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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

Buy Blackbeard's Assault on the App Store

BlackBeard's Assault Delivers the Goods

Warhorse Games brings Blackbeard’s Assault to the App Store with a bold and aggressive adventure soundtrack that will make you feel like you’re BlackBeard himself. The goal of the game is pretty simple. Remove all the balls as they move along the path. To do this you must shoot cannonballs using your cannon to create matches of three or more to make them disappear.

Buy iHunt on the App Store

iHunt Shoots, Misses, Falls Hopelessly Flat

If shooting something other than goblins and demons has crossed your mind, you just might try your luck with iHunt. iHunt transports you to scenic places to do your hunting. Choose your weapon a shotgun or a rifle and peer through a scope to shoot your “game”. Use the accelerometer to move your weapon on the screen to shoot your targets.

Christmas Elf Gets You into the Holiday Spirit

Christmas Elf Gets You into the Holiday Spirit

Looking for a fun game that goes well with the upcoming season? Christmas Elf is easy to pick up, has really nice christmasy music and you can play Santa's helper in this cute Christmas addition to the App Store.

Buy Lemonade Stand on the App Store

Lemonade Stand Won't Leave You Thirsty

Should you raise the price of your glasses and drop the amount of signs, or maybe lower the cost and make more glasses? This is the simple beauty of Lemonade Stand by Maverick Software that will bring you back over and over again.

Buy Thanksgiving Feast! Kids Lite on the App Store

Thanksgiving Feast Lite is Simple Way to Pass the Time

Thanksgiving Feast Lite is an easy to learn counting game for kids that is also mildly addictive for adults looking for a lightweight game that's easy to master. The premise is simple: each icon has a number, touch and drag to connect the icons using the appropriate number of lines.

Buy SPiN - Super Shape Puzzle on the App Store

SPiN Makes Shape-Recognition Colorful, Addictive, and Fun

SPiN is the first App Store title by independent developer Secret Exit Ltd. and it offers addictive puzzle fun with multiple game options that provide added replay value. SPiN's objective is simple — match the objects that appear on the screen to the silhouettes behind them.

Buy CSI: Miami™ on the App Store

CSI: Miami Is A Game For Die Hard Fans

From veteran game developer Gameloft comes CSI: Miami, the official mobile game based on the popular TV series. As Lieutenant Horatio Caine you are walked through the investigation by cartoon likenesses of the real characters from the show.

Inferno Pool a New Twist on Billiards Apps

Inferno Pool is a game about how fast you can sink a group of fiery-looking pool balls into the table's pockets. Inferno Pool is quite a challenge as you race against a clock to clear the table.

TurkeyHunt: Free Target Practice for All Ages

With Thanksgiving just around the corner iPhone users might find more Turkey than they can tap a finger at. TurkeyHunt is a seasonal game that just landed in the App Store. It's a race against time to kill the turkeys on the screen to make it to the next level.

Buy Pinch n Pop! on the App Store

Pinch 'n Pop! Will Have Your Fingers Hurting From Fun

The first app store release by developer Chaotic Box, Pinch 'n Pop! will bring tons of fun to any arcade game addicts out there. Designed exclusively for the iPhone platform, Pinch 'n Pop offers addicting color-matching fun that gets increasingly frantic as the game's pace increases.

Buy ElectroCute on the App Store

ElectroCute lambs on the run

ElectroCute is a sheepishly skillful game that leads players on an electrifying mission. Protect your flock of sheep by tapping and pinching the screen to create lightning bolts to blow up the UFOs as they hover over a grim and dark hillside pasture.

Buggled: Bugs Run Rampant

Lady bugs run amok in Buggled. Buggled is a color rich game of finger smarts. The goal of the game is to hold down as many lady bugs as you can in a race against time before you move on to the next level. The challenge being that once you hold one down they all scramble to a different place on the screen.

GRE Vocabulary Scramble Will Increase Your IQ

It is common knowledge that educational games like GRE Word Scramble increase memory and IQ. But the only variable of worth is how fun the game actually is. Education is great but in order to enjoy learning, the teaching method is going to have to be friggin' exciting.

Buy Line Rider iRide™ on the App Store

Line Rider Is A Daredevil

It's time for everyone to bring out their mad daredevil skills. Line Rider gives you the chance to draw out a course so that the character in the game can ride it. It's a lot more fun than it sounds.

Chili Pepper Blackjack Brings Spicy Casino Action

Maybe you just saw the movie 21 and think you are ready to break Vegas. Or you are looking for another game to get addicted to on your iPhone and burn through some battery life. Either way, you will have a great time with Chili Pepper Blackjack. It is a solid offering from Fat Free Games. There is a mix of excellent graphics and interactive gameplay to get you hooked.