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Entertainment apps range from the silly to the sublime. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Entertainment Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for today’s news and reviews of entertainment applications for iOS devices.

Movies Now! Free May Be Another Movie Giant App

Movies Now! Free - If all the available free movie apps we've reviewed to date were in a head to head competition, the last standing would likely be Movies by Flixster, Fandango and this app, Movies Now!

Buy ! Squeeze it. Face Deformer & Wobble on the App Store

Squeeze Some Photo Fun out of Squeeze it

If you like fun little apps that let you play with pictures, then check out Squeeze it by Longneck. Similar to Face Melter, Squeeze it is a face deformer and wobble app that is surprisingly easy to use.

Elvis Mobile is all Shook Up

If you’re a fan of the Elvis.com site, you’ll like the Elvis Mobile app. However, it you’re a fan of Elvis, then you might not find the Elvis Mobile app as appealing.
Elvis Mobile is a direct link to Elvis.com, the site run by Elvis Presley Enterprises.

F-MyLife: On The Go Pick Me Up

F-MyLife - If you’re ever having one of those days that has you staring into space thinking your life sucks; You have a few options, either do something to improve your day or tap into the F-MyLife iPhone app by enormego and enjoy the dreadful accounts of people whose days are going far worse than yours.

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Tiny Violin: Use Your iPhone for Sympathetic Strumming

Playing the world’s smallest violin using your thumb and forefinger is so old school now that the Tiny Violin iPhone app by Brian Gorby is available. Tiny Violin actually adds the sound to your snarky attempts of condolence or joy towards someone.

iFlush- Swoosh Those Troubles Down The Drain

iFlush - Ever walk away from someone thinking, that dude’s full of crap? Next time, whip out your iPhone and take a quick snapshot of him and let the iFlush iPhone app by Elimination Systems bring a smile back to your face.

Oh My Girl Offers Fake Calls for a (Mood) Swingin' Good Time

Oh My Girl Offers Fake Calls for a (Mood) Swingin' Good Time

I’ve had my share of crazy messages left on my voicemail by girlfriends over the years, some I wished I would have saved and some so scary I was almost afraid to delete for fear that pressing the delete option would cause some sort of nuclear disaster. Apparently the people over at Mac Killer Apps have more intestinal fortitude than I do.

Buy SlingPlayer for iPhone on the App Store

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch Puts Your TV in Hand

The long-awaited SlingPlayer Mobile for Sling Media’s SOLO, PRO and PRO-HD TV set-top boxes finally made its grand appearance in the App Store on Wednesday.
If you aren’t an owner of one of Sling Media’s set-top boxes, here’s what they do: Plug in your Sling Media black box into your cable or satellite box and you can “sling” your TV programming to your desktop or laptop from anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

Buy Tubulous on the App Store

Tubulous Is An Intriguing Idea...That I'm Not Sold On

Tubulous Global Social Podcasting - I’m usually up on all the latest trends pertaining to the nebulous “Web 2.0” movement, but the team over at Interlacia has got my attention with their debut application for the iPhone.

Buy Flower Garden - Grow Flowers and Send Bouquets on the App Store

Flower Garden's A Satisfying Alternative to the Real Thing

I always joke that I can’t have kids, because I can barely keep a plant alive. Well, with Flower Garden by Snappy Touch, my virtual green thumb is put to the test. Luckily, the results are worth the effort, and even if i kill a plant or two, at least I’m not left with a dried-out, messy pot of dirt. Let’s call it a win-win.

Buy iLick® on the App Store

iLick: Less Fun Than a Pet Store

iLick - I love dogs. Love 'em. I have a picture of some random papillon as the wallpaper on my iPhone so I can pretend I own a dog. Big dogs, little dogs, Scottie dogs, Rottweilers, Cocker Spaniels, Great Danes, Golden Retrievers, mutts, purebreds...I pretty much adore anything vaguely canine.

iTalk Keeps the Conversation Alive

iTalk - So, you know how sometimes you're hanging out with people, or you're at some party, or, god forbid, on a first date, and the conversation just kind of...stops? If you fear awkward silences (and really, who doesn't?), iTalk by Bitix may be just the application for you.

Nebula - Relax with Fractals is Lost in SpaceNebula – Relax with Fractals

What are fractals? I have no idea. Are they be relaxing? Nebula - Relax with Fractals proves that they are.
It has been about twenty years since my last math or physics class, so I looked up fractals on the web.

In Ant Hill App the Ants Go Marching More by More

Ant Hill is an entertainment app that puts a simulated ant hill on your iPhone/iPod touch screen and — much like Pocket God — lets you interact with the ants in a sadistic sort of way. Ant Hill was developed by Concrete Software, a company that is no stranger to the App Store and that has several other releases in various categories including Nintaii, Fast Food Calorie Counter, and Spell Checker under their belt.

Buy Toast 2 Toast on the App Store

Find The Right Words With Toast 2 Toast

Special occasions are all about the mood. Everyone wants to say just the right thing to make the even truly memorable. Some people quote Shakespeare others Einstein, Jefferson, or Franklin at special engagements or dinners. Well if you’re short on words or your memory is in a tongue twist Toast 2 Toast will help you find the right things to say.