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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

Video Strip Poker Offers More than Barebones

Video Strip Poker Offers More than Barebones

Video Strip Poker -- “Hi, my name is Natasha, I’m a 21-year old student and I love country music. Would you like to play strip poker? I may be a scatterbrain…hey, try to get me undressed!” If poker and hotties are your thing, then you’ll probably like Arawella’s Video Strip Poker.

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Gnome's Treasure Could be a Hidden Gem

A recent release by KenloMobile, Gnome’s Treasure is an adventure puzzle game designed along the lines of Lode Runner. With 40 levels spanning 5 different worlds, Gnome’s Treasure is an extensive mobile platform featuring nice graphics and original sound effects with a few polished touches, but still has a little way to go before winning my heart.

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TwentyFour! a Great Workout for Your Brain

Some mind benching challenges await with TwentyFour! - a recent App Store release based on a mathematical card game. The object is to add, subtract, multiply, or divide a group of four numbers with each other in order to reach 24.

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Control the Tower with ATC Pro

If being in charge at an air traffic control tower is anything like the game ATC Pro, I'm not interested. ATC Pro can be enjoyable to play, but it has a pretty steep learning curve. (If you want to check out a demo in action, watch the video after the jump.) The objective is to successfully land and manage takeoffs without it ending in disaster.

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Looking for a Fun New Word Game? Vocabulator Has the Answer

Vocabulator is an apt name for Nexus6 Software’s newest word puzzle app that features clean simple presentation similar in appearance to a calculator, varying degrees of difficulty, and a wealth of word information.

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Patch Farkle is Farkle Fun for iPhone

Patch Farkle is the latest farkle dice game available in the App Store, and while other similar games are available for iPhone and touch, Patch™ Farkle appears to be made in conjunction with the same manufacturers of the real life game carrying the same Patch Trademark.

Gyrotate – Line 'em up, and Take 'em out for Endless Fun

Gyrotate – Line 'em up, and Take 'em out for Endless Fun

Wander through the App Store and you’ll find an ever-increasing list of puzzle games, many of which seem eerily familiar. Like a seven-year itch in December, playing the same old games starts to lack a certain spark. 

Alien Axis Turns Puzzle Solving on its Head

Take a small, green alien named Otto, the tilt response of the iPhone and an adventure puzzle with 28 levels to navigate and you get Alien Axis in a nutshell. Alien Axis requires players to navigate Otto from start to finish while avoiding certain obstacles and interacting with others.

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The Inferno Challenges Mind and Soul

The Inferno is an excellent puzzle game that may force you to touch up on your medieval history.  While the plot is closer to that of an action/adventure game, it plays more like a typical puzzle game with darker undertones.

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Stone Skipper Is Simple-Minded Fun

Stone Skipper couldn't get much simpler: Find out how many times you can get a rock to skip across the surface of a pond, river or other body of water. In developer Burnley Media's game, you assume the role of Max, who along with his faithful dog, Andy, spend the day skipping stones.

MAKIBISHI COMIC has fun, but bizarre, gameplay

MAKIBISHI COMIC - If you ever had the desire to reach out with your finger and poke robot ninja comic book characters into action, then your favorite app ever has just arrived. MAKIBISHI COMIC has the loud and flashy illustrations of an Anime flick complete with awkward dialogue that reads like it was poorly translated into English.

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Tank Tigers Offers Multi-Player iPhone Fun

Tank Tigers is a new 3D shooting game for iPhone that puts players in control of various tanks on different battlefields as you try to score the most combat points. Tank Tigers places players in a 3D WWII setting with five different tanks to choose from and two modes of play – single and multi player.

iScratch Myself Scratches an Itch for the Bizarre

The name iScratch Myself makes me think of Homer Simpson, or maybe my Uncle Bud, but certainly not an entertainment app for iPhone and touch, complete with beginner and expert levels. But I digress, iScratch Myself is an app that was designed to scratch an itch.

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Finger Flick or Die in Orbital Defence

Orbital Defence is a retro-arcade shooter with elements of Missile Command, Galaga, Moon Patrol and other space-defense style games popularized by Atari, Namco and Sega soon after the dawn of video gaming.

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Numbers to 1 a Real Puzzler

Numbers to 1 is a logic puzzle game for both the iPhone or the iPod touch that has some enjoyable components, but you must really enjoy number puzzles to enjoy the game. It is a blend of Traffic Jam and basic subtraction that may seem confusing at first, but given a chance, isn't all that bad.