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Entertainment apps range from the silly to the sublime. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Entertainment Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for today’s news and reviews of entertainment applications for iOS devices.

Skies Offers Partial Information for Amateur Astronomers

It was a dark and stormy night, so it was a good thing I had Shane MCCafferty's Skies app. With just a quick glance at my trusty iPhone, I was able to see it will be a dark and stormy night at 6pm, 9pm, 12am and 6am.

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word.i.pus is the Dictionary Every Scrabble or Boggle Player Needs

I need word.i.pus, from Paul Jacobs, because I cheat at Scrabble. That's the only way I can beat my wife who has Oracle Database 11g for a brain. She knows I cheat but she lets me get away with it because she also knows I won't play against her otherwise.

Trailers May Be Good for Hardcore Movie Fans

There are numerous entertainment apps that feature information on current and upcoming movies and Trailers is just one of the many. Trailers is the paid version of Trailers Lite, the previously available free app that allows you to view Apple’s high quality movie trailers.

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Moneypedia: an Encyclopedia of Foreign Currencies

Moneypedia is a new world currency encyclopedia created by Bokan Technologies that features in-depth information on a variety of currencies from five continents. Now you can discover the historical significance of what is pictured on a whole host of different foreign currencies right from the convenience of your iPhone or iPod touch.

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Banner Communicates with Scrolling LED Messages

I haven’t found a practical use for Banner by akamatsu.org yet and I’m not sure if I ever will. The ability to create an advertising LED on your iPhone or iPod touch doesn’t really seem like a useful function on such a small personal device.

Jillie Bean Invites Would-be Musicians to Strut Their Stuff on the Sidewalk

Howler monkeys have better ears for music than I do, but that doesn't keep me from trying to come up with good vibrations. I thought Phinicky Productions' new Jillie Bean musical app might be the thing for me.

MyPaint2: Set Your Inner Picasso Free

Doodle or scribble much? MyPaint2, from My Media, is a neat little app for doodling and scribbling notes. You can start with a blank canvas or a photo from your camera roll.
Tap the color picker, use the sliders to fine tune your color if you want.

Hot Popcorn Has Buttery Goodness for Film Fans

I'm a fan of Rotten Tomatoes, the popular movie review site, which is where Boctor's Hot Popcorn derives its movie reviews. That's one of the first places I check before heading out to see a movie.

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hiCard Sends Greetings for All Seasons, All Reasons

It's always fun to get mail. Whether it's regular old snail mail or a digital notecard, it's nice to know that someone is "Thinking of You." HiCard Suite is the best app I've seen to send electronic greetings.

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Wanted: Customize Your Photos For Old-Timey Fun

The folks that created cartoonizeme for adding comic faces, props and frames to photos have another entertaining app called Wanted that turns your iPhone pics into sepia-toned wanted posters. You can customize the name, reward amount, and add western-style props to any photo in your library. Nothing good in your library? You can also choose to take a new photo and start with that instead.

iLava Lamp is no Way Near Far Out, Man

I thought Gotham Waves Games' iLava, Virtual Lava Lamp, would be a groovy kind of the thing. You know, something that you and your frat-boy friends would gawk at and say "Gee whiz!" or something like that.

Buy iFart Mobile - #1 Fart Machine - Now With Social Fart! on the App Store

App Store Stink Attack! iFart vs Pull My Finger for iPhone

Much to the delight or disappointment of AppCravers everywhere the stink attack competition has begun. As if beer battles weren’t bad enough, two new "potty apps," iFart Mobile and Pull My Finger, are quickly rising to the top of the App Store charts. In fact, searching the word "fart" in the App Store brings up 30 applications for iPhone and iPod touch that have some variation on the smelly theme.

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Snowdome: Be Hypnotized by Dancing Snow Flurries

The new Snowdome app from Yotta Digital is quite easily the most beautiful snow globe app available. Snowdome's "motion-sensitive 3D movement" sets it apart from the others. The graphics are elegant with stunning photography capturing 6 different scenes.

Buy Spawn Illuminati HD (Art, Fireworks and Light-Show) on the App Store

Spawn Illuminati is Artsy Entertainment Using Color and Visual Effects

Spawn Illuminati by Elements of Design is an iPhone and iPod touch beauty. Even though Spawn Illuminati serves no other purpose than entertainment it still creates some rich effects that can be controlled and altered with your fingers.

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Add Funny Cartoon Features to Your Photos With Cartoonizeme

If you want to have some fun with your pictures, Cartoonizeme by Portegno Apps will let you add cartoon enhanced features to your personal photos. With Cartoonizeme, now you can make your friends and family look as silly as you want with anything from hats and wigs to googly eyes and crazy smiles.