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Entertainment apps range from the silly to the sublime. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Entertainment Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for today’s news and reviews of entertainment applications for iOS devices.

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Fake Calls is an Entertaining, if Obvious Fake Call Generator

Magic Tap may have tapped into the “hybrid” application market. It’s Fake Calls application is definitely the kind of application that could be considered by some a utility and it’s definitely pretty entertaining.

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Trancit App Makes the Screen Dance With Trippy Visualizations

If getting into the “zone” is your aim Trancit just might be the perfect solution. Developed by Ken Karakotsios, Trancit is a “trippy” visualization app that produces swirls and bubbles and other shapes using complex mathematical processes.

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Ralph Lauren Fashion House Joins App Branding Game

If you weren’t cool enough to get an invite to the Ralph Lauren show during Fashion week, you’ve got a new way to keep up with the Jones’. Ralph Lauren released its fashion app Ralph Lauren Collection for the iPhone last Friday.

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Relax offers HD-Quality Peace... for a Price

Have you ever watched a burning log video? For budget-conscious iPhone users, the infinite burning log might be more effective at soothing frazzled nerves than Relax. Relax whisks users away to one of five nature scenes for five minutes with a music loop.

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MultiQuiz allows you to Create your Own Quizzes

MultiQuiz, an app from french iPhone developer Eric Degrage is a trivia app with the unique ability to have users create their own Quizzes. To do so, you first login to the developer website, and then create your quiz by entering each question along with three possible answers.

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Freshwater Aquarium. Feed the Fish in your iPhone

Freshwater Aquarium is a cute app that replicates an aquarium with fish on your iPhone. Like Koi Pond, its not likely that you will use Freshwater Aquarium a lot, but at $0.99 its cute enough to marginally justify the cost of entry.

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Crazy Pumpkin Offers Mix and Match Halloween

The folks at ezone, makers of iPhone apps such as Crazy Lighter and Crazy Disco, are constantly adding to their line-up of "crazy" apps. The newest is Crazy Pumpkpin — a mix and match jack-o-lantern game just in time for Halloween.

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iChalky is Dancing His Way into Our Hearts

Remember that scene in the Wizard of Oz when the scarecrow first comes off his pole and learns to walk. If you could control that gangly dance on your iPhone, you would have iChalky. Chalky is a stick figure that is much more complex than he appears.

Sex and the City Organizes Your Closet

The über-successful Sex and the City franchise just came out with an iPhone app.  After the hit TV series and last summer's success movie, Warner Bros. released the free Sex and the City: Carrie's Closet app, which offers different links related to the series as well as a photo cataloging tool for the user's closet.

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i.TV - The Future of the TV Guide

i.TV is a new TV and movie guide that just hit the app store yesterday.  This app offers a vast amount of TV listings and movie theaters throughout the U.S. and Canada, providing show descriptions, previews and trailers, celebrity bios, as well as the option to write a review and share information and opinions about shows or movies.

007 Quantum of Solace - The Dedicated Movie App

Earlier today, I stumbled on the new 007 app, a designated app for the Movie "Quantum of Solace". I think this is a trend to watch -- the 007 app (update: now removed from the App Store) is free, and provides a variety of content to go, including video blogs of the director of photography and other contributors to the movie.

Endless Walls - View, Share and Save Wallpaper

Okay, so Endless Walls from Motacore, LLC won't blow your socks off, but it does fill the basic need for wallpaper if that's your thing! The application provides an continuous stream of more than 7000 wallpapers (according to the company) that users can view, share and save.

Escape Pod - Making a Getaway Just Got Easier

Escape Pod - Making a Getaway Just Got Easier

Escape Pod by one-man British iPhone app developer Dardan Software allows you to get off the hook in pretty much any awkward phone situation. The app offers 29 pre-recorded sounds as well as the ability to record new sounds and add them to the library. Sounds like "Smoke Alarm", "ER Background" or "Train Station Chatter" can be played at the desired volume during an uncomfortable or annoying conversation.

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Apple Remote 1.1 - Now, with Genius

The Apple Remote app has always been one of our favorite all around apps. As of last week, it has been upgraded to version 1.1, and now fully supports the new "Genius Mode" of iTunes 8. We can now give it the perfect 10/10 rating.

The Tag Show Offers Fun Way to Search for Images

This debut app from Dove Valley Apps works as a fun search tool for pictures from public image feeds like Flickr and Picasa (Google Images is supposed to be added soon).  The navigation of this free app is basic and easy - you enter a tag and a slide show of the images found appears on the screen.