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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

Buy Atari's Greatest Hits on the App Store

Atari Revives Classic Centipede for the iPhone

Centipede is no longer available as a standalone game. To relive this classic, download Atari's Greatest Hits for free to get Centipede via in-app purchase. Atari has been releasing games for home consoles and arcade machines for more than 30 years and along the way, it has continued to refine and port its games to a wide variety of platforms.

Buy GoSanta! on the App Store

GoSanta! Brings the Holiday Spirit But it Doesn't Last

The GoSanta! app by developer Great Apps is a Christmas-themed arcade game with a fun holiday soundtrack. GoSanta is simple and easy to pick up for the young and old. The evil Grinch has stolen all of Santa's Christmas presents and all of the kids will be sad if Santa does not get them back.

Buy YAHTZEE™ Adventures on the App Store

Yahtzee! Adventures: Roll the Dice for Family Fun

Yahtzee Adventures brings the great family game of Yahtzee to the iPhone. I have to be honest, I have never played Yahtzee before and I had no idea what I was doing on the application until I read the great help section that comes along with it.

Buy Space Out on the App Store

Space Out Combines Two Classic Games for Modern Fun

Wow! Space Out by dedicated iPhone, iPod touch game dvelopers Binary Square is harder than it looks. It could be the deceivingly simple 8-bit stylized graphics, or the fact that the game seems so familiar (it's a mash-up of Space Invaders and Breakout), but regardless of why...set a timer when you sit down to play or you're bound to lose hours trying to master Space Out.

Buy Word Flow on the App Store

Word Flow is Challenging and Addictive

The new app Word Flow by first-time iPhone app developer 3VGames plays like a new version of Scrabble designed for the iPhone platform. Word Flow is easy to pick up, and challenging once you get into it.

Buy Bonsai Blast on the App Store

Bonsai Blast Puts the Zen Into Shooting Marbles

Bonsai Blast is a zen-themed color matching puzzle game by California-based global mobile game publisher Glu, the company behind the app Space Monkey. Like other color matching marble games, Bonsai Blast is highly addictive and a great game if you have some time to kill.

Buy wurdle on the App Store

Playing Wurdle? Better React Fast!

Similar to games like Boggle, the goal of Wurdle is to find connected blocks that can form words within a certain amount of time — usually two minutes. During this time, you want to get the most amount of words as well as the longest words possible to get the highest score.

MyM Link Up: Sliding Tile Puzzle Game Offers Choice for Scenery

MyM Link Up by Me YuMe is pretty fun little puzzle game that is simple yet challenging at the same time. The concept is straightforward: move tiles around to form matching vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines of four or more and once in place the lines will disappear. While you try to arrange the tiles into lines, more tiles will appear with each move. The goal to is to try and stay in the game as long as possible, getting as many lines as you can before the screen becomes so full of tiles that you can no longer move them.

Buy Bounce Trap Tilt on the App Store

Bounce Trap Tilt Mixes Different Games Into One Addictive App

Bounce Trap Tilt by game developer PlayScreen, is a fun puzzle game that combines different aspects of familiar games like Tetris, Solitaire, or Pinball. With a mixture of action, strategy, and chance Bounce Trap can get fairly addicting and will provide entertainment for young and old.

As an Intro App, Eye of Ra Lite May Leave you Wanting More

Eye of Ra Lite by Olaf Schneider is basically another tile matching game, one of the many Bejewled knockoffs that have come out over the years. The twist here is that the tiles are not jewels but different colored hieroglyphs and there are also some helpful Extras that you can pick up along the way.

Spinblox Pieces Together Puzzles Like Tetris and Bejeweled

Spinblox Pieces Together Puzzles Like Tetris and Bejeweled

Once again, you see the mighty Tetris shine its way through in this game.  Spinblox turns out to be a play on Tetris as well as Bejeweled. Similar to Tetris, the blox fall from the top and land on the top layer.

Buy Stompem on the App Store

Stompem is a Brain Twizzler

Stompem is a game that will test your mental skills as you maneuver a one-toothed, balding character to squash vegetables and beach accessories. Think again if you believe the purpose of this game is to mindlessly squash away. Instead you have to figure out what order you should stomp the items in order to avoid Fumu-San (yes, that's his name) breaking into tears - which is what ends the round.

Buy Tap Tap Revenge 3 on the App Store

Tap Tap Revenge - Guitar Hero at Your Finger Tips

If you've played any of the Guitar Hero games, then you will be no stranger to the gameplay of Tap Tap Revenge by Tapulous. Even though it’s not as interactive as Guitar Hero it's very entertaining and the weekly downloadable songs keep the app fresh.

Buy Labyrinth on the App Store

Labyrinth, from Codify AB, is an A-Mazing Game

Labyrinth, developed by Carl Loodberg of Codify AB, is a piece of work. It's hard to imagine so simple a concept could be rendered so realistically on the iPhone and iPod touch. Labyrinth is a classic.

Buy t Chess Pro on the App Store

t Chess Would Put Bobby Fischer at Your Side, If He Were Alive

Chess terrifies me. I learned to play when I was only 7-years old and in the too-many years since, I can count the number of games I've won on my right hand (that's the one I almost lost fixing a combine harvester on my granddaddy's farm).