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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

Boa Constrictor Squeezes Out a New Attempt at an Old Idea

Adding yet another app to the classic snake game category, the release of Boa Constrictor by Excelltech Mobile has at least proven there is always a way to put a spin on a tried and true game.

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Newton's Cradle: Business-Savvy Bodies in Motion

The original Newton's Cradle is a series of metal balls, usually five, hung within a frame by wires or rods that demonstrates the Laws of Conservation of Momentum and Energy.
Working the devise is simple, just pull one of the end balls away from the rest and then let it go.

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R.I.P. — This Maze Will Kill Your Time

It may not be close to Halloween, but R.I.P will put you in the spirit. While this new game is light on depth, it does a nice job at killing a few minutes of time.
The premise is pretty simple. You are a ghost trying to make your way back to your happy little home amongst the dead.

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CatDoku: Cat Sudoku has Nine Cats But Not Nine Lives

CatDoku - Cat Sudoku, created by James Thomson and presented by ELogicPuzzles, is exactly what you think it is: a version of the popular logic game Sudoku, using cats instead of numbers.
In case you've somehow missed out on Sudoku, the concept is fairly simple.

Rocky Artue is a Side-scrolling Misadventure with Misgivings

Rocky Artue - There is much mystery surrounding this side-scrolling platform adventure game for iPhone/iPod touch released earlier this month by Imaginuity New Media Inc. starting with the title.

Vase Craze Will Make You Crazy — But Some People Like That

The objective of Vase Craze, created by Mehware, is to move a basket around a warehouse floor and catch vases before they fall off the end of conveyor belts.
It's a concept, which reminds me a lot about Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times or an episode from I Love Lucy, both which played off the crushing tediousness of factory work.

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Chicktionary is an Eggcellent Word-Making Text Game

I have a thing for chickens. I admit it. Word games make me a little crazy, but chickens? I love them. Chicktionary is an excellent text-twisting game with darn cute cartoon chickens who cluck, flap their wings, toss feathers and make encouraging chicken noises as you play.

Bang! Challenging Gameplay Needs More User Feedback

Bang! Challenging Gameplay Needs More User Feedback

Bang! Is an old school arcade game that has a lot of explosions and some pretty funky graphics. Bombs fall from the sky at an unstoppable pace and your job is to make sure you blow them right out of the sky.

Get Addicted to Candy Wars

Get Addicted to Candy Wars

Prohibition 3: Candy Wars is the latest in the banned-substance series from Catamount Software. Apple rejected Prohibition 2: The Dope Wars due to its seemingly objectionable content, so the developers decided to go with a far more mundane, but perhaps just as addictive, topic for reworking the game — candy.

iMafia: Criminal Enterprise Gameplay Needs More Polish

Social gaming has become all the rage, especially with the popularity of games like Mob Wars on Facebook. iMafia, by PlayMesh seeks to join in the fray by allowing you to grow a criminal network and share it with your friends.

Drop the Hammer on Days of Thunder

I'm not a fan of NASCAR, but I sure do like Days of Thunder from Freeverse. This is one heck of a racing game, unlike the movie of the same name.
Days of Thunder is a classic racing game. You start by assuming the identity of a driver.

ExZeus Revives Old-School Shooter-On-Rails

ExZeus, from HyperDevbox Japan, is a 3-D shoot 'em up port of the coin-op arcade game. It's a shooter-on-rails similar in game play and concept to Space Harrier, another old-school favorite.

Ingot is a Puzzler That May be too Hard for Some Players

Ingot is a Puzzler That May be too Hard for Some Players

Ingot is a puzzle game where the goal is to destroy the green blocks on the screen and avoid destroying the black blocks. You must set off the other eight block types in your quest to complete the level and get the highest score.

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Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes (BIA)

As the iPhone continues to impress with it’s capacity to provide meaningful gameplay experiences, Gameloft has delivered a very ambitious game in Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes (BIA) that provides a trip back to World War II.

Chess Club Plays To A Draw

Chess Club iPhone app by Visionary Bits is an online chess game that allows you to play chess from your iPhone against anyone around the world. The company states that they have more than 13,000 members.