing to happen to couples since the invention of the honeymoon, SexyTime Guide and Choreographer is trying to "make the world full of happier and healthier people, one choreographed or randomized romp at a time!" Like other iPhone sex guide apps, SexyTime's Sex Position Guide displays a range of intimate positions (25, in three tastefully rendered silhouette styles,) and describes them in text.

Super Snaps! 7 Unique Photo Apps That Add Image Effects to Your Pics

Super Snaps! 7 Unique Photo Apps That Add Image Effects to Your Pics

Most iPad owners own iPhones. So, it stands to reason that they also have photos that need work—and 10.7 inches of screen on which to do it. But why get elbows deep in photo editing to develop a cool effect?

iCountCash: The One With the Most Money Wins

Said to be “as addictive as real cash,” iCountCash adds to the long line of addictive frantic tapping, swiping, and poking games available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and now iPad. While it’s kind of baffling how games like this have caught on, there’s no denying the popularity of such non-placid entertainment for the touch screen devices.

Scratch Off Now and Try Your Luck

If you’re hooked on sweepstakes, instant win games, and other “free” chances to try your luck at winning something, then check out Scratch Off Now by Thought Quarry, LLC. Scratch Off Now is basically like adding an instant win scratch off game to your iPhone with the opportunity to try your luck at winning small weekly prizes, like iTunes Store credit and Amazon gift cards, every 15 minutes.

Buy The Jerky Boys Prank Caller on the App Store

Send Classic Jerkyisms With The Jerky Boys Prank Caller for iPhone

The Jerky Boys Prank Caller is one of two recently released Jerky Boys apps for iPhone, with the other being The Jerky Boys Pinball. This app that lets you set up your friends to receive an inbound prank call on your phone.

Dreamwalk is a Bargain Hunter's Dream

Just released this week, Dreamwalk is touted as “the mobile treasure hunt” and in essence, that’s pretty much what it is. It sort of equates to commercialized geocaching, but it’s really a pretty simple concept.

Buy MyReef 3D Aquarium on the App Store

MyReef 3D Aquarium - No Mess, No Smell, Just Fish

In line with the numerous virtual fish tank screensavers available for desktops, lap tops and hand helds, MyReef 3D Aquarium for iPhone and iPod Touch provides users with a simple way to turn their screen into an interactive 3D fish tank.

Buy An app to tell : Declare your love with style for Valentine's Day on the App Store

Tell Someone You Love Them With An App to Tell

If sending traditional candy hearts and embossed greeting cards to your special someone is not your style, then check out this Valentine’s Day app. An App to Tell is a new iPhone app that lets you tell someone how you feel about them by creating an app just for them that expresses your sentiments in text, audio, a picture, or all three.

Is Comedy Sidekick a Dynamic Duo in the Making?

Comedy Sidekick is a slightly goofy app that may have been designed with the intention to inspire the comic within, but comes off more like a bad night at the improv. In order to fulfill useful suggestions like livening up an office party or conference call, Comedy Sidekick supplies what can only be assumed are examples of introductions, opening acts, and a catch phrase.

iCelebrate ~ Valentine's Day Wants to Win Your Heart With Music

Who doesn’t love a good love song, smooth jazz, or a little R&B? OK, probably plenty of people – especially as Valentine’s Day approaches and those with contempt for the hopelessly romantic and barrage of candy hearts and chocolate flowers that celebrate them are reminded of the pending day in every store.

Emoticons Galore with IMBooster

Emoticons Galore with IMBooster

IMBooster is no longer available in the App Store. Look for more emoticon apps or emoji apps. If you love to load up your e-mails with those goofy little icons known as emoticons, then IMBooster will be right up your alley.

Buy Beer 99 Bottles on the App Store

Beer 99 Bottles - Take your iPhone Down, Pass it Around...

Though a bit awkward sounding in name, Beer 99 Bottles is an entertainment app even Sheldon Cooper would love. Aimed at entertaining users in a most “off” the wall fashion, Beer 99 Bottles takes the classic road trip song “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” and makes it into something unique and rather amusing – in a cool, geeky sort of way.