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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

Letterpress - Word Game: Players Match Wits in Strategic Spelling Battle

Letterpress - Word Game: Players Match Wits in Strategic Spelling Battle

For all you word game fans, a new and slightly different diversion has been uncovered in the App Store. Letterpress – Word Game is a rather unique game that incorporates strategy when playing words and scoring against opponents.

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New Release of Envelope HD - The Latest Puzzle Game from Goodapps

Goodapps today is pleased to announce Envelope HD 1.2 for iPad, a stylish geometry-based mind game created for iPad. The principle of the game is to overlap geometric shapes by dragging points with your finger.

Ready...Set...Have Some Fun with Splatrpult! Ready...Set...Splat!

Ready...Set...Have Some Fun with Splatrpult! Ready...Set...Splat!

Ready, set, and splatter away with a colorful new action game for iPhone and iPad. Splatrpult! Ready…Set…Splat! could be called something like coloring book paintball, as it’s basically a game with a catapult as a weapon, personable little paint blobs as ammo and a variety of fun pictures as targets.

Space Defender - Galactic Command: Endless Shooter Hits the Mark Like a Laser

Space Defender - Galactic Command: Endless Shooter Hits the Mark Like a Laser

The charm of Space Defender - Galactic Command is its classic graphics and easy to use controls. This endless shooter is a great way to kill a few minutes or lose a few hours!

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Photo Phrase - The Cure For Those Sick of Draw Something

Available today for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch, Photo Phrase is a free, social photo charades game released by Double Coconut, an independent development studio focused on apps that inspire creativity and self-expression.

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Prepare to Meet your Tomb in Toyzilla this Halloween

Toyzilla, a Freemium iPad game releases a free Halloween update! Toyzilla 1.1.1, with an update for the upcoming Halloween features 30 New Fortresses, 6 New Titans and an awesome Halloween Fortress theme plus many more!

Challenge Your Music Knowledge With JukeBox Genius

Challenge Your Music Knowledge With JukeBox Genius

How well do you know the songs in your iTunes library? If you are a music buff, or someone that loves trivia games, Jukebox Genius is a fun and exciting trivia app that will challenge your music knowledge using the songs in your music library.

Light Breeze Pumps Your Brain Up with Mental Gymnastics

Light Breeze Pumps Your Brain Up with Mental Gymnastics

I remember an experiment in math class during my freshman year of high school. The goal was to setup mirrors and use a laser to determine whether or not you could make a shot on the pool table.

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CrowdGames Trivially Brings Custom Contest Fun to the iPad

CrowdGame today is pleased to announces the release of a new version of Trivially, the real-time, multi-player trivia game where each player can play on their own iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

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Traffic Racer 1.1 update adds a new car, iPhone 5 support and more

Soner Kara [skgames] is pleased to announce the first content update to its popular arcade racing title, Traffic Racer. Traffic Racer is one of the best looking and feeling 3D arcade-style car dodging game, in that you try to drive as fast as possible through highway traffic without crashing.

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Crazy Tribes releases its Halloween edition: Scary Tribes

Horror in the wasteland: Crazy Tribes today is pleased to announce the release of its Halloween edition: Scary Tribes. The creepiest time of the year is approaching, and to mark this gruesome date, Xyrality is publishing the Halloween edition of the hit post-apocalyptic MMOG, Crazy Tribes.

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Scorching Skies 1.2 for iOS: Aerial Combat Thats Out of This World

Overpower Studios today is pleased to introduce Scorching Skies 1.2 for iOS, their sci-fi, tactical aerial dogfighting game. Set on a futuristic planet, players are immersed in combat against enemy battleships.

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Little Bird iPhone and iPad App Big Hit Say Reviewers

The reviews are in and people all ages are loving the Little Bird gaming app for iPhone and iPad. Here's what some are saying of the thousands who've downloaded Little Bird.

"I love it It's an addictive little game.

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Simons Poker Casino for iOS: Texas Holdem Poker-Bot Learns As It Plays

VTI Games today is pleased to announce Simon's Poker Casino 2.0 for iPad, a major update to their Texas Hold'em game that analyzes its opponent's play, learning his or her strengths and weaknesses, which the poker-bot exploits in order to win.

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20 Pixel-Puzzles For iPad to Honor US Presidential Election 2012

To honor the US presidential election 2012, Conceptis released a collection of Pic-a-Pix logic puzzles dedicated to this coming event. With 20 colorful hand-crafted puzzles for the iPad, sharpening your mind has never been this much fun!