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Entertainment apps range from the silly to the sublime. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Entertainment Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for today’s news and reviews of entertainment applications for iOS devices.

Buy iCaption (Funny Pics - FAIL, Signs, plus more!) on the App Store

iCaption Harnesses the Power (and Pain) of Community

iCaption (Funny Pics - FAIL Signs, plus more!) is an iphone application for all you Dane Cook fans out there — meaning I don't think it is remotely funny or even tolerable but I guarantee some of you out there will.

Zamodo Faces Serves up Indie-Art Wallpaper in 3 Yummy Designs

Zamodo Faces Serves up Indie-Art Wallpaper in 3 Yummy Designs

Each collection in Zamodo's new line of iPhone Wallpaper apps features 10 clean, vector-y, candy-coated artworks designed to look like faces. They have just the right dash of whimsy and cool to give your device a little attitude that says, "I may ride the waves of popular culture, but I'm still a kid at heart."

uKnowit Crams a Whopping 10,000 Quotes, Facts, Trivia into One App

Have you ever been stuck mid-sentence because you don't know how to refer to that group of wild boars crossing the expressway? Or spent sleepless nights wondering what type of insanity might make a man think he is an ox?

Buy The Mood Setter on the App Store

The Mood Setter is Good for a few Laughs

The Mood Setter from Sobits is the only iPhone app I know that literally includes the phrase Bow-chicka-wow-wow, which depending on your taste is either hilariously hip or totally gauche.

Buy Fluid 2 on the App Store

Fluid 2 is Meditation in Motion

There are so many apps now that do so little.  Fluid 2 is one of those Zen apps whose motto could be “don’t just do something, sit there.”
Fluid 2, a ninety-nine cent version of the free Fluid from Fabien Sanglard, allows you to do more than tap the screen and watch the waves ripple across the water. 

Buy Family Guy on the App Store

Family Guy is 'Freakin' Sweet'

Family Guy will delight fans of the snarky television series with a steady flow of clips from the show and a few games. It will serve as a nice highlight reel for those who want a quick fix of  Stewie's antics.

Buy SpinArt on the App Store

Create Dizzy Paintings with SpinArt

SpinArt will remind you of childhood art projects.  Playing with SpinArt feels like a combination of blowing paint with a straw, tie-dying and that game (whose name I cannot remember) where you make geometric patterns by drawing with round plastic things that spin. 

Buy Ransom Letters - Picture Messages on the App Store

Nabbed Makes Fun Photo Captions

Using hundreds of letters cut from magazines, Nabbed from More Blu Sky is a creative way to add captions to your photos.
I am not sure how Nabbed chose its app name, but perhaps it is because the letters look like a ransom note when they are used to make words to add to your photos. 

Buy Baby Maker! on the App Store

Baby Maker! Creates Comical Kids

I do not have any children, but I have wondered on occasion what my kids would look like if I had some.  Baby Maker! is designed to give me a comical glimpse into a child-filled future.
Don’t take Baby Maker!

Buy iBonsai on the App Store

Relax and Grow a Tree with iBonsai

How do you fare with houseplants?  With iBonsai from Brainpower Labs, you do not have to worry.  iBonsai allows you to watch beautiful, unique bonsai trees grow in a meditative manner before your eyes.

Buy TypeDrawing on the App Store

Create Poetic Visual Art with Type Drawing

While there are a slew of iPhone apps that give you the opportunity to be creative, and it is more unusual for an app to allow for creativity on multiple levels.  Type Drawing does just that:  it allows you to write and draw, combining the two to make captivating visual art.

Emergency Radio Vs. Police Scanner: Cops Unedited

Emergency Radio Vs. Police Scanner: Cops Unedited

1 Adam 12 see the woman at 1242 Hauser St. prowler complaint. Handle this call code 2;
And so began my fascination with police shows and police radio jargon. Shortly thereafter I was listening intently to my father’s police scanner of the happenings all over southern California.

LottoFetch Works Great for a Narrow Audience

Every time I buy a lottery ticket, I start dreaming about how I am going to spend my 25 million dollars only to have my hopes shattered when my numbers are not drawn.  In order to avoid that painful disappointment, I do not play the lottery often. 

Buy E! Online on the App Store

E! Online Gets Gossip App Right

Gossip gangsters unite! There is a new entertainment news app floating around in the App Store. E! Online is the new app from E! Entertainment that handles all your entertainment news needs.

Movies Now! Free May Be Another Movie Giant App

Movies Now! Free - If all the available free movie apps we've reviewed to date were in a head to head competition, the last standing would likely be Movies by Flixster, Fandango and this app, Movies Now!