Games for iPhone and iPad

By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

Real Soccer 2009 - Quality Soccer Sim

Real Soccer 2009, released this week by developer GameLoft, is easily the best sports game I've seen on the iPhone to date.

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LED Football is Highly Addictive, Retro Fun

LED Football from iPhone application development shop TouchGrove is a fantastic recreation of the old hand-held football game from the 80's. The game looks absolutely identical to the original, and features the original sounds as well.

Scramboni - Multiplayer Apps arrive on iPhone

"Scramboni" sounds a little like a Scrabble rip-off, but in reality is a slickly designed multiplayer game by ByteClub, a startup specifically devoted to social, multiplayer games. This promises to be a very exciting category, and it appears Scramboni is the first entrant into it.

Spore Origins is AppCraver's new Favorite Game

The much anticipated "Spore Origins" game from Electronic Arts is here, and AppCraver loves it. If you don't already know, "Spore" is a game that has been in development for several years now, and is designed by the folks who brought you "The Sims" -- one of the best selling games ever.

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Pro 21 Blackjack is Awesome for Both Beginners and Card Sharks

When getting ready to purchase a blackjack app, I seriously debated about whether to download the ad-supported 21 Pro Blackjack Sponsored or to up the ante and pay for 21 Pro Blackjack.

"Chess" is a Great First Step

If you enjoy playing chess, you will want to pick up the $4.99 Chess App by  Swedish app developer Memention AB.  The app is a standard, play-against- the-computer chess game with 5 levels of play.

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Asphalt4 Sets a New Standard in Racing Games

Asphalt4 from serious game developer GameLoft (producer of Shrek Video Games and Death Race Mobile) is a $9.99 Racing Game that combines the realistic action of Wing Nuts Motochaser with streetscapes set in Los Angeles.

Aurora Feint Becomes the Best Free Game on iPhone, Eventually

Aurora Feint Becomes the Best Free Game on iPhone, Eventually

I've documented my problems with Aurora Feint previously. I wasn't able to get past the opening screen without having the application crash. Several reinstallations later, I was finally able to play the game, only to get stuck in the first section of the game without any way to progress or quit.

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Hold On! - The Game You Love to Hate

This game has ZERO learning curve. Just put your finger down and don’t let go. The app keeps track of how long you can keep your finger pressed.

Hanoi - welcome to Zen

I’m not a patient person.  I mean, before I go for a car ride, I’ll whine and shake like a nervous poodle with a dog park fetish. I am always amazed when I meet someone who has perfect “zen”. 

300Bowl is A Lot of Fun

300Bowl, is a fun bowling game that you can play in as little as 5 minutes, but that you will keep on coming back to over and over. The graphics are great, and the sound effects add to a real bowling alley experience.

iMaze has a Few Unexpected Twists

iMaze has a Few Unexpected Twists

iMaze is actually pretty fun. I was surprised. I’ve complained in an earlier post about actually mechanical games like this. But, for some reason, the iPhone version is fun. The game is just like a marble maze.

Jacks or Better Could Be a Lot Better

The app known as "Free Video Poker" or "Jacks or Better" is a very rough, 1990s DOS type video poker program from large, Irvine CA based MobilityWare.  As the screenshot shows, the interface is a far cry from a Las Vegas style video poker machine.

Break Lite has Great Graphics, Lacks Control

OK so looks like with Break Lite we are getting yet another copycat game – Break Lite is like Breakout. We are seeing a lot of those on the iPhone. The first time I played Breakout was back in ’86.

Brain Tuner Is a Simple Math Quiz

Brain Tuner has a very cute icon and a cute name, but is really nothing more than a timed math test. Suprisingly, a lot of people give it decent reviews on the app store. If the idea of solving 20 third grade arithmetic problems in the least amount of time possible interests you, try it out.