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Entertainment apps range from the silly to the sublime. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Entertainment Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for today’s news and reviews of entertainment applications for iOS devices.

Buy Star Trek™ Vulcan Harp on the App Store

Star Trek Vulcan Harp Beams onto iPad

Fans of Star Trek(TM) can now play Mr. Spock's Vulcan harp with a new iPad app. The app, a replica of the unique musical instrument that Captain Kirk's First Officer played on the original Star Trek TV series, was developed by Shiverware and is officially licensed by CBS Interactive, Inc.

Buy Christmasfy - Photo Booth Editor with Holiday Christmas Stickers! on the App Store

Christmasfy - A fun photo booth to decorate your photos this holiday

Touche Apps today is pleased to announce the release of Christmasfy 1.2.1, their fun new and easy-to-use entertainment app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Christmasfy was developed for people who love sharing their photos on social networking sites.

Buy Snow Globe: A Christmas Treat on the App Store

And So We Begin Re-Launches Angels Great Escape: A Christmas Story

Angel's Great Escape: A Christmas Story was originally launched in 2012 and has been updated to include additional parental gateways for 2013. Writer and founder of And So We Begin, Kirstie Rowson is excited about re-launching the app for the festive season, "We are keen for parents to be 100% comfortable with their little ones enjoying our apps and wanted to make sure that the parental gates that we have included are robust and non-intrusive.

Buy FlipBook HD on the App Store

iPad Artists Rejoice - FlipBook HD 2.0 is Available Now

Anon Arts LLC today released an enhanced version of their popular animation app FlipBook HD, with significant stability and performance improvements and support for more active styli, including the Pogo Connect, JaJa, and Jot Touch.

Buy Pocket Fights - The Ultimate Fighting Game on the App Store

New iOS App Integrates Facial Effects, 3D Design, And Fighting

After nearly 6 months of design and development, independent developer App Superhero launches Pocket Fights, a fun, interactive game that gives users the ability to pick a fight with people by simply uploading a picture of that person's face within the app.

Buy Face Whirl - Hilarious Photo Booth Effects on the App Store

New IOS App Takes Funny Facial Effects To New Level With Custom Code

Face Whirl launches to the App Store and has received rave reviews from beta testers. Using face detection technology and the app's custom algorithms, users can upload someone's face, then split and create a mirrored reflection of either the left or right side of it in order to generate hilarious 'whirled' images, then share with friends on social networks.

Buy Horoscope 2014: Daily, Love, Work & Health on the App Store

Horoscopes-Love Launches Horoscope 2014 App for iOS

When people want to learn more about their upcoming year, they can turn on their iPhone or iPad with David Zacik's latest app, Horoscope 2014: Daily, Love, Work & Health. This app presents horoscope information for all of the twelve zodiac signs, focusing on love, work, and health.

Buy Cardax — Customized Video Greeting Cards on the App Store

MotionObj introduces Cardax 1.0 - Create Customized Video Greeting Cards

MotionObj today is pleased to announce the release of Cardax 1.0, their new entertainment app developed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Create many wonderful and fun videos with Cardax.

Buy Robo-Doctor: Worthless Medical Advice and Utter Nonsense on the App Store

Robo-Doctor Offers Horrible Medical Advice Through Your iPhone

Is unconventional medicine still too conventional for your taste? Do you have complete disregard for your own well-being? Then Robo-Doctor is for you. Purple Falcon today is proud to announce the release of a new app for iPhone and iPad with this premise: a robot has been programmed to be a doctor, but due to bugs in his software, he mixes everything up and outputs horrible medical advice!

Buy Robo-Philosopher: Wisdom For Living, Insightful Proverbs, and Utter Nonsense on the App Store

Robot Philosopher Delivers Garbled Wisdom For iOS

Tired of Plato and Socrates? Tired of things making sense? Then Robo-Philosopher is for you. Purple Falcon today is proud to announce the release of a new app for iPhone and iPad with this premise: a robot has been programmed to be a philosopher, but due to bugs in his software, he mixes everything up and outputs nonsense!

Buy Name Maker - Breaking Bad Edition - Analyze your name to identify unique chemical elements. Get chemical meaning for your name. Like a Trivia game and Etsy! on the App Store

Unique Breaking Bad App for Series Finale

Breaking Bad has been one of the most badass series of this decade. The greatness of the storyline, acting and directing is just unmatched. Even though the series ended, its legacy continues.

Buy Lotto Dice Roller on the App Store

New Lotto App that will help you crack the Jackpot

Simiula, an up and coming iOS App Developer, has released its new iOS real life 3D motion tracking App for an interactive dice game called Lotto Dice Roller. 3D imaging know-how was supplied by UK Tech Company, Imagination Technology.

Buy 3D stereogram : Human on the App Store

koikoi.biz Releases a new 3D stereogram App with Human Theme

koikoi.biz, an iPhone app production and sales portal develops a new entertainment portal. koikoi.biz has released 3D stereogram, a new app that uses human theme in its application, unlike other such applications that generally uses objects and scenery as themes.

Buy Begin - Your daily to-do list on the App Store

Begin for iOS - Todos made easy

Independent developer, Kyle Rosenbluth today is thrilled to announce the release and immediate availability of Begin - Your daily todo list 1.0. Begin is now available in the iOS App Store.

Buy Keep Calm! Funny Poster Creator on the App Store

Keep Calm and Carry On While you create funny posters for Instagram

Keep Calm! Funny Poster Creator, the all new app from Tiny Mobile, allows users to easily become a poster creator / designer, making and sharing hilarious, topical, irreverent and personal humor laced creations.