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Entertainment apps range from the silly to the sublime. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Entertainment Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for today’s news and reviews of entertainment applications for iOS devices.

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PopOff Supplies More Sounds for Popping Off

While I truly do not understand the fascination with sound effect apps, PopOff is yet another sound app with a name that implying its purpose — it's a collection of random sounds you can “pop off.” Though I prefer to use my device for productivity, gaming, and music entertainment, I alone do not make up the entire populous of iPhone/iPod touch users and there are plenty of users who enjoy the ability to have random sound effects at their finger tips.

Monsters vs. Aliens App: Free vs. Paid Version

If you have kids, then you are probably more than aware of the latest Dreamworks Animation movie, Monsters vs. Aliens, about to hit theaters. The movie is an animated comedy, featuring the voices of Reese Witherspoon, Hugh Laurie, Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen, about a girl who turns into a giant and teams up with a secret compound of good monsters to battle evil aliens and save the day.

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Photos of Fire App Will Not Make You Hot

Photos of Fire by Rogue Team is one of those apps about which there is not much to say. You take a photo. You make it look like the photo is burning. Repeat. Photos of Fire simulates flames on your iPhone's screen.

American Idol Season 8 Exclusive Videos: THIS...is American Idol for iPhone

As someone who's watched American Idol more-or-less obsessively since its first season, I must admit I feel extremely well-qualified to discuss the American Idol Season 8 Exclusive Video app offered by The Zumobi Network.

What Would Jesus Say?

New app What Would Jesus Say? from Vertigo Games is just plain silly. The user is presented with a cartoon Jesus, who for some reason lacks pupils and appears to be wearing a bath robe. In this version Jesus has been reduced to a speaking toy that talks on command.

St. Patrick's Phrasebook Festive Looking but Not that Helpful

Not so much a book as maybe a pamphlet, St. Patrick’s Phrasebook by Subsonic iPhone Apps provides iPhone/iTouch users with audio pronunciations of “essential Irish Gaelic phrases” that may come in handy this St.

VooDude Does Korny

VooDude - I'm a petty person. If one could say I get a thrill from winning, it'd be with ease that one could go a step further and say that revenge actually brings me a perverse pleasure. As such, I reveled in the opportunity to exact revenge via Aspyr Media's VooDude application.

Buy iGossip on the App Store

iGossip Delivers the Dish on Celebrity News, but Needs an Extreme Makeover

Gossip junkies around the globe are getting their fill more often and much faster from some fun new apps. iGossip gives you the dish on all of your favorite celebrity happenings from the some of the most popular celebrity gossip websites like TMZ, Perez Hilton, Gossip Girls, US Weekly, E!

Access2Go: Celebrity News and Entertainment in a Great Package

With Access2Go, NBC Universal brings its entertainment news show Access Hollywood the iPhone. NBC Universal hasn’t left a visual stone unturned with Access2Go, and it's all organized brilliantly.

Buy Jiyuka - Zen Flower Art on the App Store

Jiyuka: Say It With Flowers

Jiyuka - Sometimes, nature and technology are just not meant to collide. However, at other times, the result can be quite beautiful. Jiyuka, created by Wolfgang Steiner, is described on iTunes as "a modern form of Ikebana, the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement." And, well, that is what Jiyuka is.

Buy TV.com on the App Store

TV.com Provides Streaming Video and Personalized Clips for Fans of CBS and The CW

CBS Interactive's TV.com provides iPhone and iPod touch users CBS and The CW TV shows and video clips, delivered free via Wi-Fi, 3G and EDGE. Read the  App Store description and you'll find out that you can browse through a "vast list" of featured shows or view them by channel; catch full episodes of some CBS and The CW shows; and create a list of favorite shows, channels and topics.

Buy iBlow! on the App Store

iBlow! Entertainment App Visually "Pops"

With or without a snicker or two, once you get past the iBlow! name you will discover it’s a virtual bubble blowing app designed to show off all the useful features of the iPhone in yet another pointless but purportedly entertaining way.

Pharce: Pictures Worth More Than A Thousand Words

Pharce - Sometimes I look at pictures on my iPhone and think "if only I could animate the mouth somehow and make this photo speak." OK, that's not true. But now that I have Pharce, I can't help but wonder why I never thought that.

iPity: Mr. T Sound Clips Give the Fans What They Want

With more 60 sound clips from the legendary Mr. T, iPity will have you rolling on the floor or at least enjoying a nostalgic chuckle.

Buy Hearing Test : Prank Box on the App Store

Prank Box: Hearing Test is Low Brow Fun for the Punk'd Crowd

If you think that you are the next Ashton Kutcher and want to punk all your friends, then Prank Box: Hearing Test is perfect for you. Designed for the truly immature, the app starts out with a seemingly innocent hearing test but then ends with a bang that should startle anyone who tries it out.