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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

Get Wound Up Over Word Winder HD

Get Wound Up Over Word Winder HD

Word Winder HD is a word puzzle collection that offers unique word finds to challenge yourself or play with up to two friends.

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Ordet: Everyones Favorite Little Word Game for iOS-Words from 7 Letters

La Nausee today is pleased to announce Ordet: Everyone's Favorite, Little Word Game 2.0 for iOS, a major update to its innovative vocabulary game, where players make as many words as possible from 7 random letters.

Pen Your Own Adventure in Draw a Stickman: Epic

Pen Your Own Adventure in Draw a Stickman: Epic

Draw A Stickman: Epic is a draw-your-own-adventure game and one of the best uses of the iOS gaming platform I've ever seen.

Humm Together is a Humdinger of a Social Gaming App for Name That Tune Fans

Humm Together is a Humdinger of a Social Gaming App for Name That Tune Fans

A unique social gaming app, Humm Together is a blend of Draw Something and Humm Bug, challenging players to hum popular songs for friends to guess.

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Slingshot Action Going Social: Multiplayer freemium iOS game Temple Raid

Independent developer Cynthia Bandara today announces the release and immediate availability of Temple Raid 1.0.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. "Peace between the tribes is fading as the Shamans ask for larger and ever more impressive temples to be built for the spirits.

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New Game Lets Users Simulate Gravity to Fly Through Levels

Developer Dr Robert Belluso's first game, Little Bird combines current technology, exotic landscapes, objects, and contraptions, allowing the player to interact with the game in ways they've never seen before!

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BOUNCE dy Now Available on the App Store

Janne Hansen proudly announces that his indie game BOUNCE dy (short for BOUNCE delivery) has today been released worldwide on the App Store. The things gamers loved in the classic bouncing games of the 80's, now return reloaded with physics, speed and control on the iPhone.

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Goal Defense: the Best Mobile Game at Mobile VAS & Apps Conference

Last week's Mobile VAS & Apps Conference became a star moment for Dynamic Pixels' untrivial sports tower defense game - Goal Defense. The jury of the VAS Award chose it the Best Mobile Game among other 5 finalists.

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Grio Games Announces Flipout 1.3

Grio Games flagship product, Flipout!, is back and better than ever. For those of you not in the know, Flipout! is challenging, educational and slightly addictive game based on the classic card game Concentration.

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Conceptis Hashi for iOS: Bridge The Islands - Solve The Puzzle

Conceptis introduced Conceptis Hashi for iOS, a new brain-bending puzzle game that requires creating bridges between islands by logic deduction. Bridge the Islands - solve the puzzle!

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Get Out Fast: The House Adventure Game released for iOS devices

Independent developer Patrick Gallagher today is proud to announce the initial release of Get Out Fast: The House 1.0 for iOS devices. With the smell of chloroform still in your nostrils, a haze lifts from your head as you awaken.

House of Shadows is Hauntingly Fun Strategy Game for All Ages

House of Shadows is Hauntingly Fun Strategy Game for All Ages

If you're new to the genre or have a young one in the family that you're introducing to games, House of Shadows is a brilliant spooky experience.

The Arcade Shooter: B-Squadron : Battle for Earth for iOS is Available!

R2MobileStudio introduces BSquadron : Battle for Earth 1.10 for iOS. In April 1970, a military satellite has just located a mysterious asteroid heading straight for the Moon. Impact will be preceded by a meteor shower.

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The Big Big Castle Holiday Update in App Store Now

With the Holidays fast approaching, two things are on everyone's mind: 1) Building gingerbread castles and 2) Destroying gingerbread castles. Now that longstanding family tradition is on the iPad.

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Playdemic Finds a Game Like No Other With Launch Of Eye Spy!

Playdemic's Eye Spy! 1.2 for iOS is not the boring old game you used to play with your family on those long car journeys! Eye Spy! asks players to use the iPhone and iPod touch's camera and Facebook connections to create a completely new social gaming experience that you and your friends will love.