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If you want to keep track of expenses, calculate investments and take control of your money, be sure to check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks for Best Finance Apps for iPhone and iPad. For everything else, read on for current news and reviews of finance applications from the App Store.

Chaikin for tradeMONSTER Gives iPhone Owners the Wall Street Advantage

Chaikin for tradeMONSTER Gives iPhone Owners the Wall Street Advantage

With it's real-time alerts, easy to understand stock research and access to expert market research, Chaikin for tradeMONSTER is a winner on the iPad.

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GiftShopper 2.0 - passcode lock, events, iPhone 5 support and more

The Gamma Project team today is pleased to announce a major update for GiftShopper. With GiftShopper you can easily record your gift ideas and track your holiday spending. If you plan on setting out to do some serious Christmas shopping, there will be plenty of stores to greet you with deals galore.

Buy Loan Calculator - What If?  The best calculator for any loan payment (car, student, mortgage, credit card, bank, etc.) to reduce debt, save money, and improve finance. on the App Store

Loan Calculator - What If? v6.0 Released for iOS

Matthew King, leading developer of finance apps, has announced the release of the newly updated and improved Loan Calculator - What if? app. Users will save time and money (potentially even thousands of dollars) using the Loan Calculator - What If?

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iTeraction Solutions announces release of Maven Investor Version 1.5

iTer@ction Solutions Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of its iPhone App "Maven - Investor" version 1.5, updated for iOS 6 on the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Updates include UI changes for iOS 6, an improved DropBox integration for file backup and sharing, as well as minor bug fixes.

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MileBug now supports iPhone 5 and iOS 6

MileBug, the popular iPhone mileage log app for tracking business miles, now supports iOS 6 and the larger iPhone 5 screen! This means a greater viewing area for both maps and reports, as well as data entry forms.

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Budget Balance 1.5 released for iOS - Keep Budget in Control

Umbrella Corporation, a renowned software developer specializing in mobile productivity applications, has announced that the latest version of its popular personal finance app, Budget Balance for iOS, changed the way money savers care for their budgets allowing users to manage expenses, incomes, and salary with little more than the tap of a fingertip.

Buy Credit Score Calculator - Check Your Credit Score Instantly for FREE on the App Store

New Credit Score Calculator App Calculates Your Credit Score In Seconds

Unless cash is the preferred method of payment, there are very few big commitment purchases consumers can make without needing some form of credit. From a mortgage to a car loan or even a department store credit card, credit reports get pulled and assessed all the time.

Buy Property Investment Calculator - Real Estate Investing Deal Finder on the App Store

New Real Estate Calculator App Evaluates Profitable Investments

In real estate, return on investment is one of the primary factors serious buyers look at before they even think about the mortgage. The Property Investment Calculator is a new app that gives buyers that vital return on investment information, and more.

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Princetons EDGE Lab Revamps Smartphone Data Usage with DataWiz on iOS

Princeton University's EDGE Lab is proud to announce the immediate release of its smartphone data usage tracker, DataWiz 1.01 for iOS. As part of the EDGE Lab's state-of-the-art TUBE project, DataWiz helps users stay within their budget by monitoring their mobile device's usage and predicting future data needs.

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iBank for iPad 1.1 Delivers Major Update With Over 60 Enhancements

IGG Software today announces the release of iBank for iPad 1.1, a major update featuring over 60 new features, fixes, enhancements and refinements. Coming just two months after iBank for iPad's debut, the new release represents a significant step forward for the app with across-the-board improvements.

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Easy Spending Expense Tracker 2.7 - Easy Way to Keep Track of Finances

Tekton Technologies today is pleased to announce the enhanced version and immediate availability of their flagship app on the App store, "Easy Spending Expense Tracker 2.7", their comprehensive and easy-to-use money tracker for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

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Sticker Shock app shows impact of rising food and gas prices

Announcing that Asar Corporation, the developer of Sticker Shock, has released the latest update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. When users enter the prices of products they buy, Sticker Shock 1.2 automatically tracks and graphs price changes, over time, to give them a more accurate depiction of how inflation impacts them, personally.

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Neato Credeeto App Seeks to Reduce Credit Card Debt for Americans

Neato Credeeto LLC, the first of its kind, patented credit card balance transfer calculator, is helping to reduce the confusion of ever-abundant credit card balance transfer offers by breaking down each offer in a user-friendly fashion.

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BillShare Lets Small Groups Manage Shared Expenses or Recurring Bills

To solve a common problem of everyday life, Foxenet Ltd announces the launch of BillShare, an innovative new iPhone app that helps a group of people keep track of expenses they share together without confusion, arguments, or "IOUs." Keeping track of two people who share expenses is challenging, but squaring away the debts of three, four, or more people over time is very difficult.

Manilla Bills & Accounts Manager Aims to Simplify Online Bill Pay

Manilla Bills & Accounts Manager Aims to Simplify Online Bill Pay

Anyone having trouble keeping their household bills and online accounts organized may find help with Manilla’s Bills & Accounts Manager – the mobile app supported by Manilla is owned by the Hearst company and was created to be a sensible, secure means of managing online accounts and bills.