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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

Buy Can't Say That! on the App Store

Cant Say That! iPhones Newest Social Word Game

Fugazo today announces the launch of their latest social word game, Can't Say That! 1.0, on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. So you think you can describe the word 'baseball' to someone else?

Logical Conclusion - The iPhone App for Einstein Puzzle Fans

Logical Conclusion - The iPhone App for Einstein Puzzle Fans

True brainiacs that appreciate and enjoy applying inferential logic to those deductive reasoning puzzles that are known as zebra puzzles or Einstein puzzles will get a gray matter kick out of Logical Conclusion, the iPhone app that challenges players to solve a variety of these riddle-style puzzles.

Buy Beat the Window - The crazy competition on the App Store

Clean your way to fun on the App Store with Beat the Window

AS Mobile Applications, an innovative new mobile software and applications developer, is excited to announce the launch of Beat the Window onto the App Store. Compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, this casual yet wildly entertaining arcade game charges players with a simple task - clean one cartoon window after another, and do it faster than the current Beat the Window Champion of the World!

Buy Crazy Kangaroo on the App Store

Crazy Kangaroo from creators of Monster Shooter and Doodle Fit now free

From the creators of Doodle Fit and Monster Shooter, Gamelion Studios is pleased to announce today that Crazy Kangaroo 1.1 for iOS is available as free download for limited time only on the iTunes App Store!

Buy Goal Defense on the App Store

Goal Defense 1.0 - A Game of Exciting Strategy, is Available Now on iOS

Moscow, Russia - Moscow, Russia - Premier Russian mobile games developer Dynamic Pixels is proud to announce the release of its brand new comic book-like game, Goal Defense 1.0 for iOS.

Squids Wild West is a Delicious Sequel that Stands on its Own

Squids Wild West is a Delicious Sequel that Stands on its Own

In the world of iOS gaming sequels, all are not created equal. That said, Squids Wild West, the successor to the original Squids game for iPhone, iPad and touch, is a model for the rest. Squids Wild West continues the story of the squid pack as they explore the unique landscape of the underwater untamed west and continue their adventure battling the Black Ooze and searching for their pal Winnick.

In Flight Tycoon version 2.0, you will never fly alone

Time flies; planes fly. Nearly two months after the debut of Flight Tycoon version 1.9, Dreamingame co., ltd, developer of a wide range of iOS games, released its version 2.0 on App Store.

Buy A Maze Ing Kids - My First Super Monster Puzzle Labyrinth Maze Game on the App Store

A Maze Ing Kids - Kids maze game for your kids to play

Oryzano Game Mobile is proud to introduce A Maze Ing Kids 1.1 for iOS. A Maze Ing Kids is a maze game made for kids (around 2 - 6 years old) that challenges them to find their way to the finish point.

Bubble Grubble Is A Devilishly Entertaining Game

Bubble Grubble Is A Devilishly Entertaining Game

If you are a fan of bird-themed games, then Bubble Grubble, the newest addition in the genre, might be your new iPhone addiction. Bubble Grubble is a devilishly entertaining app with game play that is similar to the massive hit Angry Birds.

Buy Jumble Jungle on the App Store

Jumble Jungle 1.0 for iOS Offers Hours of Entertainment and Education

Children who want to enjoy endless hours of fun, and parents who want to give their kids a head-start in school and life, can find what they're looking for in the new flash card and matching app Jumble Jungle 1.0 for iOS.

Buy Gulpies on the App Store

Gulpies 2.0 for iOS - An Action Puzzle Game with Furry Animals

Totmob, a division of Kinetics, is pleased to announce Gulpies 2.0 for iOS. In this game, Totmob has created interesting puzzle mechanics that are reminiscent of Tetris. At the bottom of the screen are lined up three different sorts of animals, each with different food requirements.

Buy Wrackle on the App Store

Wrackle 1.1 for iOS - A Quick Twist on Word Search Games

Cullaboration Media announces the release of Wrackle 1.1, a new twist on word search and word find games for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Wrackle combines the spelling of Boggle and the game play of Bejeweled to create a fast paced, brain challenging game.

Buy Doodle Cat. on the App Store

Doodle Cat: Funny Cat That Always Hangs Around You - On iOS and Android

Doodle Cat 1.2.1 is entertaining and exciting puzzle made in popular these days doodle style for both iOS and Android. Meet your new loyal pet and companion. Like all cats, he loves to play, eat and sleep.

Buy Penguin Wings 2 on the App Store

Long awaited Penguin Wings 2 is released for free

Developer InfiApps is proud to announce the release of Penguin Wings 2 for iOS. After 2.5 million downloads of Penguin Wings, the amazing new sequel is finally here. In the new sequel, the coolest penguin on earth must escape the evil vulture by sliding down hills and using his wings to fly as fast as he can through remarkable game worlds such as Antarctica, Mars, Sahara, and New York.

Jellyflug is Microscopic Platformer Satisfaction

Jellyflug is Microscopic Platformer Satisfaction

Jellyflug, a side-scrolling platformer that looks at the world from a different perspective, will easily appeal to fans of the genre.