Games for iPhone and iPad

By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

ACTSudoku - Friendliest Sudoku App Yet

For the uninitiated, sudoku is a number-based puzzle game that requires using the numbers 1 through 9 to fill a 9x9 grid in a precise manner. There are plenty of sudoku apps out there that supply a puzzle for to you solve and that's it.

Toy Bot Diaries Entry 2: More Levels of Magnetism

Everyone's favorite round robot re-entered the App Store with a second installment to the hugely popular Toy Bot Diaries. The sequel, Toy Bot Diaries Entry 2, finds toy bot still on a mission to deliver a message to King Bot.

Sapus Tongue Tree Leaping Game Gets Kids Moving

Parents who don’t mind forking over their iPhones to keep their little ones entertained will have now have an official reason to do so. Sapus Tongue is a classic game designed for kids nine years old and older.

Flick Fishing is Almost as Close as It Gets

When it comes to sport fishing on the iPhone and iPod touch, other applications — including the recently reviewed iFish — fall far short of Flick Fishing. In other words, if you're choosing a fishing application, you should go with this one.

Buy Super Pig on the App Store

SuperPig Saves the World From Alien Invaders

A super hero’s work is never done even when you’re a pig. SuperPig is a “hammy” hero with a jet pack and ammo that flies all around the world. The goal of SuperPig is simple. Protect the world from the alien invaders.

Get Your Gambling Fix With Burning Monkey Casino

Burning Monkey Casino is a great way to get in some Vegas-style action on your iPhone. Video Poker, Blackjack, slot machines and more await you. As long as you don't mind some strange-looking monkeys joining you for a few rounds. The game's strength lies in the variety of chance-based games and the integration with the iPhone's touch screen. in the lottery ticket game, you "scratch" your ticket by rubbing the screen with your finger.

Waste Some Time With Dynamate

There are new puzzle games coming out everyday hoping to be the next big thing — some show more potential than others. Now, I'm not saying that the new puzzle game Dynamate will be the next best thing, but it definitely has a lot of potential.

Buy Fieldrunners on the App Store

Fieldrunners is Addicting, Strategic Fun

Fieldrunners is one of those games that looks simple in concept but is difficult to put down once you start playing. Its subtle addiction comes from a great blend of strategy and shoot-em-up fun. The purpose is to gun down a group of enemy fighters who like to run across open fields without cover. To stop them you must build a series of machine-gun strapped towers, slime sprayers, and missile launchers to prevent them from reaching safety on the opposite side of the field.

White Letters is a Marriage of Tetris and Scrabble

This app, known as White Letters, has used two classic games and brought them together. The first game that White Letters mimics is Tetris. The letters drop from the top and you have to adjust it to the right spot before it reaches the letters on the bottom.

Buy Zynga Poker - Texas Holdem on the App Store

Poker by Zynga: Live Games offers the Holy Trinity of Time-Wasting

While Apple's iPhone is great for productivity with its push email and mobile document editing, it's also perfect for killing time. When you combine that with the latest worldwide online addiction, Facebook, then you've really got something going on.

Skizzle With Your Photos and Solve Your Personal Puzzle

Do you remember those childhood games using a scrambled picture with one block missing? Basically, the idea of the game was to unscramble the blocks and the photo comes together. Skizzle is a similar "unscramble the photo" game that uses the photos on your iPhone.

Buy Wings Earth: Flight Simulator Experience on the App Store

It's Smooth Sailing With Wings

If you are looking to kick back and take a casual flight with your iPhone (and who isn't?) then Wings - Filght Experience is your app. You can glide or float through different weather patterns and maneuver your iPlane through the air.

Buy Diner Dash Classic Deluxe on the App Store

Diner Dash Makes Waiting Tables Addictive

Diner Dash is somewhat hard to place in terms of genre. It is part action-arcade game, part puzzle and part task management. Developed by game developer PlayFirst, Inc., Diner Dash made its way from the PC to DS and to the iPhone's mobile platform.

Put a Sonic Boom in Your Palm

The Sonic Boom iPhone App really does put the power in your hands. Just one swift swipe of the finger and you’ve struck a match destined for only one thing: the stick of dynamite waiting in the center of your screen. You can tease it by whirling a finger of fire around the entire stick of dynamite but once you touch the fuse of the bomb, you just sit back and watch the show.

iFish - Fishing On Your iPhone

Fishing has a way for humans to get food for thousands of years. It wasn't developed into sport until more recently and now there are professional competitions of fishing. iFish is a very simple game and easy to get the hang of, but unfortunately because of that it gets boring fairly quickly.