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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

Zero Gravity Puts a New Spin on the 8-Ball in Cosmic Pool

Zero Gravity Puts a New Spin on the 8-Ball in Cosmic Pool

FunWithElectricity has released a new updated for Cosmic Pool, the game that challenges players to 3D eight-ball against a computer in zero-gravity space.
"There were numerous challenges in developing a game whose physics and graphics are as complex as Cosmic Pool," commented independent developer Leon Kania.

Personalize Children's Memory Game With Familiar Faces

Personalize Children's Memory Game With Familiar Faces

Atipik Creative Factory today is pleased to announce Memory for Children Bimbadaboum 1.2 for iOS, an update to their free memory Game where kids can match cartoon animals or photos of people they know.

Punish or Play - Kick the Buddy Update Has Plenty of Options

Punish or Play - Kick the Buddy Update Has Plenty of Options

We all need to let off a little steam now and then. That doesn't mean that cruelty is the way to do it! Then again, sometimes it is. Either way, Kick the Buddy has lots of mini games so, chances are, you'll be able to find the stress reliever you're looking for.

Congress Solitaire for iPhone and iPad Enters App Store with Game Center and More

Sprightly Software, maker of Cruel Solitaire and Baker's Dozen, today introduced Congress Solitaire for iPad and iPhone. This brilliant little iPad and iPhone game is the latest in Sprightly's series of solitaire games for iOS.

Pot Smash Fulfills Our Innate, Human Need to Smash Stuff

Pot Smash Fulfills Our Innate, Human Need to Smash Stuff

Australian game development team Minimega Pty released Pot Smash for iOS devices and Android, today. Their first foray into the mobile gaming space, Pot Smash uses visual scanning, word skills and quick reactions to get users cracking and smashing pots.

Fly Bird HD Flies Free, Lands in the App Store

Fly Bird HD 1.0, the newest release from Blue Onion Soft, Inc, landed in the App Store last week. Already the No. 1 game in five countries, Fly Bird HD is available for free on the iPhone and iPad.

Minicars Touch 1.0 for iOS: Auto Racing Sim Features Epic Control System

Dracoders today is pleased to introduce Minicars Touch 1.0 for iOS, their new auto racing Game featuring the Epic Control System, which allows the user to control their car by dragging their finger along the track ahead of their racecar.

Just for a Moment, Magnetic Billiards Surpasses Angry Birds as Hottest App

A curious thing happened on Apple's iTunes App Store this weekend. In one tiny corner of the App Store - the UK Puzzle "What's Hot" category - for a brief, twinkling moment in time, featured a game other than Angry Birds at the top of a chart.

Pirate Physics: The Stealathon of Captain Roll Ball

Tech Bla Solutions Ltd., a mobile application and game developer, today is pleased to announce the release of its first ever physics based game Pirate Physics on iOS. This is their first in the series of other physics game that they aim to launch soon.

Kyoki 1.1 launches for iPhone and iPad from Funbox Media

Funbox Media launches Kyoki for iPhone and iPad. Welcome to Kyoki, an extremely addictive but simple puzzle game. Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, this game offers something to gamers of all ages and abilities.

Puzzle Moppet is a Cute 3D Puzzle Game for Mac OS

Garnet Games announces the release of Puzzle Moppet, a challenging 3D logic puzzle game for Mac OS X, which is now available on the Mac App Store at a discounted price.
Puzzle Moppet is a brain teasing 3D platform puzzle game set in a mysterious floating landscape, with a lonely ambience and an ethereal graphical style.

Rolocule Serves iPad Users a Stunning Tennis RPG with Comic-Book Adventure

Rolocule Games today is pleased to announce the availability of Flick Tennis: College Wars HD for iPad on the Apple App Store. With the introduction of role-playing elements in the game through a comic-style storytelling, Flick Tennis brings an entirely new perspective in the sports genre on iOS.

Kickin Momma Kicks a Bit of Peg-Busting Butt

Kickin Momma Kicks a Bit of Peg-Busting Butt

A “New & Noteworthy” title in the App Store, Kickin Momma from Hothead Games (the creators of Death Spank for Xbox and Kard Combat for iPhone) is definitely a winner. A peg-busting, pinball-esque game that is reminiscent of Pop Cap’s Peggle, but with its own brand of game action, Kickin Momma is a delightful casual game suitable for all ages.

Doodle Grub 2.32 - Returns in Music and Launches a Comic Strip

August 10, 2011 - Building on the tremendous success of Doodle Grub in the App Store, Pixowl Inc. is pleased to announce a major update to the must-have free iOS game. Praised by critics and gamers alike as "simply the best iPhone snake game", Doodle Grub 2.32 will be more addictive than ever with a new main theme song plus 11 variations based on the graphic themes and support for the newest gamers social network, GameFeed!

Challengein - Game platform that reinvents the word games

Independent developers Claudio Carnino and Nicoletta Donadio have announced Challengein 1.8, their new gaming platform for iOS. Challengein serves to reinvent the word games for the modern age.