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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

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Scoops: Stacking Game Takes Cool to New Heights

From what I hear, Ian Marsh, the developer of Hanoi, Threads, and Scoops, is gaining some recognition as an app developer. Being curious by nature, I wondered what it was about the Scoops app that was so great.

Bomber Online Shows That After 25 Years Bomberman is Still Going Strong

Eurocenter's Bomber Online, is a community-oriented version of the Bomberman classic, which turned 25 years old in 2008, if you can believe it. Bomber Online is the same as it ever was: Strategically place bombs where they'll blow up obstacles and enemies and then run like hell before they explode.

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Flik is Fast-Paced Missile Flicking Fun

Flik markets itself as a puzzle game, which in many ways it is, but it also reminds me of some older arcade style games, especially Breakout. So as a game that spans a couple of genres, let’s take a look at what Flik offers.

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Can You Crack Open The Safe? Virtual Lockbox Offers Few Clues

Bored people are dangerous. From apps about flatulence, light sabers, and doing the drunk walk now comes the The Safe, or as it is officially titled The Safe — Can you Crack The Safe?. The Safe is a simple app that keeps you posted in your chair for hours trying to crack open a virtual safe.

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Remelody: A Well Linked, Well Designed Musical Memory Game

Remelody is a music-based memory game created by Timothy Roseborough and released by MyNuMo. Played on a grid of colorful squares, Remelody is simple and easy to master. Basically, a square is highlighted for you to tap.

iFluff Pets is an Adorable, if Pointless, Virtual Pet App

iFluff Pets is an Adorable, if Pointless, Virtual Pet App

The iFluff Pets app, created by SGN, is destined to be (OK, fine, already is) the sort of application that I absolutely don't need but inexplicably love. The mobile version of the popular Facebook application (fluff)Friends, iFluff is a virtual pet-owning application that doesn't actually do much other than look adorable. If that's all you want it for, though, you're in good shape, because it is awfully cute.

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Foosball World Cup Wows Players

Foosball World Cup has blasted its way into the App Store. If you're a fan of arcade games and bar games then you'll love Foosball World Cup. Now you'll have the opportunity compete as one of the world's 12 most elite soccer teams in a bid to win the virtual world championship.

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Duck Killer Lacks Killer Instinct of Other Hunting Apps

Hunting has a long tradition in video games. There was Duck Hunt, a classic that many still own or have downloaded to their Nintendo Wii. Or there is the Big Game Hunter series. Hunting games have developed their own niche among video game fans.

Slotz Racer Goes From Play Room to iPhone and iPod touch

The only thing missing from Freeverse's SlotZ Racer is the smell of burning rubber. Slotz Racer has all the elements of most car racing games on the iPhone and elsewhere, except in this instance, the cars are slot cars.

Solve 16 Mini Puzzles in Lego Batman: Gotham City Games

Lego Batman: Gotham City Games is an excellent and engaging game that pieces together the Lego video game series into a puzzle-based game. However, it is very different from the traditional Lego video games available on the consoles.

Lamp Off a Turn On for Puzzle Fans Only

Lamp Off is a simple app that provides a true challenge for those who like to solve puzzles. This $2.99 puzzle app is on sales for $0.99 for a limited time and consists of a 5x5 grid of “bulbs,” which are either on (yellow) or off (black).

Living Life on the Edge May be Cliche but it's a Compelling Puzzle Game

It's been a while since I've had an "Aha!" moment with an iPhone or iPod touch app. Mobigame's Edge reminded me of what I've been missing. It's by far one of the most compelling games that I've seen in the App Store.

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KamiCrazy Touches the Best of Puzzles and Platforms

KamiCrazy is a great puzzle game that capitalizes on the finger-swiping ability of the iPhone/iPod touch. Sure, it doesn't look like a puzzle. Especially since the main character is a bearded wannabe Rambo-type soldier with a few missing teeth. 

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iShoot Uses Tanks in a Variation of a Classic Artillery Game

The tank in Ethan Nicholas's iShoot is dissing me: "I was out saving the galaxy when your grandfather was still in diapers!" "Oh, yeah? How'd you like some of this," I reply. I lean on the fire button until it reaches 79 percent and lob one of my dreaded excavator bombs.

Flight of the Hamsters is an Absolute Blast

Inspired by Cartoon Network’s animated series Codename: Kids Next Door, Flight of the Hamsters for the iPhone/iPod touch is a unique game app that utilizes touch screen controls to launch hamsters from a spring board on as continuous a flight as possible to achieve the greatest distance.