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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

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Perilar - A Great Old-School RPG

Developer Mark Damon Hughes recently released his third game app for the iPhone. After Castles and Dungeon Dice he sticks with the overall topic and brings Perilar to the App Store, an old-school turn-based RPG that takes players back to the classic games of the 90s.

Buy LED Basketball 78 on the App Store

LED Basketball Scores Another Win for touchGrove

iPhone application developer touchGrove had a big hit with LED Football and has followed up logically enough with LED Basketball. Featuring a butter-yellow case, 70s-style players complete with booty shorts and high socks, and an overall flawless reproduction of the original game, LED Basketball is a highly entertaining retro pleasure.

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Halloween Wordsearch is Fun for October

Halloween Wordsearch is one of those self-explanatory apps that easily delivers. It's a simple wordsearch with a spooky holiday theme that has just enough words and graphics to occupy you through the end of the month.

Buy Everest: Hidden Expedition (Full) on the App Store

Everest Keeps You Glued to your iPhone

Everest: Hidden Expedition is one very addictive seek-and-find game. The first iPhone app by developer Big Fish Games is a keeper with great graphics and truly addictive qualities. The game's objective is to compete against three other teams in reaching the summit of Mount Everest.

Buy Nanosaur 2 on the App Store

Nanosaur 2 - Pangea Continues to Raise the Bar

Pangea Software brings yet another one of their great games to the iPhone. Nanosaur 2 fits right into the high-quality game apps, like Billy Frontier or Cro Mag Rally, that the Austin-based developer has released on the platform so far. With outstanding graphics and great action this third person shooter game is definitely worth the $3.99 price tag.

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iCopter - Simple Fun With Room For Improvements

iCopter by developer Matthew Hertz is simple, fun, and yes, addicting, but it does not live up to the standard some other game apps have established. At first the controls of iCopter are hard to get used to but once the player can navigate the little helicopter through the obstacles, the game's addictive qualities kick in and three speed options provide different challenges.

iAqua Gets You Hooked

iAqua Gets You Hooked

Japanese developer GClue, the company behind the lovely Japanese harp simulator iKoto, has released their new puzzle game iAqua in the app store. Most users will be familiar with similar line-drop-match puzzle games but iAqua's well designed graphics and the fact that this is a free app make it very worthwhile.

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Brian Eno's Bloom is an Unrivaled Music App

Bloom is a truly unique music app by English musician and father of ambient music Brian Eno. Eno and his collaborator, musician/programmer Peter Chilvers, created a one-of-a-kind app, that allows the user to both create and enjoy unique pieces of music.

Buy Alien Attack on the App Store

Alien Attack: Arcade Classic with an iPhone Twist

Defend Earth from attack by bitmapp Martians. Are you up to the task? If you remember Taito Corporation's classic Space Invaders then you're on your way. Alien Attack is another piece of 80's nostalgia ported to the new millennium.

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Dizzy Bee Tilts and Twirls its Way to the Top

DizzyBeeFree is everything that a lite version should be — a teaser with all the quality of the of a paid app and gameplay that leaves you wanting more. Start out with the free app, but know this: by the time you've made it through the first 4 levels you'll be a Dizzy Bee convert eager to pay $2.99 for 40 more levels of fun.

Buy Bugdom 2 on the App Store

Bugdom 2 - A Grasshopper's Awesome Adventure

Bugdom 2 fits right into the incredible line of apps by developer Pangea Software, makers of such games as Cro Mag Rally, Billy Frontier or Enigmo. This iPhone release of the company's original game offers great family fun with the right price tag of $1.99.

Buy Cosmic One on the App Store

Cosmic One - Fast Addictive Puzzle Fun

Cosmic One is a simple shape-matching puzzle game with instinctive controls and addictive qualities. Developer oeFun, Inc, the company behind other iPhone games like iVoodoo and Stress Toy, brings the puzzle game in its most basic form but with increasing and controllable pace, Cosmic One can be played by a four-year old as well as a grown-up.

Buy Knots on the App Store

Knots: Tie Yourself Up with Free iPhone Game

Knots is like Twister for your fingers. Colored dots pop up on the screen and you hold a finger until told to release and stop on another dot. And, just like the original Twister, the longer knots goes on the more twisted you become and the more fun you have.

Buy Neverputt ME on the App Store

Neverputt ME Isn't a Hole in One, But Still a Fun 3D Putting Game

Neverputt Mobile Edition is a 3-D putting game with smooth gameplay and over 100 holes on seven courses. Developer Lazrhog Games uses the same physics as Neverball, the popular jailbroken game the company released as a competitor to Monkey Ball.

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Otto Matic - Pangea Continues to Bring Great Games to iPhone

According to a post on the Touch Arcade Forum, renowned game developer Pangea Software is working on the iPhone release of their 3-D adventure game Otto Matic.  Based on their PC game, Otto Matic is set in the 1950s with a robot on a mission to save the earth from evil outer-space attacks from Planet X.