Healthcare & Fitness Apps

Mobility and ease of use has given millions of people access to top-of-the-line technology for losing weight, getting fit and managing chronic diseases. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks for Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for current news and reviews of health and fitness applications for iOS.

CareConnector: a Helpful Tool for Caregivers

CareConnector by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company is an app designed to help caregivers take better care for those in their charge. With CareConnector you can keep track of personal medical information for multiple people all in one place which can save time and relieve stress.

Buy Pocket First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association on the App Store

Pocket First Aid & CPR Guide Offers Handy Advice

Pocket First Aid & CPR Guide provides some useful information that will be handy to have at the ready. The app provides a fairly comprehensive guide to conducting CPR and a number of other first aid remedies. The information was pretty solid, but the question is how often one will use it.

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Custom Sounds of Nature: Choose How to Relax

Creating that perfect sound you desire for deep relaxation has never been easier. Custom Sounds of Nature by IPZN DEVELOPMENT (Zachary Carter) lets you choose and edit numerous relaxing audio landscapes.

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Relax With BreathPacer

New York based Larva Labs Ltd., the developers behind such apps as Flip Clock and Face Mixer, bring BreathPacer to the mobile platform, an easy-to-use breathing guide to help reduce stress and assist relaxation.

Easy Relax lets you Create Your Own Relaxation

Easy Relax is the new iPhone app by rockifone, developers of apps like Golden Castle, Easy Email, and Kyodai. Easy Relax lets you listen to seven existing relaxing sounds like "Into the West" or "Windy Autumn Afternoon." The selected ambient noise can be set on a timer from 30 minutes to 24 hours and volume levels can be adjusted.

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Heart Monitor Keeps Track of Your Beats

New Zealand-based developer Bluespark has come up with a very simple and great idea - a heart rate monitor for the iPhone. The app works with the built-in microphone on the iPhone 3G (older versions have to use the headphone cable mic) to listen and detect heart beats.

Buy FitnessBuilder on the App Store

iPump Series Adds Slick Photo and Video Guidance to Your Workout Routine

Some of us prefer to workout without the motivational of assistance of a perky pony-tailed trainer or a bulked-out personal fitness coach. That doesn't mean we don't need exercise guidance along the way.

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StepTrak Lite: A Free, Accurate iPhone Pedometer

If you like hiking or just long walks, you will enjoy StepTrak Lite, a free pedometer app for the iPhone by Cambridge, Mass based Aware Technologies. We would like to thank a senior engineer at Aware, Ari Benbasat, for pointing out this original and very useful app to AppCraver.

MyNetDiary is a Great Calorie Counter - but costs 9 dollars a month!

The "health and fitness" area of the AppStore is filled with extremely bad calorie counter apps (such as "Absolute Fitness" — which should be totally avoided). With the self-proclaimed tagline "Serious Weight Loss Comes to the iPhone", MyNetDiary promises more and delivers.

Buy BMIapp on the App Store

BMIapp Doesn't Offer a Full Picture of Fitness

Health and fitness is pretty important if you don’t want to die. It is nice to have this body mass indicator app on your iPhone so that you might live a little longer. BMIapp is pretty handy to keep yourself in check.

"Restaurant Nutrition" - don't go near this app

"Restaurant Nutrition" is one of the worst executed, most pointless apps in the entire app store. Let's start with the premise: the app is designed to show you the "nutritional value" of meals in fast food chains such as Arby's and Burger King.

Daily Count: Another Flawed Calorie Count App

Daily Count from Paze Interactive is one of the worst dieting apps I have seen on iPhone. Unlike other apps, this one doesn't even try to calculate the calories in a specific food -- you have to enter them yourself.

Absolute Fitness is absolutely not worth the money

If you are one of the 100 million americans trying to lose weight, you might consider "absolute fitness", a calorie counter / activity tracker application for iphone for $14.99. Bad idea.