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Entertainment apps range from the silly to the sublime. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Entertainment Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for today’s news and reviews of entertainment applications for iOS devices.

Net Comics Isn't Funny Enough, Yet

Net Comics Isn't Funny Enough, Yet

Net Comics from developer Tweedle Works, shows lots of promise, but at the moment, I doubt many App Store customers who download the app will think it’s worth $3.99.
Net Comics routes RSS and feeds from Webcomics cartoons to your iPhone and iPod touch.

Color Your Personality on The Go In The Right Direction

Color Your Personality on The Go In The Right Direction

IIt’s not a mystery that colors are emotionally evocative. Psychologists have been giving subjects and patients visual tests for years to help them understand themselves a little bit better and to let them know how they can help. Now there is Color Your Personality.

Prepubescent Boys Rejoice... Bikini Times Are Here!

The team over at Golden Plum collectively has a big pair by moving forward with their audacious new application. Bikini Alarm Clock is the fruit of their labor that’s intended to get a rise out of their audience.

Dummy Up Your Photos With Say What!?!

With a developer named Marmot Kilt, it has to be good. Say What!?! is a unique photo manipulation app that allows iPhone and iPod touch users to make a photo "talk," like a ventriloquist's dummy.

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Whale Song Project is Worth Singing About

Whale Song Project is an awe-inspiring app. Designed by Glad Works, Whale Song Project streams live whale songs from an underwater microphone in Maui, Hawaii.
Whale Song Project was not created solely to be a soothing sound machine like Ambiance.

Awesome Ball is... um, Awesome!

Awesome Ball uses iPhone’s accelerometer to bounce a ball around a room on your screen. Customize the ball and room with photos and special effects.

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SmackTalk! The Adorable Prank App

Ten year olds around the world will unite and eternally prank each other and drive their care takers insane once they discover SmackTalk! Smack Talk is a voice altering app developed by Marcus Satelllite for the iPhone. Never again will you have to inhale one of those party balloons to get that squeaky voice to entertain them. SmackTalk! does it all for you.

Trailers International Lets You Haul Your Film Clips

Hardcore movie fans will like Trailers International from xTeo. Personally, I don’t care for movie trailers. The real movie seldom looks as good as the trailer so I always think some marketing type is trying to fake me out whenever I see a trailer.

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Face Melter Pro Has Potential for Innovation

Face Melter Pro lets you melt photos and create an animated video one frame at a time. This app is fantastic in theory. In reality, it has some issues.
The original Face Melter app was simple.

Zen Magic: Drawing Out The Tension

Zen Magic - As the iTunes App Store continues to grow and expand, there are more and more applications that let users doodle, draw and write on the iPhone's touch screen. As a result, designers of such apps need to become increasingly creative in order for their offerings to stand out from the crowd.

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See Time Fly With FlipDown

FlipDown - I rarely get excited about random apps that aren’t clearly designed for productivity or have a specified purpose that seems useful or necessary in some way. However, FlipDown by InterHive is clearly an exception.

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Galactica Takes You to Another Galaxy

Galactica is a groovy, transporting app for your iPhone. Did you ever dim the lights, turn on trance music and stare at your lava lamp as it morphed and swam?  Galactica from Thumbspark Limited provides a similar sensory experience, except you are in charge of the dynamic ebbs and flows of the app.

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Peacemaker Works When A Coin Flip Won't Cut It

Peacemaker - "What movie do you want to see?"
"I don't know. You pick."
"I don't know either. You pick."
"I honestly don't care; it's up to you."
Ever had a conversation like that? Of course you have.

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Magic Eyeball: Questions Answered, But That's About It

Magic Eyeball - One of the very first reviews I ever wrote for AppCraver was of an application called MyEye, which features a giant eyeball and which scared the bejeezus out of me. So now, as I review Magic Eyeball by Joy Entertainment LLC, I'm once again confronted with a big old creepy eyeball.

iPhorest: It's Not Easy Being Green

OK. Here's the thing, readers. iPhorest, much like A Real Tree, is an application for the iPhone in which you can plant a virtual tree, and an actual real tree is planted somewhere in the world.