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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

Buy Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge on the App Store

Monkey Island 2: Special Edition: Le Chuck's Revenge

The emergence of the App Store has undeniably created a renaissance of exciting and inventive new games. This much is not news to anyone. What gamers may not realize is that the iPhone has become the stage for older PC games to get a second life, and even the chance to come back into fashion.

Assault Commando: If It Isn't You, Destroy It!

Overall, I really like Assault Commando, but I do have one nit to pick. 3D Magic says Assault Commando is set in a South American jungle, but its look seems Asian; Perhaps we're in Peru during the rule of Alberto Fujimori.

Lite Brite Leaps from Table Top to iPhone

Lite Brite Leaps from Table Top to iPhone

The Lite Brite app for iPhone and iPod Touch is the 1970s creative electronic children’s toy reinvented with modern technology. To preserve nostalgia, the premise remains the same – create pictures with different colored pegs that light up against a black background.

Buy Pocket Legends on the App Store

Conquer Evil with Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends is an immersive RPG that will delight fans of this genre. Just like any quality RPG, Pocket Legends (available both as an iPad and iPhone app) begins with a choice of character based on the a variety of attributes.

Buy Super Mega Worm on the App Store

Tremors Has Nothing On Super Mega Worm

Wrangling its way through a set of updates that fixed compatibility issues with iOS 4, Super Mega Worm developers Deceased Pixels LLC has an apparent hit on their hands. Hearken the days of quarters lost at the arcade, Super Mega Worm is a piece of 8 bit imitation, old school glory with more charm than Centipede.

Virion SD for iPhone is Not So Viral

Virion SD for iPhone is Not So Viral

Virion SD for iPhone is a puzzle style game based on matching shapes to receptors to complete levels within a specified time frame. Virion is definitely unlike any puzzle game I’ve seen before, but its uniqueness doesn’t necessarily mean it is destined for greatness.

Rule the Gridiron with NFL 2011

NFL 2011 is a solid football game that should satisfy most fans and sports gamers. It lacks some of the polish and extra features found in Madden 11 but does enough to make it a worthy competitor. NFL 2011 has three gameplay modes: exhibition, season and playoffs.

Buy Robot Unicorn Attack on the App Store

Robot Unicorn Attack: Wish Upon A Star and You'll Die a Fiery Death

Ranking pretty high amongst paid apps for the last couple of weeks, Robot Unicorn Attack would be a mystery if it weren’t for the Adult Swim brand. Seems you can take a ridiculous premise that would never in a million years succeed as a handheld arcade-style game and then attach Adult Swim to the title, and it sells.

Buy Fastlane HD on the App Store

Find Happiness with Fastlane HD

Fastlane HD is like a scaled down version of The Sims. While it has some good moments overall it lacks the excitement or innovation found in similar lifestyle games. In Fastlane HD you travel through your town to try and build happiness for your life (as if doing this for real isn't hard enough).

Save Betsy is Like Doodle Jump on the Farm

Save Betsy is another version of the accelerometer-based jumping game that has become so popular for iPhone. It is akin to Doodle Jump, but unlike Doodle Jump, the leader of all such games where iTunes rankings are concerned, Save Betsy, has a seriously twisted vegan (or anti-vegan) theme, but don’t worry, no cows were harmed in the making.

Dreamscape is a Bubble Arcade Set against Dreamy Backgrounds

Dreamscape is a Bubble Arcade Set against Dreamy Backgrounds

Bubble popping games have been a part of iPhone culture since the beginning. In fact, there’s probably not a user out there who hasn’t stolen at least a few moments absentmindedly popping virtual bubbles between calls or emails.

Pinball Games for iPhone: 5 HD Apps That Sure Play a Mean Pinball

Pinball Games for iPhone: 5 HD Apps That Sure Play a Mean Pinball

Pinball Apps Review — Geezer alert: I remember real pinball. I know you can still find a freestanding machine here or there in a turnpike rest-stop or an arcade. But I remember row after row of tables lining our arcades, bowling alleys, and other dens of iniquity, before the Galaga and Donkey Kong consoles stole their thunder.

Buy Dice Diving on the App Store

It May be Hot, but No Pool Needed for Dice Diving

Dice Diving. It might sound odd, and to be sure it is different, but Dice Diving isn't a game you play in the pool, it's an iPhone game developed by Larry Snyder. Not quite Yahtzee, nor Phase 10 dice, but a combination of dice games that presents a unique format and scoring system for playing.

Rule the Lot with Park Rush HD

Park Rush HD will have you frantically racing through a parking lot to park and retrieve cars for customers with a short fuse. The game launches with you choosing either Johnny or Lilian to manage the parking lot.

Buy Frogiz on the App Store

Keep Your Brain Hopping with Frogiz Puzzle Logic

It's always refreshing to find a good puzzle game burried in the App Store that is both unique and fun to play. Frogiz may not be on your radar, but if you enjoy puzzles it's worth a look. Similar to Fling!, but with its own unique objective and more layered, Frogiz features a 5 x 5 grid with pink and green frogs and round and square lillypads.