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Mobility and ease of use has given millions of people access to top-of-the-line technology for losing weight, getting fit and managing chronic diseases. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks for Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone and iPad, or read on for current news and reviews of health and fitness applications for iOS.

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Obstacles XRT for iPhone Creates a 'Transformational Exercise Experience'

Barracuda Partners, developer of new-to-world health and fitness applications with more than 50 thousand downloads to date, today announces the launch of Obstacles XRT - Extreme Reality Training.

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MDWorkout Delivers HD Fitness Videos from Expert Trainers, Coaches and MDs

LifeApps Digital Media Inc. is pleased to announce that fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels who want the power of a customized, feature-filled workout companion on their iPhone or iPad, can now download the innovative new app MDWorkout 3.0.

Lack of Energy? Find out Why with Juice by Mindbloom

Lack of Energy? Find out Why with Juice by Mindbloom

Juice is a quick and easy energy tracker app that shows the correlation between sleep, nutrition, exercise and energy levels.

Buy iCarbs - iNutrient: Carbohydrates on the App Store

iCarbs App Provides Diabetics with Glycemic Index in Addition to Carbs

Independent developer James Hollender's iCarbs 3.5, one of 9 iNutrient apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, provides not only Carbohydrate info but also Glycemic index. iCarbs allows anyone to easily find out the carbohydrate content in over 1,100 different food servings.

myBaby3d Offers Amazing 3D Visuals for Tracking Baby's Growth During Pregnancy

myBaby3d Offers Amazing 3D Visuals for Tracking Baby's Growth During Pregnancy

With myBaby3d for iPad, users can track the growth and development of their bundle of joy with a week by week, stage by stage 3D model of baby.

Buy Yoga Studio on the App Store

A New Take On The Yoga Video - Yoga Studio 1.0 Released For iPhone

Released this week, Yoga Studio for iPhone offers a great alternative to paying for expensive yoga classes at the local studio or gym. It has already made a splash on the App Store, being featured in the New and Noteworthy section in the U.S.

Buy iSodium - iNutrient: Sodium on the App Store

New iSodium Universal iOS App Provides Sodium Content for Food Servings

Indie developer James Hollender has just released the initial version of iSodium, an iOS Health & Fitness app that lists the sodium content of more than 1,100 different food servings is now the 9th app in the iNutrients series.

New DietOrb App Goes Viral On App Store, Servers Go Offline Temporarily

In less than 48 hours, DietOrb is glowing in early success as a new app on the iTunes App Store. Enough users were already downloading and installing the iPhone app to bring down their streaming servers that supports the special audible frequencies for mobile users.

Buy Foam Roller Techniques on the App Store

Foam Roller Techniques for iPhone and iPad is Now Available

Solid Jade Inc. announced today the availability of the Foam Roller Techniques app on the iTunes store. This app brings the Roll Release method by Dr Ryan Emmons, BAKin, DC in 100 videos to your iPhone and iPad.

Go From Flab to Fab with Situps 0 to 200: Ab Workouts

Go From Flab to Fab with Situps 0 to 200: Ab Workouts

A simple to use, voice-guided abdominal strengthening exercise program, Situps 0 to 200: Ab Workouts is a fitness app for iPhone with clear, achievable goals.

Buy bslim on the App Store

bslim - A WeightWatchers Points Diary

TnT Brain GbR today is proud to announce that their iPhone App, bslim, is now available as version 2.2. 'bslim' (be slim) is your electronic WeightWatchers Points journal that helps you to lose weight and make healthy choices.

Buy Marx Runner on the App Store

Make Music and Use it to Fuel Your Own Fitness with Marx Runner for iOS

Independent developer Mark Blum today is pleased to announce the release of Marx Runner for the iPhone and iPod touch. A revolutionary jogging app, Marx Runner turns your daily run into an interactive motivational music experience.

Buy Heart Rate Camera - Touchless Pulse Monitor on the App Store

Heart Rate Camera - Touchless Pulse Monitor Offers Instant Heart Monitor

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who want to monitor and track their heart rate can now download the acclaimed new health app Heart Rate Camera - Touchless Pulse Monitor, and quickly and easily get the vital statistics they need simply by facing their device's camera.

Buy Seven More Minutes on the App Store

Live 10 Years Longer - Theres an App for That

Shiny Blur is pleased to introduce Seven More Minutes 1.0 for iOS. George McKibbin, an Australian Indie App developer, was browsing TED talks in his tiny apartment when one caught his eye, The game that can give you 10 extra years of life.

Buy WOD Genius - All In One CrossFit Trainer on the App Store

WOD Genius: Only app to create a custom workout from available equipment

CrossFit DeCO debuts the first highly-customized and personalized app for workouts on the go. Gone are the days of the boring home/hotel gym workouts! Stay motivated, challenged and energized with WOD Genius whose advanced technology creates random workouts based on equipment available to the user at any given time.