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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

Buy NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ for iPad on the App Store

NBA JAM HD for iPad is on Fire - BOOMSHAKALAKA

NBA JAM HD now available in the app store. I am currently in embroiled in a basketball battle of epic proportions. And no, it has nothing to do with my beloved Trailblazers hanging on by a thread in the playoffs or the fact that my first hometown team the Seattle Supersonics are no longer super or sonic.

Buy Stamp Art Fever on the App Store

Virtual Collectors Catch Stamp Art Fever

Collecting goes virtual with Stamp Art Fever, the first stamp collecting game that recreates specific aspects of stamp collecting while embedding elements of a good game. Players try to build their virtual stamp collection by buying, trading, and bidding on any of over 100 different stamps.

Buy Grove Keeper on the App Store

Grove Keeper Empowers Grandpa to Save World with Magic

Grove Keeper now available for download.At first glance, taking your grandpa and his friends to war to protect the world in just their skivvies and long gray hear and beards is a daunting task.

Avast Ye Matey! Pirate Strike is a Bit of a Dodgy Game

Cheesy pirate puns aside, Pirate Strike is a dodgy little game that is both simple and deceptively frustrating. The concept is simple – keep your pirate from being blown up by cannon fire.

Buy Thief Lupin! on the App Store

Thief Lupin Challenges You to Become King of Thieves

If you're a fan of micro-platforming games that are action packed, you'll love Thief Lupin, a fun, challenging game that at the top of the charts in App Stores around the world.

Buy Angry Rhino Rampage on the App Store

Got a Few Minutes? Go on an Angry Rhino Rampage

What’s worse than an angry rhino? An angry rhino on a rampage of course – and there are many worse ways to spend .99 and a few minutes’ time than playing Angry Rhino Rampage for iPhone. A quick, simple side-scrolling action game with several delightful undertones, Angry Rhino Rampage is a solid game debut from MilkDrinkingCow.

Buy Falling Fred on the App Store

Try Not to Die in Falling Fred

While on its surface Falling Fred might seem like another sadistic gore-fest, along the lines of DoodleBoy, it’s actually a nice little action title with a good sense of humor. It can still get pretty bloody, though.

LastStandStan Brings Arcade-Style Action to iPhone Gaming

The iPhone makes a great gaming platform, don’t get me wrong. And the popularity of iOS has created a kind of renaissance of handheld gaming. That much is certain. The problem is that many-- maybe most-- developers don’t understand that making a successful game for iOS means working within the limitations of the device.

Buy Foursight on the App Store

Strategic Foursight Makes You Play Both Sides

Foursight iPhone Anyone who enjoys simple but strategic board games should have the foresight to download this game while the price is right. An intelligent mix of tic-tac-toe, connect four and chess, Foursight is an enjoyable board game available for iPhone and iPad.

Buy Where's Waldo?® in Hollywood on the App Store

Where's Waldo? He's in the App Store Again

Following up the success of the first Where’s Waldo? app, Ludio has released the sequel, Where’s Waldo in Hollywood. Seekers of the famous spectacled guy in the striped sweater will find familiar picture puzzles laden with hidden objects that put the eyes to the test.

Click Sport is a Sports-Themed Game of Recognition

Click Sport is a Sports-Themed Game of Recognition

Before the sports fans get too excited, it’s worth mentioning that Click Sport, a new matching game for iOS, has little to do with sports. It’s a game where images appear in a grid, and the player must tap all the images of a particular kind.

Super Slobber Dog - Play it for Fun, Play for a Cause

The first iPhone app out of the gate for small, independent gaming company Sheep Haus Productions, Super Slobber Dog is described as “a Saturday morning cartoon mixed with pong and brick breaker.” And that’s a fairly apt description.

Buy Tiny Wings on the App Store

Soar Over a Colorful Landscape in Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings is one of those one-button mobile games meant for casual gamers. Like NinJump Deluxe and others, the key to getting a high score in Tiny Wings lies in perfectly timing when you tap the screen.

Can Rocket Home Find a Home on Your iPhone? Probably Not.

Can Rocket Home Find a Home on Your iPhone? Probably Not.

Maybe because we like aliens; or maybe because it’s always fun to uncover hidden App Store treasures from independent developers; whatever the reason, we’re taking a look at Rocket Home by Tomatillo.

Buy Battle of Words on the App Store

iTabo is a Party (Game) That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

iTabo is a great idea, well executed. The app markets itself as a word game, but it can more accurately be called a “party game,” one of those quasi-board games you’re meant to play with a group, with or without a few alcoholic beverages to help the hilarity along.