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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

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MusicNeon: A Melodic, Quirky Puzzle That Intrigues

With its enchanting rewards of music and gifts for negotiating a path, but an infuriating lack of guidance, MusicNeon serves up a delectable digital bite of quirk that may make an Apple user feel like Alice in Wonderland.

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Ultimate Thumb Fighter is a Bloody Battle for Domination

Ultimate Thumb Fighter iPhone app by SWN Software falls short of the ultimate thumbs up. I really wanted to love this game. I play thumb wars with my favorite 12 year old quite often. When this app popped up on my radar, I was ready for action.

Orion's Belt Delivers Space Drama In Spades

Orion's Belt - Most games on the iPhone put a premium on delivering quick-hitting 5- to 10-minute engagements rather than the longevity of a traditional, console-style game. Considering that most iPhone gaming is typically done in short bursts, that approach it is completely understandable.

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Yatzy Twist a Not-So-Twisted Version of a Classic Dice Game

Yatzy Twist is a Kristanix Games version of the Milton Bradley original Yahtzee! dice game. There isn’t really anything new that can be said about the classic dice-throwing game, but for anyone who doesn’t know it, it’s a game of chance won by accumulating the most points based on specific scoring sequences of five dice.

Pocket God: What Kind of Ruler Are You?

Pocket God: What Kind of Ruler Are You?

Is the man getting you down? Ever wished you could call the shots? Pocket God is here to fulfill your dreams. This new game from Bolt Creative allows you to be the god of a small island nation. And by "small" I mean small — only six pygmies to an island, folks.

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The Future is Now in Low Grav Racer

Low Grav Racer - If you've been jonesing for a futuristic low-gravity racer like the classic Wipeout and F-Zero 3D racers for your iPhone or iPod touch, then slide into the cockpit of Cobra Mobile's Low Grav Racer.

Upsi Runner is Arcade Action at a Snail's Pace

As a fan of classic style arcade games, I appreciate any modern developer’s attempt to design a retro-style game to appeal to the masses. Upsi Runner by Shen Mansell demonstrates an interpretation of a classic arcade-style game featuring a snail that alternately side scrolls across levels amidst vertically moving enemies.

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The Only Thing Missing from ATC 4.0 is the Hudson River

Within a few minutes of playing Lunagames' ATC 4.0, I began to marvel at just how competent real air traffic controllers must be. Here I was, juggling only five planes in the air and still couldn't manage to keep them from colliding, missing runways and causing all sorts of mayhem.

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Brainy Puzzles: CryptArithm Will Strain Your Brain

Aspiring cryptographers and codebreakers, have I got an app for you! Brainy Puzzles: CryptArithm (the first in a series of "solid, serious and challenging" puzzle games created by Gamecentric) offers over 500 math-based logic puzzles that are sure to get the wheels turning and the brain cells bubbling.

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iKeno: Classic Numbers Game Moves to the iPhone, But It's Still All About Chance

With more than 20,000 applications in the App Store, it’s never long before a classic game we haven’t seen in ages pops up. iKeno is a mobile version of the popular Keno game found in sports bars, bowling alleys, pubs and bingo halls and even some state lotteries around the world.

Fastlane Street Racing is a Phenomenal Racer

Fastlane Street Racing is a modern day reincarnation of arguably the best arcade racing series ever developed in Ridge Racer. For those of you unfamiliar with the fifteen year history of Ridge Racer, it’s a racing game that places an equal emphasis on style and substance.

HexSpin: Spin to Win This Challenging Color Match Puzzle

HexSpin brings to the table a puzzle game that mimics bejeweled, but with one major difference. It involves colors that need to be matched up. Each hexagon can be spun to match the colors to try and get the same colors together.

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Gemmed! Lite Sparkles in the Match-Three Genre

Gemmed! Lite by Wasted Pixel is an iPhone app that caught me by surprise. When I first got this app, I wasn’t expecting much. I previously played similar match-three games on other phones. I played those games to death and frankly became burned out with these types of puzzle games. As soon as I started Gemmed! Lite I immediately perked up.

Blocked is a Hard, but not Impossible, Puzzle

Blocked is a Hard, but not Impossible, Puzzle

Blocked is currently the number 1 puzzle game in the App Store. If you’re curious to see how it made its way to the top you’ll be happy to know it’s everything it claims to be. Blocked is an easy to use puzzle game that has you dragging and sliding blocks in every direction across the screen. While this sounds easy enough to do, you’ll hit a few road blocks before you master this game.

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FingerMingle Shows Promise, but Not Cool Enough to Break the Ice Yet

I remember when dating used to be simple. Considering that I’m a guy, it was my job to deliver a good time while being a perfect gentleman. That part was easy enough as several articles and books have been written for guys that are clueless in matters of love and relationships.